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Introducing Interclub 02 changes

As we head towards the conclusion of the first year of the NSW Interclub Series, Triathlon NSW conducted a full internal review to ask what was working, what needing improving and where we could do better. To support this process, we conducted a survey, promoted via our membership newsletters, website and social media.

To gain an insight into what feedback the community provided us, click here.

All your feedback has been taken into account, and we are proud to advise some changes that we will look to implement across NSW, via the various regions.

The North Coast Interclub Series and South Coast Interclub Series will remain essentially the same as Interclub 01 after receiving some strong and positive feedback. The focus will remain on selecting races that are geographically located in the region. The only change being the Triathlon NSW Club Championships, will now feature as a ‘Double Points’ round for all Sydney, North Coast, New England and South Coast series.

The first change is of note will occur in Sydney and will see the removal of the Sydney Regional based divisions that were launched in Interclub 01. Thus, the old regions of Sydney North, Sydney South East and Sydney South West will no longer exist, instead they will be replaced with three new divisions called ‘Sydney Triathlon Premier League (STPL), Sydney Triathlon League 1 (STL1) and Sydney Triathlon League 2 (STL2)’.

All 21 clubs who competed in this year’s series from around Sydney be divided into these three new divisions based on their results this year (taking into account variations between the quantity of rounds that existed across regions).

Promotion will be introduced meaning at the conclusion of Interclub 02, the top two clubs of Sydney Triathlon League 1 (STL1) and Sydney Triathlon League 2 (STL2) will be promoted up a division.

Likewise, relegation will be introduced resulting in the bottom two clubs of Sydney Triathlon Premier League (STPL) snd Sydney Triathlon League 1 (STL1) being relegated down a division.

This allows for clubs to compete against clubs with similar performance outputs and

Triathlon NSW is confident that this change will ensure that clubs and members will have greater intrigue, interest and engagement in the series with more on the line throughout the entire season and the removal of ‘dead rubbers’.

Based on results in Year 01, the following divisions will be formed.


Sydney Triathlon Premier League Sydney Triathlon League 1 Sydney Triathlon League 2
Hills TC Coogee TC Eastern Suburbs TC
Cronulla TC Warringah TC LAPD TC
Balmoral TC Australian Chinese Triathlon FilOz TC
Sydney Triathlon Group BRATS NSTC
Panthers TC Concord TC Hawkesbury TC
Balance & UTS TC Engadine TC Pulse Performance
Macarthur TC Brighton Baths T4


Conversations have been commenced with the volunteer organising committee of the Central West Interclub Series and Hunter Interclub Series to extend our support and offer further assistance if requested and required. We want to ensure that these two successful concepts do not feel left out, as they are strategically vital to the ongoing success of the sport in those two regions.


Points structure change

Another large change is that of Participation Points. The survey results identified the importance of expanding the series and ensuring it remains inclusive for all members across a club.

In Interclub 01, one event was selected at each festival and was the only race in which our members could earn Performance and Participation points for their club. For example, athletes were required to race in the Full Club Distance to earn points for their club at this year’s Triathlon NSW Club Championships.

In Interclub 02, Triathlon NSW will tabulate Participation Points for all distances at a festival. So, for example, Participation points will be calculated from the Half Club and Full Club distance at the Triathlon NSW Club Championships. Junior events will not be included in the NSW Interclub Series.

One event at each distance will remain the Performance Points earning round and from those results will be used to tabulate the Performance points for clubs and for MVP (Most Valuable Performer) competitions.

Due to increase in members available to score Participation Points, the current point scoring system has been reviewed to ensure that MAX OUT remains elusive and difficult to achieve.

Club will now earn Participation Points as follows;

  • 5% of club members race = 3 participation points
  • 10% of club members race = 6 participation points
  • 20% of club members race = 9 participation points


Race Calendars

All three Sydney divisions will have identical race calendars with a focus on selecting the most popular and iconic races that are currently conducted in NSW.

North Coast will utilise local races up and down the Far and Mid North Coast of NSW, with South Coast Interclub Series using races conducted in the region, with a few trips to Sydney.

Across all series conducted externally via the Triathlon NSW office, the Triathlon NSW Club Championships will now feature as a ‘Double Points’ round for all Sydney, North Coast, New England and South Coast series. This is especially relevant with the recent announcement of the event being conducted in Forster 2020.

Club races will be included if they are either a WQE (Worlds Qualifying Event) or an individual Triathlon NSW State Championship Event.

The series will be made up of commercially conducted races, mixed with a few larger club races that have additional ‘silverware’ on the line.

All final calendars will be released in the next few weeks.