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Gavin Biles of STG is the MVP for Sydney after a sensational 12 months

The giants demonstrated what a dominant and convincing season they’ve had over high quality opposition, taking out 7 of the top 10 positions on the Forager Sydney Triathlon League MVP Table.

Up for grabs this season was the highest individual honour in NSW’s Age Group triathlon landscape – the ‘McEwan Medal’, named after Dave McEwan of the Hills Red Army, who secured the most Performance Points throughout Sydney in Interclub 01.

Topping the MVP Table for the Forager STPL  was Gavin Biles, hailing from the Sydney Triathlon Giants. It’s been an immense year for Gavin, earning a huge 16 performance points across the season. Gavin has been absolutely dominate in the 55-59 Men’s Age Group, also taking home the individual NSW State Championships title for the Long Course, Standard and Aquathon events.

“It has been an amazing two years making a comeback to a sport that I truly love, a sport has given me a goal, a purpose in my life to focus on, after my wife passed away. Whilst by many considered to be an individual sport, you can compete at any age and with your friends, your kids, your parents. So it’s actually more like a team sport in that respect” Gavin stated when asked what this meant to him.

But behind every amazing athlete, is a wonderful team and support network. Gavin was quick to extend thanks to his two boys, for their understanding and support of his endeavours. Gavin stated “I hope I’ve been a good role model to them to show what can be achieved with hard work and dedication, at any age”.  Gavin was also quick to heap praise on the STG club who have become such a huge part of his life and now he considers them more than a club, but part of his family.

But the biggest praise was for his coach, Sam Douglas. “Sam is the most amazing human being and coach. I couldn’t have done what I’ve done without him”.

And as for plans for next season, he wants to give back to a sport and community that’s given him so much. He wants to be there for others, in the sport through training tips, company and support at their training sessions.

Congratulations Gavin on taking home the McEwan Medal and for a truly tremendous season 2020/2021.

In equal second, was Dave McEwan, representing the Hills Red Army. To sum up Dave, people would say either ‘always smiling’ or ‘worlds nicest human being’. But he’s also a superb athlete and would make men half his age blush when they see his athletic prowess in the water, on the bike or on the track running. Forever immortalised in the sport of Triathlon given the medal is named after him, he is a well deserving MVP from the Hills Red Army with a huge 12 point individual tally to add to his career MVP tally of 37.

It would be remiss not to mention the speedy Cathy Verry, also from the Giants who seems to get better year and year on, never losing pace or her love for the sport. 12 points makes this her largest individual haul ever in a single Forager League season, and in any other club would have been the club MVP.

Representing the Warringah Waves and earning the title of joint MVPs for the Division 1 Club Champs winning club was Nicole Ward and Miriam Orr, both with a strong return of 8 Performance Points. In 2019, Triathlon NSW produced a story entitled ‘Mum, Coach, Champion: Nicole Ward still exemplary’. Clearly nothing has change for this amazing athlete, who continues to deliver in Age Group racing, time and time again.

“When I race now it’s all about being my personal best and enjoying the opportunity to be fit and out there competing in the sport that I love” she advised us back in 2019, “Being healthy and fit as both a mum and a coach is really important for me, and to be a positive role model for my daughter especially is what drove me to the finish line when the wheels started to fall off on the run”.

Merri Mack, the inspirational septuagenarian is the proud recipient of the Balmoral Purple Thunder MVP medal. With another strong return of 8 Performance Points, she continues to demonstrate her sporting ability and remains the career MVP for the club, off the back of an inspirational result at the 2021 Club Champs, taking out her division.

Luke Jones, the Concord stalwart earnt his place as the club MVP by taking home 9.5 points, an incredible result in a highly competitive age group of Men aged 35-39. Luke holds the distinguished honour of being the Concord MVP in all three iterations of the Forager Interclub and has a total of 20.5 career MVP points. He is the undisputed leader at the Concord Tri Club and also the reigning NSW Individual State Aquathon Champion. Well done Luke, can’t wait to see you take out a fourth year in ICL04?

Balance Bolt Career MVP Jocie Evison didn’t trouble the score board this season, instead leaving it up to the Leabeater family to do all the damage, with Alana and Ellen taking out first and second respectively in ICL03.

Cody Salter, Rachel Eagles and Thomas Hine all topped the MVP table for Macarthur. This club is loaded with quality athletes.

Adam Footit was the MVP over Aimee Carlin for the Penrith Panthers, who had a quiet season by her lofty standards, with 4 points. No doubt she will return stronger next season than ever.

Last but certainly not least, was Phill Baigent from the Cronulla Sharks who took home their clubs MVP. An outstanding effort by a Club legend and we are delighted to recognise his efforts.

We congratulate all the club MVP’s, but reserve the loudest applause for Gavin Biles – the Forager Sydney Triathlon Premier League MVP for season 2020/2021!!!