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South Coast

South Coast Interclub 01 recap 


Season Preview


Fresh off their Division 3 title win in Orange at the 2018 Triathlon NSW Club Champs, Kiama will enter this season as a marked team. Growing rapidly under the stewardship of President Geoff Besnard,  Kiama have the drive and talent to add to their trophy cabinet.

The largest membership base belongs to that of the Illawarra Cannons. Combining their size with the numerous exceptional athletes that they are blessed with, the Cannons will be hopeful of debut season success.

Just like the North Coast, the South Coast features two teams very much in their infancy. The Shellharbour Mariners and Highlands Shaggy Cows are both under a year old.  A brand new club does not mean a lack of experience however as both clubs are stacked with seasoned veterans to compliment their youthful exuberance.

Rounding out the South Coast are the two most southerly teams, the Jervis Bay Dolphins and the Eurocoast Nomads. Both are very well respected and ensure that this Division will be hotly contested throughout.

Seven events make up the South Coast calendar, starting with the first ever Berry Duathlon. Form an orderly queue at the Donut (Spelt like the van) Van post race…


South Coast Teams





South Coast Standings


South Coast 01



South Coast MVP Standings (AG)


25-29 Male

RankAthleteClubAge GroupPerformance Points
1Brodie TALBOTIllawarra Cannons25-29 Male4.5
2Matt LEWISJervis Bay Dolphins25-29 Male2.5
3Joshua ENGELIllawarra Cannons25-29 Male1.5
4James DAVYIllawarra Cannons25-29 Male0.5

20-24 Male

RankAthleteClubAge GroupPerformance Points
1Aaron RODWELLIllawarra Cannons20-24 Male3.5
2Keelan GREENKiama Coasters20-24 Male0.5

30-34 Female

RankAthleteClubAge GroupPerformance Points
1Courtney THURGARIllawarra Cannons30-34 Female3
2Emily CRUMPKiama Coasters30-34 Female2

30-34 Male

35-39 Female

RankAthleteClubAge GroupPerformance Points
1Tanya FRASERShellharbour Mariners35-39 Female3.5
2Amy LOXLEYKiama Coasters35-39 Female3.5
3Tracey EMERTONJervis Bay Dolphins35-39 Female2
4Erin HARGRAVEIllawarra Cannons35-39 Female1.5
5Kirrilee MCMANUSHighlands Shaggy Cows35-39 Female1
6Jackie LYONSJervis Bay Dolphins35-39 Female1
7Jenny FISHERIllawarra Cannons35-39 Female0.5

35-39 Male

40-44 Female

RankAthleteClubAge GroupPerformance Points
1Jay GAFFEYKiama Coasters40-44 Female3.5
2Mel HUENDERKiama Coasters40-44 Female2
3Megan CASEYShellharbour Mariners40-44 Female1.5
4Elisa KENNERLEYIllawarra Cannons40-44 Female1.5
5Rebecca RYANShellharbour Mariners40-44 Female1.5
6Julie DE ERNSTEDEurocoast Nomads40-44 Female0.5
7Joanne PLOSZCZYNIECJervis Bay Dolphins40-44 Female0.5

40-44 Male

RankAthleteClubAge GroupPerformance Points
1Ben BELLIllawarra Cannons40-44 Male4.5
2Daniel LLOYD-JONESEurocoast Nomads40-44 Male3.5
3Justin FIELDJervis Bay Dolphins40-44 Male3
4Tony FRASERShellharbour Mariners40-44 Male1
5Alan ONIONSKiama Coasters40-44 Male0.5

45-49 Female

RankAthleteClubAge GroupPerformance Points
1Sile CROWEIllawarra Cannons45-49 Female2
2Anne BISWASShellharbour Mariners45-49 Female1

50-54 Female

RankAthleteClubAge GroupPerformance Points
1Cherryl FREEMANKiama Coasters50-54 Female7
2Sonya STEWARTKiama Coasters50-54 Female0.5

50-54 Male

RankAthleteClubAge GroupPerformance Points
1Lachlan BROWNEurocoast Nomads50-54 Male3
2Col STEELEIllawarra Cannons50-54 Male1.5
3Glenn DANIELSShellharbour Mariners50-54 Male1.5
4Peter PIKEKiama Coasters50-54 Male1.5
5Peter MACPHERSONKiama Coasters50-54 Male1
6Peter ROOPEIllawarra Cannons50-54 Male1

55-59 Female

RankAthleteClubAge GroupPerformance Points
1Michelle ROCHEHighlands Shaggy Cows55-59 Female2.5
2Anette SAMPSONJervis Bay Dolphins55-59 Female2
3Sandra EGANKiama Coasters55-59 Female1.5
4Colleen ERINGAHighlands Shaggy Cows55-59 Female1.5
5Narelle TALBOTIllawarra Cannons55-59 Female1.5
6Jenny SIMPSONIllawarra Cannons55-59 Female1

55-59 Male

RankAthleteClubAge GroupPerformance Points
1David LAWRENCEKiama Coasters55-59 Male2
2Stephen PHIPPSEurocoast Nomads55-59 Male2
3Bill STAHLHURSTJervis Bay Dolphins55-59 Male1.5

60-64 Female

RankAthleteClubAge GroupPerformance Points
1Mary STREETKiama Coasters60-64 Female5.5
2Susan GORDONKiama Coasters60-64 Female2.5

60-64 Male

RankAthleteClubAge GroupPerformance Points
1Kevin GOODWINKiama Coasters60-64 Male6.5
2Richard JEFFREYEurocoast Nomads60-64 Male3.5
3Lloyd EGANKiama Coasters60-64 Male3.5
4Gary ASHTONEurocoast Nomads60-64 Male1
5Doug SIMPSONIllawarra Cannons60-64 Male0.5
6Eric VICKERYIllawarra Cannons60-64 Male0.5
7Brian PEADONJervis Bay Dolphins60-64 Male0.5

65-69 Female

RankAthleteClubAge GroupPerformance Points
1Angela BESNARDKiama Coasters65-69 Female8.5

65-69 Male

RankAthleteClubAge GroupPerformance Points
1Geoff BESNARDKiama Coasters65-69 Male7.5
2Tony LIMJervis Bay Dolphins65-69 Male3

70-74 Male

RankAthleteClubAge GroupPerformance Points
1Kerry DOWLINGIllawarra Cannons70-74 Male1.5

15-19 Female

RankAthleteClubAge GroupPerformance Points
1Lauren MYERSIllawarra Cannons15-19 Female2
2Zara JOBSONShellharbour Mariners15-19 Female1.5
3Freya ROBINSON-MILLSJervis Bay Dolphins15-19 Female1.5

60-65 Female

RankAthleteClubAge GroupPerformance Points
1Sally JEFFREYEurocoast Nomads60-65 Female4

12-14 Male

RankAthleteClubAge GroupPerformance Points
1Mitchell BLACKBOURNIllawarra Cannons12-14 Male1.5
2Harry FRASERShellharbour Mariners12-14 Male0.5
3Zac PETERSShellharbour Mariners12-14 Male0.5
4Matthew BUDGENIllawarra Cannons12-14 Male0.5
5Matthew SMITHHighlands Shaggy Cows12-14 Male0.5

12-14 Female

RankAthleteClubAge GroupPerformance Points
1Alexis BELLIllawarra Cannons12-14 Female1.5
2Skye BELLIllawarra Cannons12-14 Female1.5
3Zara CASEYShellharbour Mariners12-14 Female1
4Kelera SIGABALAVUIllawarra Cannons12-14 Female0.5