March 15, 2018

Balmoral Purple Cobras

Sydney North
2018-2019 Interclub Series


Balmoral Triathlon Club

“We’re excited to take part in this interclub series with our friendly rivals Warringah and Northern Suburbs. I wish both clubs the best of luck, as they will definitely need it. Let’s roll out Purple Cobras!” (Murray Robertson , President)


About the Club / History

Balmoral Triathlon Club have seen World Champions, Elite Age-Groupers and weekend warriors come through the club. We have a clubhouse down at the stunning Balmoral Beach and we train all year round.

Balmoral is a club that encourages participation, having fun and overall enjoying the wonderful sport that is Triathlon. Currently they have 400 members

They pride themselves on being a family club and ensuring they are inclusive, look after their  own and support each another.

They are a strong part of the North Shore community. During the week you will see them in Mosman coffee shops frequented by Balmoral cyclists, and on weekends they flood to the beach where they attract a lot of attention during their Saturday swim sessions.


Training’s Offered

Balmoral run training sessions during the week and on the weekend in run, swim and bike to keep you fit and active year round. For more information:


Balmoral Purple Cobras Season Preview Q&A

Athlete to watch and why? Look out for Hannalore Paxton at the Gold Coast World Champs. She is their oldest club member and soon to be their newest World Champion (they hope!).

Who is their club Coach?  EnergyLink have coached the club for nearly 2 decades. They are synonymous with Balmoral and they are heavily indebted to Bruce and Chrissie Thomas, who are both former Australian Ironman Champions.

Rookie to watch? Watch out for our young female guns Jess Raupach and Laura Van Den Honert who are rocking the World Champs in their rookie years.

Club ambassador?  Although Owain Matthews is part of the coaching team, he is our most influential athlete. He has raced at Kona, won his Age Group at the 70.3 World Champs and will be racing at this years Gold Coast Worlds. He is humble, genuine and is always looking out for people within the club to offer advice, tips and gear.

Club other than your own who you think might win your Interclub Series and why?  We are worried about the Purple team from the North.

Event you are most looking forward to on the Calendar?  We love Big Husky and can’t wait to get down there again this year!


How to Connect with Balmoral Triathlon Club

Balmoral Triathlon Club Facebook – Click here
Balmoral Triathlon Club Instagram – Click here

Balmoral Purple Cobras MVP

RankAthleteTeamAge GroupPerformance Points
1Gerald RENTONBalmoral Purple Cobras70-74 Male8
2Quentin SCHNEIDERBalmoral Purple Cobras20-24 Male5
3Sara BURNSBalmoral Purple Cobras30-34 Female2.5
4Bel FONGBalmoral Purple Cobras35-39 Female2.5
5Laura VAN DEN HONERTBalmoral Purple Cobras25-29 Female2.5
6Ingrid MCPHEEBalmoral Purple Cobras50-54 Female2
7Jessica HENDERSONBalmoral Purple Cobras20-24 Female2
8Julia COOKBalmoral Purple Cobras25-29 Female2
9Ilse PETERSONBalmoral Purple Cobras30-34 Female2
10Jack MCPHEEBalmoral Purple Cobras20-24 Male2
11Tom HOLLANDBalmoral Purple Cobras15-19 Male2
12Madeleine SKINNERBalmoral Purple Cobras40-44 Female2
13Tara WALLISBalmoral Purple Cobras12-14 Female2
14Paul MCCLARNONBalmoral Purple Cobras45-49 Male1.5
15Ben BOYD (#2)Balmoral Purple Cobras40-44 Male1.5
16Lee BRETTBalmoral Purple Cobras40-44 Female1.5
17Nicole POLLTTBalmoral Purple Cobras45-49 Female1.5
18Lachlan STEVENSONBalmoral Purple Cobras15-19 Male1.5
19Joe SPRANGEBalmoral Purple Cobras35-39 Male1.5
20Kat MARIKBalmoral Purple Cobras30-34 Female1.5
21Amanda DAFFASBalmoral Purple Cobras50-54 Female1.5
22David MORRISONBalmoral Purple Cobras35-39 Male1.5
23Bridget FELLBalmoral Purple Cobras55-59 Female1.5
24Seamus FINGLETONBalmoral Purple Cobras40-44 Male1.5
25Margie SNEDDONBalmoral Purple Cobras50-54 Female1
26Graeme NYLANDBalmoral Purple Cobras65-69 Male1
27Tony BARBAROBalmoral Purple Cobras50-54 Male1
28Steffi BREIDENBACHBalmoral Purple Cobras50-54 Female1
29Guy ROBERTSONBalmoral Purple Cobras65-69 Male1
30Paul KELLYBalmoral Purple Cobras55-59 Male1
31Margaret THOMASBalmoral Purple Cobras60-64 Femmale1
32Andrew GROVERBalmoral Purple Cobras45-49 Male1
33Danielle MATTHEWSBalmoral Purple Cobras30-34 Female1
34Angela EVESBalmoral Purple Cobras40-44 Female1
35Nicola HUTCHINSONBalmoral Purple Cobras45-49 Female1
36David FELLBalmoral Purple Cobras55-59 Male0.5
37Teagan BETTERIDGEBalmoral Purple Cobras25-29 Female0.5
38Victoria SYMESBalmoral Purple Cobras55-59 Female0.5
39Ben BOYDBalmoral Purple Cobras40-44 Male0.5
40Matt HUNTBalmoral Purple Cobras40-44 Male0.5
41Chris CLELANDBalmoral Purple Cobras20-24 Male0.5
42Michelle CHENBalmoral Purple Cobras45-49 Female0.5
43Gary AITKENHEADBalmoral Purple Cobras60-64 Male0.5