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North Coast Triathlon League


ICL01 = Coffs Harbour Rockets

ICL02 = Byron Breakers

ICL03 = Clarence Valley Stingrays

ICL04 = Byron Breakers

ICL05 = Byron Breakers

Runners up

ICL01 = Hat Head Hammerheads

ICL02 = Coffs Harbour Rockets

ICL03 = Byron Breakers/Hat Head Hammerheads

ICL04 = Clarence Valley Stingrays

ICl05 = Coffs Harbour Rockets


ICL01 = Kim Elvery (Clarence Valley Stingrays)

ICL02 = Kim Elvery (Clarence Valley Stingrays) Paivi Hanninen (Byron Breakers) Georgia Ensbey (Coffs Harbour Rockets) Nerida Clarke (Byron Breakers)

ICL03 = Tina McEvoy (Hat Head Hammerheads)

ICL04 = Jason Culton (Clarence Valley Stingrays)

ICL05 = Kim Elvery (Clarence Valley Stingrays)

Full History of the North Coast Triathlon League

North Coast Triathlon League – ICL06 Calendar

North Coast Triathlon League (ICL06)