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Balance Bolt

Interclub Finishing Positions

ICL01 = 4th (SW Sydney Division)

ICL02 = 5th (Sydney Triathlon Premier League)

ICL03 = 7th (Sydney Triathlon Premier League)

ICL04 = 8th (Sydney Triathlon Premier League)


Interclub MVPs

ICL01 = Jocie Evison (10 PTS)

ICL02 = Jocie Evison (6 PTS)

ICL03 = Alana Leabeater (5.5 PTS)

ICL04 = Juliet Crawford (4 PTS)



Club History 

Balance Tri Club is a UTS Sport affiliated club operating in Sydney’s inner-west. They are that club who always looks like they’re having the most fun.

The club was founded in 2008 and from humble beginnings with just three founding members, they are now proudly a club of 200+ members.

As their club name (Balance) suggests, they are not just about training and participating, but they also have a lot of fun away from the sport with regular social events. The club is very inclusive and supportive of all members, whether they’re competing in their first enticer, or racing Kona.

The Balance Bolt finished 4th in the first ever Sydney South West Interclub Series and subsequently will compete in the Sydney Triathlon Premier League in Interclub 02. Jocie Evison Jones was the first ever MVP for the Balance Bolt.



Balance Bolt MVP 05

RankAthleteClubPerformance Points
1Oscar RUSSIANConcord TC6.5
2Stuart RAMSAYSingleton Swoopers0
3Trish VOGELSKiama Coasters0
4Anthony WRIGLEYMudgee Red Devils0
5Matt HUNTBalmoral Purple Thunder0
6Jules TROTTERWarringah Waves0
7Daniela COSTAByron Breakers0
8Scarlett PARKERHills Red Army0
9Amanda BEHRENDTCronulla Sharks0
10Derek MULHEARNBalmoral Purple Thunder0
11Rob CRAVENCanberra Bilbys0
12Cooper KWOKPanthers of Penrith0
13Richard GRANTPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
14Margaret THOMASBalmoral Purple Thunder0
15Angus SEDGWICKWarringah Waves0
16Alice TANCREDByron Breakers0
17Jordan TAYLORCronulla Sharks0
18Chris BECKMANSBalmoral Purple Thunder0
19Bruce JENKINSCanberra Bilbys0
20Nikki BRIANPanthers of Penrith0
21Kevin STRINGERPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
22Gary SIMESBallina Seahorses0
23Paul KELLYBalmoral Purple Thunder0
24Annabelle HARTIGANWarringah Waves0
25Tess SHANNONHat Head Hammerheads0
26Jacqueline WESTONCronulla Sharks0
27Linda MOLLOYBalmoral Purple Thunder0
28Mark DUNCANSONCanberra Bilbys0
29Emily SCOLYERRozelle Pulse0
30Jasper SUMSKYPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
31Matt SLEEByron Breakers0
32Erin MANSELLWarringah Waves0
33Len BENSONBallina Seahorses0
34Ruth EMMETTCronulla Sharks0
35Andrew CREERBalmoral Purple Thunder0
36David POULTERCanberra Bilbys0
37Matthew SCOLYERRozelle Pulse0
38Martijn ZWETSLOOTPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
39Wendy MALEYCoffs Harbour Rockets0
40Joe MCNAMARABalance Bolt0
41Susie HEATHWarringah Waves0
42Deborah O’BRIENCronulla Sharks0
43Rachel MONAHANBalmoral Purple Thunder0
44Stephen SITKOCanberra Bilbys0
45Rhys OLSON-KEATINGRozelle Pulse0
46Patrick BRENNANCoffs Harbour Rockets0
47Dave SHIELDCronulla Sharks0
48Mel MARSHWarringah Waves0
49Vicki SAPOUNTZISCronulla Sharks0
50Jonathon BRUNNERBalmoral Purple Thunder0
51Kim HOUGHTONCanberra Bilbys0
52Alexander MACKENZIESydney Giants (STG)0
53Paige LEVINGSTONTamworth Tigers0
