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Eurocoast Nomads

Established 2014


Interclub Finishing Positions 

ICL01 = 5th

ICL02 = 6th

ICL03 = 5th

ICL04 = 5th

ICL05 = 5th


Interclub MVPs

ICL01 = Sally Jeffrey (4 PTS)

ICL02 = Daniel Lloyd-Jones (2 PTS)

ICL03 = Daniel Lloyd-Jones/Sally Jeffrey (4 PTS)

ICL04 = Sally Jeffrey (4 PTS)

ICL05 = Sally Jeffrey (6 PTS)


Club History 

The Eurocoast Triathlon club was set up in 2014 by like-minded people to further triathlon in the South Coast region. They welcome new members and the motivation they bring to the club. The club prides itself on being an inclusive club and is open to members of all ages.

The Eurocoast Nomads finished fifth in the first ever South Coast Triathlon League. Sally Jeffrey was the first ever MVP for the Eurocoast Nomads.

During ICL02 the Eurocoast Nomads finished bottom of the pack with Daniel Lloyd-Jones taking home the club MVP.

ICL03 saw the Eurocoast Nomads improve slightly to finish fifth overall with Daniel Lloyd-Jones  and Sally Jeffrey sharing the MVP title as both won the award for the second time.