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New England

The Tamworth roar grows louder at Trial Bay

The Tamworth Tigers are shaping up to be the best of the (north) west after taking out Round 2 of the Forager New England Triathlon League at the Trial Bay Tri last weekend.

The Tigers added a neat 10 points to their first place lead after Round 1 at the 2020 Triathlon NSW Club Champs. Strong performances from Nash, Stackman, Ferguson and Sullivan ensuring the Tigers stay on top.

Despite this, the Tigers are surely threatened by the Armidale Armidillos, now just 2 points behind after a good showing at Trial Bay, with great results from Hancokc, Nonhebel and Henderson. The Armidillos look set to be the only club who can stop the Tigers this season.

The Moree Mongooses also put 4.5 points on the ladder thanks to Paul Nixon, but with only one more round in the New England league, they might not be able to scrape into the Top 2 clubs.

The Inverell Sapphires and Gunnedah K-Bears have not made an appearance this season.

There’s now an extended break for the New England clubs to recoup and reconvene before their grand final race, the 2021 Club Champs at Forster on May 22nd.