54Richard HUDSONCoffs Harbour Rockets0
55Janice MARSHALLCronulla Sharks0
56Sean BARKERNS Mighty Mites0
57Joanne LAINSONCronulla Sharks0
58Neil CULKINBalmoral Purple Thunder0
59Peter HOEFERCanberra Bilbys0
60Anna WILCOXSydney Giants (STG)0
61Richard SQUIRESTamworth Tigers0
62Gabriele LOTAConcord TC0
63Peter GIDDINSCoffs Harbour Rockets0
64Di HURSTCronulla Sharks0
65Tony BEVENNS Mighty Mites0
66Bradley BUSCHCronulla Sharks0
67Max GAUBERTBalmoral Purple Thunder0
68Peter TINNOCKCanberra Bilbys0
69Christopher PAULIllawarra Cannons0
70Rebecca VAN GELDERSydney Giants (STG)0
71Dieter REITHMEIERCronulla Sharks0
72Marina BATENS Mighty Mites0
73Stephen DURANTHills Red Army0
74Keith WALLISBalmoral Purple Thunder0
75David BAUSMANNCanberra Bilbys0
76Ilyas MUSKERIllawarra Cannons0
77George ADAMSMacarthur0
78Daniel HAMPSONCronulla Sharks0
79Rob RICHARDSPanthers of Penrith0
80Chris WARRENHills Red Army0
81Todd SPOKESBalmoral Purple Thunder0
82Lachlan LEWISCanberra Bilbys0
83Montana DOUBELLIllawarra Cannons0
84Hayden MILLERTamworth Tigers0
85John DELUCACronulla Sharks0
86Kelvin FRANICHPanthers of Penrith0
87Andrew WILKINSONHills Red Army0
88Laura SHENNANBalmoral Purple Thunder0
89Caitlin DAVISCanberra Bilbys0
90Abigail PIERCEJervis Bay Dolphins0
91Melissa MCFARLANEMacarthur0
92Greg HURCUMTamworth Tigers0
93Natalie GILBERTCronulla Sharks0
94Laurel ROGERSEngadine Dingoes0
95Glenn NORRISHills Red Army0
96James STRONGBalmoral Purple Thunder0
97Hannah BISHOPCanberra Bilbys0
98Paul THOMPSONJervis Bay Dolphins0
99Paul OYSTONMacarthur0
100Emily POPETamworth Tigers0
101Kevin DIXONCronulla Sharks0
102Kate BOYDCronulla Sharks0
103Tamra SANTUCCIHills Red Army0
104Robyn WINNBalmoral Purple Thunder0
105Wilma HUNEKECanberra Bilbys0
106Alice JOHNSONKiama Coasters0
107Andi BENNETTWarringah Waves0
108Ruth POPEGunnedah K-Bears0
109Laura VAN DEN HONERTBalmoral Purple Thunder0
110Guy DREVERCronulla Sharks0
111Kylie WALKERBalance Bolt0
112Bradley PACEHills Red Army0
113Myriam SMITHBalmoral Purple Thunder0
114Caitlin FLUXFemales in Training (FIT)0
115Daniel MARANGEKiama Coasters0
116Joshua MCNAB-0
117Michelle WOOLDRIDGEArmidale Armidillos0
118Nero ZHANGAustralian Chinese Dragons0
119Glenn GORICKCronulla Sharks0
120Dominik LINDERBalance Bolt0
121Cameron WILSONHills Red Army0
122Cavan RYANBalmoral Purple Thunder0
123Sally WOODCoogee Comets0
124Prudence GUESTFemales in Training (FIT)0
125Hannah BESTKiama Coasters0
126Mark THOMPSONWarringah Waves0
127Elizabeth BRAZIERArmidale Armidillos0
128Jian SHIAustralian Chinese Dragons0
129Andrew CHAPMANCronulla Sharks0
130Cameron LUKSICHPanthers of Penrith0
131Connor RYANBalmoral Purple Thunder0
132Jessica CLARKSONCoogee Comets0
133Samantha SHIELDSFemales in Training (FIT)0
134Heather SHRIBMANKiama Coasters0
135Michelle WOOLDRIDGEArmidale Armidillos0
136Maddalena ROSSICronulla Sharks0
137Louise DAFFASBalmoral Purple Thunder0
138Elizabeth KOSWARA-SIMMSBondi Brats0
139Virginia LINDENMAYERFemales in Training (FIT)0
140Phil WHITEKiama Coasters0
141William WILCOXTamworth Tigers0
142Vic CAPLIKASHills Red Army0
143Belinda PRATTENBondi Brats0
144Iris VAN DER STAAKBondi Brats0
145Alison BRITONFemales in Training (FIT)0
146Nat HEATHTriMob0
147Danielle MATTHEWSBalmoral Purple Thunder0
148Gordon BELLPanthers of Penrith0
