March 16, 2018

North Coast

Season Preview


The North Coast Interclub Series will see six clubs lock horns from up and down the North Coast, from as far south as Port Macquaire all the way up to Byron Bay in the North.

This division features an intriguing mix of clubs. Small and large, old and new.  The Hat Head Hammerheads and Byron Breakers are less than 12 months old and see the Interclub Series as a great way to grow triathlon in their local areas. They will be hoping that the buzz and energy that comes with a new club can keep them in the mix for Series honors as the season progresses.

On the other end of the spectrum are the Port Macquaire Pelicans and Coffs Harbour Rockets. Both clubs were established over 20 years ago and are two of NSW’s largest membership bases.

In the middle we have the Clarence Valley Stingrays and Ballina Seahorses, both of well established clubs looking to make a real name for themselves outside of their region.

Seven races will decide the Series, starting with the Ballina Triathlon in August 2018 and culminating at the Byron Bay Triathlon in May 2019.


North Coast Teams





North Coast Standings


PosTeamOverall PointsRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Race 9Race 10


North Coast MVP


25-29 Male

RankAthleteTeamAge GroupPerformance Points
1Harry JONESPort Macquarie Pelicans25-29 Male2
2Lindsey WALLClarence Valley Stingrays25-29 Male2
3Bryce PHILPOTTPort Macquarie Pelicans25-29 Male1.5
4Matt SLEEByron Breakers25-29 Male1.5
5Nico VAN WYKBallina Seahorses25-29 Male0.5
6Wade DAVEYBallina Seahorses25-29 Male0.5

20-24 Female

RankAthleteTeamAge GroupPerformance Points
1Mahni LEWISPort Macquarie Pelicans20-24 Female1.5
2Madison SINCLAIRHat Head Hammerheads20-24 Female1.5

30-34 Female

RankAthleteTeamAge GroupPerformance Points
1Tara LENNONClarence Valley Stingrays30-34 Female2
2Alira BAYNDRIANCoffs Harbour Rockets30-34 Female1.5
3Lauren MIKKELSENClarence Valley Stingrays30-34 Female1

30-34 Male

RankAthleteTeamAge GroupPerformance Points
1David CROSBYBallina Seahorses30-34 Male2
2Max MCGOVERNBallina Seahorses30-34 Male1
3Patrick BRENNANCoffs Harbour Rockets30-34 Male0.5
4Bradley HEARDBallina Seahorses30-34 Male0.5

35-39 Female

RankAthleteTeamAge GroupPerformance Points
1Paivi HANNINENByron Breakers35-39 Female3.5
2Kim CHURCHILLBallina Seahorses35-39 Female3
3Georgina DAVISBallina Seahorses35-39 Female2

35-39 Male

RankAthleteTeamAge GroupPerformance Points
1Matt MOFFATTCoffs Harbour Rockets35-39 Male3
2Trevor FIDGECoffs Harbour Rockets35-39 Male2
3Brendan WALLClarence Valley Stingrays35-39 Male1
4Shaun BAYNDRIANCoffs Harbour Rockets35-39 Male1
5Steve FISHERBallina Seahorses35-39 Male1
6Chris HODGECoffs Harbour Rockets35-39 Male0.5

40-44 Female

RankAthleteTeamAge GroupPerformance Points
1Rebecca KINGSHat Head Hammerheads40-44 Female3.5
2Georgina INWOODByron Breakers40-44 Female1.5
3Annie WHITTONBallina Seahorses40-44 Female0.5

40-44 Male

RankAthleteTeamAge GroupPerformance Points
1Michael KEMPHat Head Hammerheads40-44 Male2
2Joshua WIGGINSBallina Seahorses40-44 Male2
3Derek VAN LEESTClarence Valley Stingrays40-44 Male1

45-49 Female

RankAthleteTeamAge GroupPerformance Points
1Alison BROWNClarence Valley Stingrays45-49 Female2
2Maria JOHNSONHat Head Hammerheads45-49 Female1.5
3Louise DANSEYBallina Seahorses45-49 Female1
4Cathy FERGUSONClarence Valley Stingrays45-49 Female0.5
5Tracy SINGLETONCoffs Harbour Rockets45-49 Female0.5
6Joanne FERGUSSONCoffs Harbour Rockets45-49 Female0

45-49 Male

RankAthleteTeamAge GroupPerformance Points
1Jason CULTONClarence Valley Stingrays45-49 Male3.5
2David CRADDOCKPort Macquarie Pelicans45-49 Male1.5
3Will BENNETTBallina Seahorses45-49 Male1.5
4Michael SINGLETONCoffs Harbour Rockets45-49 Male1
5Greg KINGSHat Head Hammerheads45-49 Male1
6John FULLERTONBallina Seahorses45-49 Male0.5
7Jason TRISLEYByron Breakers45-49 Male0.5
8Daniel O’MEALLYHat Head Hammerheads45-49 Male0.5
9Lee THOMASBallina Seahorses45-49 Male0.5
10Dean IRVINGHat Head Hammerheads45-49 Male0.5

