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Shellharbour Mariners

Established 2017


Interclub Finishing Positions 

ICL01 = 3rd

ICL02 = 3rd

ICL03 = 3rd

ICL04 = 3rd

ICL05 = 4th


Interclub MVPs

ICL01 = Tanya Fraser (3.5 PTS)

ICL02 = Rob Spicer/Luke Heckenberg (4 PTS)

ICL03 = Luke Heckenberg (7.5 PTS)

ICL04 = Luke Jones (8 PTS)

ICl05 = Rob Spicer (10 PTS)



Club History

The Shellharbour Mariners tied for third in the first ever South Coast Interclub Series. Tanya Fraser was the first ever MVP for the Shellharbour Mariners.

They followed up in ICL02 with another strong showing to finish third again, Rob Spicer and Luke Heckenberg tying for Club MVP.

ICL03 was much of the same for the Shellharbour Mariners, with another consistent season and yet another third place finish. Luke Heckenberg won his second Club MVP title.





Forager South Coast Triathlon League ICL05

116930 (34.5)23.526.5302633
38912.525165.530 (31.5)0