149Jenny HARTHills Red Army0
150Alexandra FIELDBondi Brats0
151Olivia GHISONIBondi Brats0
152Sally THAUVETTEFemales in Training (FIT)0
153Kelera SIGABALAVUShellharbour Mariners0
154Cal COTTERTomaree Tridents 0
155Bel FONGBalmoral Purple Thunder0
156Emily CRUMPKiama Coasters0
157Kiera BATTENBondi Brats0
158Elizabeth LOWEFemales in Training (FIT)0
159Petronas MACROUNASCoogee Comets0
160Nicola HUTCHINSONBalmoral Purple Thunder0
161Amy LOXLEYKiama Coasters0
162Laure LEGROSBondi Brats0
163Susan DANIELLFemales in Training (FIT)0
164Tsumi SMITHCoogee Comets0
165Ingrid MCPHEEBalmoral Purple Thunder0
166Peter MACPHERSONKiama Coasters0
167Allegra MCGIVERNBondi Brats0
168Jillian WISBEYFemales in Training (FIT)0
169Rommel MANGULABNANWS FilOz Eagles0
170Tom HOLLANDBalmoral Purple Thunder0
171Peter PIKEKiama Coasters0
172Larissa STANLEYBondi Brats0
173Wayne READFortitude 0
174Nicholas TERRANOVAHills Red Army0
175Quentin SCHNEIDERBalmoral Purple Thunder0
176Rod SLOANEKiama Coasters0
177Peter HARRISBondi Brats0
178Karen LARMOURPanthers of Penrith0
179Jarrod OSBORNEJT Multisport0
180Rebecca WRIGHTHills Red Army0
181Seamus FINGLETONBalmoral Purple Thunder0
182James PEPPERKiama Coasters0
183Hannah JEFFERSONBondi Brats0
184Jake BRUNTPanthers of Penrith0
185Myles WOODJT Multisport0
186Vanessa WALLACEWarringah Waves0
187David FELLBalmoral Purple Thunder0
188Lloyd EGANKiama Coasters0
189Daniel BROOKSBondi Brats0
190Berto PANDOLFOBalance Bolt0
191Oscar STARMERJT Multisport0
192Barbara HILLNS Mighty Mites0
193Bonnie PERRISWarringah Waves0
194Gerald RENTONBalmoral Purple Thunder0
195Alan ONIONSKiama Coasters0
196Megan ROBERTSBondi Brats0
197John HAMILTONConcord TC0
198Andrew WALTONJT Multisport0
199Ryan WILLIAMSPanthers of Penrith0
200Bevo BEVANBondi Brats0
201Kirrilee MCMANUSHighlands Shaggy Cows0
202Marnie BUCKLEYTweed Valley Volcanoes0
203Freya RIDDELBondi Brats0
204Blake WOOSTERJT Multisport0
205Ryan WILLIAMSPanthers of Penrith0
206Taso FRANTZISBondi Brats0
207Colleen ERINGAHighlands Shaggy Cows0
208Sara REYNOLDSTweed Valley Volcanoes0
209Daniel DIMOCKBondi Brats0
210Matthew MILLIKINJT Multisport0
211Sarah MCCONELLPanthers of Penrith0
212Helen HUTCHINSONWarringah Waves0
213Keith NICOLLEBondi Brats0
214Matthew SMITHHighlands Shaggy Cows0
215Tania PENROSETweed Valley Volcanoes0
216Felix OATESBondi Brats0
217Sophie CHUDLEYBalmoral Purple Thunder0
218Doug WYNNJT Multisport0
219Anna LAWLERSydney Giants (STG)0
220Laura HARRISCoogee Comets0
221Daniel WELLSJervis Bay Dolphins0
222Chris GOUDKAMPTweed Valley Volcanoes0
223Damian WONGConcord TC0
224Briarna MCPHEEBalmoral Purple Thunder0
225James TUGGEYJT Multisport0
226Buzz MCKENZIESydney Giants (STG)0
227Loren LANECoogee Comets0
228Justin FIELDJervis Bay Dolphins0
229Elsiha DE JONGETweed Valley Volcanoes0
230Helena MALINOWSKAConcord TC0
231Geoff BARTLETTJT Multisport0
232Leigh LAVERYSydney Giants (STG)0
233Emma JACKSONCoogee Comets0
234Darryl CALLAGHANJervis Bay Dolphins0
235Joan GIBBONSTweed Valley Volcanoes0
236Melissa EVERITTConcord TC0
237Shelby HOODCronulla Sharks0
238Robert MOOREJT Multisport0
239Michael COMBSSydney Giants (STG)0
240Carmine ESPOSITOCoogee Comets0
241Nash HAYJervis Bay Dolphins0
242Brian ELVERYClarence Valley Stingrays0
243John MAGUIREConcord TC0