50-54 Female

RankAthleteTeamAge GroupPerformance Points
1Veronica BAKERClarence Valley Stingrays50-54 Female2.5
2Anne KIRKWOODHat Head Hammerheads50-54 Female2
3Tina MCEVOYHat Head Hammerheads50-54 Female2
4Susanna O’SULLIVANCoffs Harbour Rockets50-54 Female1.5
5Tracy LEWISPort Macquarie Pelicans50-54 Female1
6Vanessa BAILEYPort Macquarie Pelicans50-54 Female0.5

50-54 Male

RankAthleteTeamAge GroupPerformance Points
1Darren ADAMSClarence Valley Stingrays50-54 Male5.5
2Philip COOKBallina Seahorses50-54 Male2
3David LOVELLClarence Valley Stingrays50-54 Male2
4Mark GARNERCoffs Harbour Rockets50-54 Male1.5
5Henk SCHOLTZBallina Seahorses50-54 Male1.5
6Steven GASBARRONEBallina Seahorses50-54 Male1
7Reuben VAN WYNGAARDTCoffs Harbour Rockets50-54 Male0.5
8Ian LEWISPort Macquarie Pelicans50-54 Male0.5
9Alan FOLEYBallina Seahorses50-54 Male0.5
10Tony CROSSCoffs Harbour Rockets50-54 Male0.5
11Geoff BENSLEYByron Breakers50-54 Male0.5

55-59 Female

RankAthleteTeamAge GroupPerformance Points
1Paulene KIRBYHat Head Hammerheads55-59 Female3.5
2Deb FULLERByron Breakers55-59 Female3
3Michelle MCBURNEYCoffs Harbour Rockets55-59 Female2.5
4Kathy CORNISHHat Head Hammerheads55-59 Female1.5
5Danielle VAN ZUYLENByron Breakers55-59 Female1
6Wendy SCOTTBallina Seahorses55-59 Female0.5
7Donna FARRERHat Head Hammerheads55-59 Female0.5
8Alison TAYLORHat Head Hammerheads55-59 Female0.5

55-59 Male

RankAthleteTeamAge GroupPerformance Points
1Andrew KIRBYHat Head Hammerheads55-59 Male2.5
2Shane FLANNERYBallina Seahorses55-59 Male2
3Peter BIRCHCoffs Harbour Rockets55-59 Male1
4Kevin SINCLAIRHat Head Hammerheads55-59 Male1
5Michael CUTTINGPort Macquarie Pelicans55-59 Male0.5
6Mike STEVENSONHat Head Hammerheads55-59 Male0.5

60-64 Female

RankAthleteTeamAge GroupPerformance Points
1Kim ELVERYClarence Valley Stingrays60-64 Female4
2Millie COOKEBallina Seahorses60-64 Female2.5
3Jennifer WILLIAMSCoffs Harbour Rockets60-64 Female2.5
4Trudi NEEDSHat Head Hammerheads60-64 Female1.5
5Wendy MALEYCoffs Harbour Rockets60-64 Female1.5
6Julie PARISHPort Macquarie Pelicans60-64 Female1

60-64 Male

RankAthleteTeamAge GroupPerformance Points
1Richard HUDSONCoffs Harbour Rockets60-64 Male2
2Peter NEEDSHat Head Hammerheads60-64 Male1.5
3Phil BENOITCoffs Harbour Rockets60-64 Male1.5
4Gary SIMESBallina Seahorses60-64 Male1.5
5David WALLClarence Valley Stingrays60-64 Male1

65-69 Female

RankAthleteTeamAge GroupPerformance Points
1Margaret LAWNPort Macquarie Pelicans65-69 Female2

70-74 Male

RankAthleteTeamAge GroupPerformance Points
1John TRACYPort Macquarie Pelicans70-74 Male2
2Peter GIDDINSCoffs Harbour Rockets70-74 Male2

75-79 Male

RankAthleteTeamAge GroupPerformance Points
1Ray HUNTClarence Valley Stingrays75-79 Male2

15-19 Male

RankAthleteTeamAge GroupPerformance Points
1Jay ADAMSClarence Valley Stingrays15-19 Male2.5
2Isaiah KOOPMANSCoffs Harbour Rockets15-19 Male1.5
3Michael YLINENCoffs Harbour Rockets15-19 Male1

15-19 Female

RankAthleteTeamAge GroupPerformance Points
1Demi GAVINClarence Valley Stingrays15-19 Female2

70-75 Male

RankAthleteTeamAge GroupPerformance Points
1Alan ROWEByron Breakers70-75 Male3.5

14-19 Female

RankAthleteTeamAge GroupPerformance Points
1Molly IRVINGHat Head Hammerheads14-19 Female1.5