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Central West Triathlon League



ICL02 = Orange Piranhas

ICL03 = Orange Piranhas

ICL04 = Mudgee Red Devils

ICL05 = Mudgee Red Devils

Runners up

ICL02 = Mudgee Red Devils

ICl03 = Bathurst Wallabies

ICL04 = Orange Piranhas

ICL05 = Orange Piranhas


ICL02 = Ronda Gainsford (Mudgee Red Devils) Abby Dean (Orange Piranhas)

ICL03 = Ronda Gainsford (Mudgee Red Devils)

ICL04 = Gareth Fuller (Mudgee Red Devils) Mark Windsor (Bathurst Wallabies) Melissa Mertens (Dubbo Hippos)  Sally Wallace (Orange Piranhas)

ICL05 = Narelle Quinn (Mudgee Red Devils) Sally Wallace (Orange Piranhas) Angus Argent-Smith (Bathurst Wallabies)

The full history of winners across the Central West

Central West Triathlon League – ICL06 Calendar


Central West Triathlon League (ICL06)