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History calls as JB Dolphins chase a historic fifth title

This weekend marks the commencement of Round 1 of the highly anticipated NSW Triathlon South Coast Triathlon League for ICL06. To those not in the know, it appears that another thrilling battle is on the horizon, pitting the formidable Jervis Bay Dolphins against the determined Kiama Coasters.

This year’s series promises an exciting showdown, with five clubs competing across five rounds. The competition includes three Elite Energy events, an aquathon, and culminates in a double point round at the prestigious NSW Triathlon Club Champs.

In the inaugural ICL01, the Illawarra Cannons and the Kiama Coasters were at the forefront, while the Jervis Bay Dolphins found themselves at the bottom of the ladder. However, this initial setback served as a catalyst for an incredible comeback that would see the Dolphins dominate the league for the next four years. Their determination and resilience made them a force to be reckoned with, and they solidified their position as the most dominant team in the region.

Comparing their achievements to other successful sports clubs in Australia, such as the Penrith Panthers and Hawthorn, who have each won three times in their respective leagues, the Jervis Bay Dolphins’ four-year reign is nothing short of extraordinary.

In the current South Coast Triathlon League standings, the Jervis Bay Dolphins are leading the charge, as they aim for their fifth consecutive ICL win. However, they acknowledge the challenges posed by the introduction of new Performance Points Races and emphasize their commitment to expanding the club, developing junior talent, and fostering strong communication and camaraderie among their members.

It’s worth noting that competition in the league extends beyond the top two contenders. The Illawarra Cannons, Shellharbour Mariners, and a resurgent Eurocoast Nomads are showing promising signs, and it’s only a matter of time before one of these clubs claims their moment in the spotlight.

So, who are the heroes for the South Coast (Individual MVP’s)? Who are the individuals who have gone above and beyond and contributed the most points for their clubs?

Bill Stahlhut, representing the Jervis Bay Dolphins, has secured his place in the annals of the sport by clinching the Besnard Medal. Bill’s remarkable achievement includes winning the ICL05 and ICL04 titles and standing at the top of the overall South Coast MVP Ladder with an impressive 38 points, ranking him as the fourth highest points earner in the league’s history.

Notably, the former president of the Jervis Bay Dolphins, Mr. Rod Rose, is celebrated as the MVP for the club. His commitment and performance place him third in the overall South Coast MVP standings across five seasons, contributing 10.5 individual points to his club last season.

Other standout MVPs, such as Luke Heckenberg (Shellharbour Mariners), Sally Jeffrey (Eurocoast Nomads), and Eric Vickery (Illawarra Cannons), have been pivotal in their clubs’ successes and are expected to lead their teams in the upcoming competition.

Traditionally, the league’s outcome often hinges on the final event of the season, and this year is expected to be no different. The question that remains is whether it will be the Coasters and Dolphins battling it out in Forster, or if a new contender will emerge to break the code and claim victory. The stage is set for another thrilling season of the South Coast Triathlon League.

It’s not too late to secure your spot on the start line for Round 1: AustBanners Tri Husky Festival | Elite Energy