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Balance Bolt

Interclub Finishing Positions

ICL01 = 4th (SW Sydney Division)

ICL02 = 5th (Sydney Triathlon Premier League)

ICL03 = 7th (Sydney Triathlon Premier League)


Interclub MVPs

ICL01 = Jocie Evison (10 PTS)

ICL02 = Jocie Evison (6 PTS)

ICL03 = Alana Leabeater (5.5 PTS)


Club History 

Balance & UTS Tri Club is a UTS Sport affiliated club operating in Sydney’s inner-west. They are that club who always looks like they’re having the most fun.

The club was founded in 2008 and from humble beginnings with just three founding members, they are now proudly a club of 200+ members.

As their club name (Balance) suggests, they are not just about training and participating, but they also have a lot of fun away from the sport with regular social events. The club is very inclusive and supportive of all members, whether they’re competing in their first enticer, or racing Kona.

The Balance Bolt finished 4th in the first ever Sydney South West Interclub Series and subsequently will compete in the Sydney Triathlon Premier League in Interclub 02. Jocie Evison Jones was the first ever MVP for the Balance Bolt.



Forager Sydney Triathlon Premier League (ICL03)

11992550 (57)25 (30)816.524.550
316123.550 (108)1.54.5247.550
413510.52625 (48.5)01924.530
5132.5650 (58)5.50171044