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Hat Head Hammerheads

Interclub Finishing Positions 

ICL01 = 2nd

ICL02 = 4th

ICL03 = 2nd

ICL04 = 3rd

ICL05 = 4th


Interclub MVPs

ICL01 = Andrew Kirby (6.5 PTS)

ICL02 = Peter Needs/Donna Farrer (2.5 PTS)

ICL03 = Tina Mcevoy (11.5 PTS)

ICL04 = Tina McEvoy (6 PTS)

ICL05 = Anne Kirkwood / Helen Fedoroff (8.5 PTS)


Club History 

Formed in April 2018, the Hat Head Triathlon Club are one of the newest Triathlon Clubs in NSW.

The Hat Head Hammerheads finished second in the first ever North Coast Interclub Series, an amazing effort for a club that was established just one year earlier.  They were runners up at the Yamba Triathlon and the Ballina Triathlon. Andrew Kirby was the first ever MVP for the Hat Head Hammerheads.




Hat Head Hammerheads Career MVP

RankAthleteClubPerformance Points
1Tina MCEVOYHat Head Hammerheads24.5
2Anne KIRKWOODHat Head Hammerheads21.5
3Andrew KIRBYHat Head Hammerheads16.5
4Paulene KIRBYHat Head Hammerheads15
5Donna FARRERHat Head Hammerheads14.5
6Peter NEEDSHat Head Hammerheads14
7Helen FEDOROFFHat Head Hammerheads12
8Trudi NEEDSHat Head Hammerheads10
9Molly IRVINGHat Head Hammerheads10
10Kathy CORNISHHat Head Hammerheads9.5
11Michael KEMPHat Head Hammerheads8.5
12Emma TAMBLYNHat Head Hammerheads7.5
13Rebecca KINGSHat Head Hammerheads7.5
14Alison TAYLORHat Head Hammerheads6
15Maria JOHNSONHat Head Hammerheads6
16Graeme BEATTIE (HH)Hat Head Hammerheads5
17Mike STEVENSONHat Head Hammerheads4.5
18Bryson AZZOPARDIHat Head Hammerheads4
19Jules MACKINHat Head Hammerheads4
20Stephen PARNELLHat Head Hammerheads3.5
21Nadina WALKERHat Head Hammerheads3.5
22Madison SINCLAIRHat Head Hammerheads3.5
23Jo MCGOLDRICKHat Head Hammerheads3.5
24Gary WARDHat Head Hammerheads3
25Greg GLASSHat Head Hammerheads3
26Matthew STARLINGHat Head Hammerheads3
27Stacey MOFFATTHat Head Hammerheads2.5
28Dean IRVINGHat Head Hammerheads2.5
29Gary WARDHat Head Hammerheads2
30Kylie ROBINSONHat Head Hammerheads1.5
31James BAKERHat Head Hammerheads1.5
32Tess SHANNONHat Head Hammerheads1.5
33Simone ATKINSHat Head Hammerheads1.5
34Rod FARRERHat Head Hammerheads1
35Sofie MAHONEYHat Head Hammerheads1
36Kevin SINCLAIRHat Head Hammerheads1
37Greg KINGSHat Head Hammerheads1
38Ben JOHNSONHat Head Hammerheads0.5
39Peter FLETCHERHat Head Hammerheads0.5
40Ben JOHNSONHat Head Hammerheads0.5
41Dugald RUSSELLHat Head Hammerheads0.5
42Al JACKSONHat Head Hammerheads0.5
43Daniel O’MEALLYHat Head Hammerheads0.5

Forager North Coast Triathlon League (ICL05)

1179272721.526.530 (31)2522
21731930 (34)30 (45)30 (33.5)12.524.527
3129.523.530 (34)271412.512.510