March 15, 2018

Cronulla Sharks

Sydney South West
2018-2019 Interclub Series

Cronulla Triathlon Club

“CTC will, like we always do, give this challenge a shake. It will be interesting to see members get involved” (Ian Ross, President)


About the Club / History

Cronulla Triathlon Club was founded in 1985 and is historically the home to a number of World Champions. From the halcyon days of Greg Welch and Michellie Jones, through to current times with Craig Alexander, the club has remained a perfect training ground for triathletes in all age groups. The Club strives to encourage adults and juniors to challenge themselves to train and race in a safe and friendly environment. Every member has the same access to support and resources as we continue to evolve – adapting to athlete needs.

Cronulla Triathlon Club has a friendly and engaging culture – they have many formal and informal training, racing and social activities. They have proudly won the Triathlon NSW Club Championships a number of times and are looking forward to achieving that honour again.


Training Sessions Offered

Cronulla offers over 200 training events per year spread across adult and junior training. They conduct weekly interval run training, open water social swims, beginner and intermediate bike packs and more.

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Events Conducted

Cronulla Triathlon Club conduct the annual Richie Walker Aquathlon. It has been run for over 30 years with all money raised going to the Heart Foundation in Richie’s name. It has been the National Aquathlon title and is currently a qualifying race for the Australian Age Group World Aquathlon Championships team. And now it is an event for the Triathlon NSW Regional Interclub Competition across the South West, Sydney South East, South Coast and Sydney North divisions!

Club events held during the year are triathlons, duathlons, aquathlons, bike time trials, open water swim training, kids duathlons and more.


Sharks Season Preview Q&A

Athlete to watch ? Dan Inglese has won a whole lot of stuff this year and improves with every race. Def one to watch

Club Captain?  Our Club Captain Glenn Gorick has raced 25 Ironman Australia races – sometimes with a Prime Minister under his wing, sometimes guiding blind athlete Nathan Johnston – and has been involved in the club from its earliest days

Rookie to watch? Nathan Breen has been performing admirably in the Under 23’s and will only get better

Club ambassador?  John Bennetts lives in Melbourne these days but regularly travels to Sydney to compete at Richie Walker or at a Kurnell race – just to be part of the club and to compete with his mates


How to connect with Cronulla Triathlon Club


Cronulla Triathlon Club Facebook – Click here

Cronulla Sharks MVP

RankAthleteTeamAge GroupPerformance Points
1Chris WOOLDRIDGECronulla Sharks55-59 Male4
2Joel WOOLDRIDGECronulla Sharks15-19 Male4
3Laura KELLYCronulla Sharks30-34 Female2.5
4Jennifer MCDONALDCronulla Sharks50-54 Female2
5Jason STEGBAUERCronulla Sharks45-49 Male2
6Nathan BREENCronulla Sharks20-24 Male2
7Phill BAIGENTCronulla Sharks55-59 Male2
8Andrew CROSSCronulla Sharks45-49 Male2
9Chris DAVISCronulla Sharks50-54 Male1.5
10Pam TURPINCronulla Sharks55-59 Female1.5
11William COOPERCronulla Sharks15-19 Male1.5
12Bronwyn WOODCronulla Sharks45-49 Female1.5
13Maree DOBLECronulla Sharks50-54 Female1.5
14Dane HOLTCronulla Sharks35-39 Male1.5
15Jennifer LEONARDCronulla Sharks55-59 Female1
16Jake HUMMERSTONCronulla Sharks15-19 Male1
17Ellen GLENNANCronulla Sharks45-49 Female1
18Emma BUSSELLCronulla Sharks40-44 Female1
19James KNIGHTCronulla Sharks45-49 Male1
20Kirron DUNCANCronulla Sharks40-44 Male1
21Mark PACEYCronulla Sharks45-49 Male0.5
22Ashley MOLLOYCronulla Sharks20-24 Male0.5
23Torres KWOKCronulla Sharks15-19 Male0.5
24Stuart FORDCronulla Sharks45-49 Male0.5
25Gerard MCDERMOTTCronulla Sharks50-54 Male0.5
26Chris JOVCEVSKICronulla Sharks30-34 Male0.5
27John FULKERCronulla Sharks55-59 Male0.5
28Steven MACKAYCronulla Sharks50-54 Male0.5
29John MEACHAMCronulla Sharks65-69 Male0.5
30Sarah WILLETTSCronulla Sharks20-24 Female0.5
31Paula LITTLECronulla Sharks35-39 Female0.5
32Erica GALEACronulla Sharks45-49 Female0.5
33Jasmin GREYCronulla Sharks20-24 Female0.5
34Julianne SHARANCronulla Sharks45-49 Female0.5
35David BAIGENTCronulla Sharks60-64 Male0.5
36Elissa HUGHESCronulla Sharks25-29 Female0.5
37Toby HUMMERSTONCronulla Sharks15-19 Male0.5
38Jessica DURANDCronulla Sharks20-24 Female0.5
39Alicia MCCULLOCHCronulla Sharks35-39 Female0.5
40Craig ALEXANDERCronulla Sharks40-44 Male0.5