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Promotion, Relegation and calendars released. It’s all systems go for Sydney ICL06!

A great man once said, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

As the sun rises on Interclub 06 in Sydney, promotion and relegation has once again reared its head to upset the apple cart and shake things up!

And thanks to the inspired thinking of our previous English employee, the Sydney Leagues have a promotion and relegation system in place which is a homage back to his true love – the ‘English Premier League’.

As such, three clubs will now be making the triumphant move upwards from Sydney Triathlon League 1 to what they would consider their rightful position in the Sydney Triathlon Premier League.

And for Concord, Macarthur and Balance Bolt, they are back up the top, excited to be playing with Sydneys biggest and most successful clubs, including Warringah Waves (TNSW Club Champs in Div 1 in 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022) and the three times STPL champions Sydney Tri Giants, taking home ICL02, ICL03 and ICL04. No club has stood on the podium as many times as this great club from Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and our assessment is there are no signs of slowing down!

But as the saying goes ‘what goes up, must come down’?

So to make way for the three clubs coming up, two clubs must taste the bitterness of relegation, as they are slide back down towards League 1. Much as a grumpy man sends cold soup back at a Deli, so too will these clubs be grumpy, annoyed and disappointed.

For the two clubs relegated, Balmoral Purple Thunder and Pulse Rozelle, all that’s left is to lick their wounds and put their head on the pillow at night happy in the knowledge that they know have the chance to reset, resettle and work out a strategy to get back up in 2024/2025.

Allow us to present the clubs battling it out for Sydney Triathlon League 1 in season 2023/2024:

And join us in welcome to the ring, the xx clubs battling it out for the Sydney Triathlon League 1: