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Central West

Central West Interclub Series for season 2019 / 2020

For over two decades, the Triathlon Clubs of the Central West region of NSW (Bathurst TC, Cowra TC, Dubbo TC, Mudgee TC and Orange TC) have battled it out at each other’s events over the course of a season to decide who the Premier Club of the region is.

It has been and continues to be a concept that brings triathlon alive in the region and triathletes together. Club Pride is synonymous with the region and the great rivalries between the clubs fosters great friendships also.

The Central West Interclub was a main part of the inspiration behind Triathlon NSW’s push to introduce Interclub competitions in other regions throughout NSW, successfully introduced last season.

For this season, Triathlon NSW will work alongside the five clubs of the Central West and the Central West Interclub Series, helping to administer the competition and support the incredible volunteers that have invested time and effort into ensuring the competition continues to thrive.

“The sport of triathlon is continuing to grow in the Central West and Bathurst Wallabies Triathlon Club are excited for Triathlon NSW to be involved in the interclub competition this season” Richard Blackie, President of Bathurst Triathlon Club

The main support that Triathlon NSW will provide will be to;

  • Update and display the ladder of the Central West standings
  • Update and display the Central West Interclub calendar of events
  • Update and display results from the Central West Interclub events
  • Create and display Club Profiles detailing a club bio and club history
  • Create and display pre and post Central West Interclub event articles
  • Process Central West Interclub event results and create the points returns
  • Increase exposure of the competition outside of the region
  • Introduce and manage an MVP (Most valuable performer) ranking for the competition and each club

The competition will continue to run the same successful format, with each participating club hosting a round.  It is the Clubs themselves that decide the date of the events and relay this information to Triathlon NSW.

“The Bathurst Wallabies Interclub round on Australia Day has become a highly anticipated fixture on the calendar and we are excited for this tradition to be continuing this season” Richard Blackie, President of Bathurst Triathlon Club

The region will adopt the Triathlon NSW point system. Details of this can be found by clicking here

Triathlon NSW are delighted to have developed a closer working relationship with the clubs of the Central West region and look forward to assisting with the delivery of such a superb annual competition.

The Mudgee event will start the Central West Interclub proceedings on 17th November 2019 with a run-swim-bike-swim-run event.

It is likely to be a very competitive competition this season with several clubs looking in great condition.  

Central West Interclub Race Calendar 2019/2020

Round Number

Date of Event Hosting Club
Round 1 Sunday 17th November 2019 Mudgee Triathlon Club
Round 2 Sunday 26th January 2020 Bathurst Triathlon Club
Round 3 Sunday 9th February 2020 Dubbo Triathlon Club
Round 4 Sunday 16th February 2020 Orange Triathlon Club
Round 5

Sunday 22nd March 2020

Cowra Triathlon Club


 Historical Winners since Central West Interclub Inception

Orange have been the most successful club over the last decade winning eight times and will hope to add to last season’s success to make it number nine.

Mudgee remain the most successful club of the Central West ICS, having won 12 of the 22 titles on offer, but they haven’t won since 2015. Bathurst won their first and only title so far in 2018.Dubbo and Cowra both enjoyed success when they shared the title way back in 2000.

Year Winner Year Winner
1998 Mudgee TC 2010 Orange TC
1999 Mudgee TC 2011 Orange TC
2000 Dubbo TC and Cowra TC
(joint winners)
2012 Orange TC
2001 Mudgee TC 2013 Orange TC
2002 Mudgee TC 2014 Orange TC
2003 Mudgee TC 2015 Mudgee TC
2006 Mudgee TC 2016 Orange TC
2007 Mudgee TC 2017 Orange TC
2008 Mudgee TC 2018 Bathurst TC
2009 Mudgee TC 2019 Orange TC