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Byron Breakers



Interclub Finishing Positions 

ICL01 = 3rd

ICL02 = 1st

ICL03 = 2nd

ICL04 = 1st

ICL05 = 1st


Interclub MVPs

ICL01 = Paivi Hanninen (8.5 PTS)

ICL02 = Paivi Hanninen/Nerida Clarke (4 PTS)

ICL03 = Deb Fuller (7.5 PTS)

ICL04 = Jaime Cascajares (8.5 PTS)

ICL05 = Deb Fuller (13.5 PTS)



Club History 

In 2017 a small group of triathlon enthusiasts decided to formalise their training group and partnered with the Byron Bay Cycle Club to start a Triathlon division, the Byron Tri Club.  Byron Bay with its mild winters and north facing beach makes it an ideal location for all year round triathlon training.

Their aim is to increase participation in the sport of Triathlon within the Byron Shire by developing cycling programs for youths, swim training for all ages and providing a supporting environment for running.

The Byron Breakers finished third in the first ever North Coast Interclub Series, an incredible effort for such a newly established club.  They were victorious at the Kingscliff Triathlon and the Byron Triathlon. Paivi Hanninen was the first ever MVP for the Byron Breakers.






Byron Breakers Career MVP

RankAthleteClubPerformance Points
1Deb FULLERByron Breakers37.5
2Paivi HANNINENByron Breakers24
3Huw JONESByron Breakers23
4Jaime CASCAJARESByron Breakers22
5Robyn DARKEByron Breakers22
6Nerida CLARKEByron Breakers22
7Claire O’MEARAByron Breakers17.5
8Sandra KILLENByron Breakers17
9Peter CLARKEByron Breakers15.5
10Gracie RICHTERByron Breakers7.5
11Daniela COSTAByron Breakers7
12Elize STRYDOMByron Breakers6.5
13Danielle VAN ZUYLENByron Breakers6.5
14Danny ROSSIByron Breakers5.5
15Mick DONNELYByron Breakers4.5
16Alan ROWEByron Breakers4.5
17Nicholas ENGERERByron Breakers4
18Will GLASSONByron Breakers4
19Brooke FERGUSONByron Breakers3.5
20Thomas PHILLIPSByron Breakers3.5
21Caroline HOGANByron Breakers3.5
22Christie HORSLEYByron Breakers3.5
23Cara BRISBANEByron Breakers3
24Matt SLEEByron Breakers3
25Giulia SCURRIAByron Breakers3
26Christopher CHETHAMByron Breakers2.5
27Larissa WHITTONByron Breakers2.5
28Leonie PEDRAZZINIByron Breakers2
29Margreet WIEGERSByron Breakers2
30Ducnan ANDREWSByron Breakers2
31Tim WALLERByron Breakers2
32Greg ALLANByron Breakers1.5
33David MILDRENByron Breakers1.5
34Georgina INWOODByron Breakers1.5
35Geoff BENSLEYByron Breakers1.5
36Mark STEPHANByron Breakers1
37Nicholas ALESSIOByron Breakers1
38Zvi AzimovByron Breakers1
39Nikela COULTERByron Breakers1
40Nik HOWEByron Breakers1
41Alice TANCREDByron Breakers1
42Joni KARONENByron Breakers0.5
43Liam O’GRADYByron Breakers0.5
44Charlie AZZOPARDIByron Breakers0.5
45Irvin EVANSByron Breakers0.5
46James ARISByron Breakers0.5
47Jason TRISLEYByron Breakers0.5
48Daniel WILLSByron Breakers0.5

Forager North Coast Triathlon League (ICL05)

1179272721.526.530 (31)2522
21731930 (34)30 (45)30 (33.5)12.524.527
3129.523.530 (34)271412.512.510