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Cronulla Sharks

Cronulla Triathlon Club was founded in 1985 and is historically the home to a number of World Champions. From the halcyon days of Greg Welch and Michellie Jones, through to current times with Craig Alexander, the club has remained a perfect training ground for triathletes in all age groups. The Club strives to encourage adults and juniors to challenge themselves to train and race in a safe and friendly environment. Every member has the same access to support and resources as we continue to evolve – adapting to athlete needs.

Cronulla Triathlon Club has a friendly and engaging culture – they have many formal and informal training, racing and social activities. They have proudly won the Triathlon NSW Club Championships a number of times and are looking forward to achieving that honour again.


Cronulla Sharks Career MVP

RankAthleteClubPerformance Points
1Jennifer MCDONALDCronulla Sharks8
2Phill BAIGENTCronulla Sharks7.5
3Chris WOOLDRIDGECronulla Sharks7
4Marcello ROSSICronulla Sharks6.5
5Nathan BREENCronulla Sharks6
6Glenn GORICKCronulla Sharks6
7Joel WOOLDRIDGECronulla Sharks5.5
8Pam TURPINCronulla Sharks5
9Craig ALEXANDERCronulla Sharks4.5
10James MARTINCronulla Sharks4.5
11Chris DAVISCronulla Sharks4
12John MEACHAMCronulla Sharks4
13Ellen GLENNANCronulla Sharks4
14Stuart FORDCronulla Sharks4
15Dane HOLTCronulla Sharks3.5
16Kathryn KINGCronulla Sharks3
17Dave SHIELDCronulla Sharks3
18Laura KELLYCronulla Sharks3
19Rolf BEHRENSCronulla Sharks2.5
20Paula LITTLECronulla Sharks2.5
21Emma BUSSELLCronulla Sharks2.5
22Gerard MCDERMOTTCronulla Sharks2
23Kevin ROBERTSONCronulla Sharks2
24Mairaed CRAWFORDCronulla Sharks2
25Dieter REITHMEIERCronulla Sharks2
26Andrew CROSSCronulla Sharks2
27David BAIGENTCronulla Sharks2
28Jason STEGBAUERCronulla Sharks2
29Erica GALEACronulla Sharks2
30Sarah WILLETTSCronulla Sharks1.5
31John FULKERCronulla Sharks1.5
32Elissa HUGHESCronulla Sharks1.5
33Bronwyn WOODCronulla Sharks1.5
34Michelle PEACECronulla Sharks1.5
35William COOPERCronulla Sharks1.5
36Janice MARSHALLCronulla Sharks1.5
37Maree DOBLECronulla Sharks1.5
38Kevin DIXONCronulla Sharks1.5
39John DELUCACronulla Sharks1
40Daniel HAMPSONCronulla Sharks1
41Jennifer LEONARDCronulla Sharks1
42Natalie GILBERTCronulla Sharks1
43Riley TAYLORCronulla Sharks1
44Julianne SHARANCronulla Sharks1
45Andrew CHAPMANCronulla Sharks1
46Robert OWENSCronulla Sharks1
47Joanne WATSONCronulla Sharks1
48Jake HUMMERSTONCronulla Sharks1
49Lisa EISBACHERCronulla Sharks1
50Steven MACKAYCronulla Sharks1
51Anthony ROBERTSONCronulla Sharks1
52Lianne SELLASCronulla Sharks1
53Mark PACEYCronulla Sharks1
54Josh WOOLDRIDGECronulla Sharks1
55Ashley MOLLOYCronulla Sharks1
56Deborah DAVIDSONCronulla Sharks1
57Ella BURTONCronulla Sharks1
58James KNIGHTCronulla Sharks1
59Kirron DUNCANCronulla Sharks1
60Jasmin GREYCronulla Sharks0.5
61Tonette FUNGCronulla Sharks0.5
62Kate BOYDCronulla Sharks0.5
63Megan BARKERCronulla Sharks0.5
64Toby HUMMERSTONCronulla Sharks0.5
65Torres KWOKCronulla Sharks0.5
66Ben DUFFCronulla Sharks0.5
67Kevin MARGETSONCronulla Sharks0.5
68Guy DREVERCronulla Sharks0.5
69Di HURSTCronulla Sharks0.5
70Jessica DURANDCronulla Sharks0.5
71Tim ATKINCronulla Sharks0.5
72Chris JOVCEVSKICronulla Sharks0.5
73Jarrod CRUMPCronulla Sharks0.5
74Sarah BROWNCronulla Sharks0.5
75Maddalena ROSSICronulla Sharks0.5
76Alicia MCCULLOCHCronulla Sharks0.5

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