244Emir MUJCINOVICHills Red Army0
245John CARTWRIGHTJT Multisport0
246Oscar OLSONSydney Giants (STG)0
247Charles LEGGETTCoogee Comets0
248Tracey EMERTONJervis Bay Dolphins0
249Rhys FISCHERClarence Valley Stingrays0
250Ian MILLSConcord TC0
251Harry STANCICHills Red Army0
252Ashleigh LAWSONJT Multisport0
253Michael FLANNAGANMacarthur0
254Claire CRENNANEastern Suburbs Swans0
255Joanne PLOSZCZYNIECJervis Bay Dolphins0
256Caroline ENGLISHWarringah Waves0
257Jack MCLAUGHLINCoffs Harbour Rockets0
258Stuart LE MOTTEEConcord TC0
259Grace HOITINKJT Multisport0
260Tsumi SMITHEastern Suburbs Swans0
261Tanya FRASERShellharbour Mariners0
262Georgia ENSBEYCoffs Harbour Rockets0
263Peter BARNESConcord TC0
264Kate KIELYWarringah Waves0
265Alexandra APSEJT Multisport0
266Jack REENBathurst Wallabies0
267Carly BULLNS Mighty Mites0
268Mark DABROSShellharbour Mariners0
269Lachlan MARLECoffs Harbour Rockets0
270Gregory LEAMONCoogee Comets0
271Will JACKAWarringah Waves0
272Suzie HOITINKJT Multisport0
273Jonathan FORRESTNS Mighty Mites0
274Tony FRASERShellharbour Mariners0
275Will GLASSONByron Breakers0
276Lisa MCEVOYCoogee Comets0
277Ian BLAIKLOCKWarringah Waves0
278Leeanne TENNANTJT Multisport0
279Steve ELLISSydney Giants (STG)0
280Harry FRASERShellharbour Mariners0
281Peter CLARKEByron Breakers0
282Lianne KOINISCoogee Comets0
283Natasha PAINEWarringah Waves0
285Daniel X JAMESSydney Giants (STG)0
286Zac PETERSJervis Bay Dolphins0
287Nerida CLARKEByron Breakers0
288Nick GLOZIERCoogee Comets0
289Sharyn NICHOLSWarringah Waves0
291Sharon WALTERS-0
292Zoe PEDASHENKOT4 North Bondi Tritans0
293Zara CASEYShellharbour Mariners0
294Diana FOLEYBallina Seahorses0
295Ralph MOBBSCoogee Comets0
296Cassie SPENCERWarringah Waves0
298Nicki WASHBURN-0
299Stephanie HILLWarringah Waves0
300Zara JOBSONShellharbour Mariners0
301John WICKHAMBallina Seahorses0
302Wissam SALAMACoogee Comets0
303Linda BUSHELLWarringah Waves0
305Kristie WatersWarringah Waves0
306Emily WASHBROOKWarringah Waves0
307Anne BISWASShellharbour Mariners0
308Ben HARTLEYKiama Coasters0
309Julia WARNINGCoogee Comets0
310Ryan MASONWarringah Waves0
311Callum MCCLUSKYT3C0
312Jaqueline DUNLOPMudgee Red Devils0
313Jennifer DAVIES-0
314Nicole WARDWarringah Waves0
315Megan CASEYShellharbour Mariners0
316Rodney LOXLEYKiama Coasters0
317Beth SIGNALCoogee Comets0
318Chris RYANWarringah Waves0
319Patrick SUTHERNT3C0
320Lauren CARRMudgee Red Devils0
321Ann KEOGH-0
322Phoebe FEARWarringah Waves0
323Glenn DANIELSShellharbour Mariners0
324Aaron MurphyKiama Coasters0
325Tom KEARNSCoogee Comets0
326David PEEDOMT3C0
327Lauren REEDMudgee Red Devils0
328Stephen GRAY-0
329John KETELBEYWarringah Waves0
330Richard COOKIllawarra Cannons0
331Charlie WHEATLEYKiama Coasters0
332Paige HURSTCronulla Sharks0
334Nicholas KATSILIS-0
335Ian KennedyWarringah Waves0
336Courtney THURGARIllawarra Cannons0
337Matt LEWISJervis Bay Dolphins0
338Emma COSTINCronulla Sharks0
340Annika INGWERSEN-0
341Graeme BEATTIE (HH)Hat Head Hammerheads0
342Ben BELLIllawarra Cannons0
343Angela EVESBalmoral Purple Thunder0
344Kaitlin POPECronulla Sharks0
345Jessica BIDDLET3C0
346Joshua MERCHANT-0
347Joshua ENGELIllawarra Cannons0
348Lee BRETTBalmoral Purple Thunder0
349Zane GALEACronulla Sharks0
350Petra LEANCanberra Bilbys0
351David HUNTEROrange Piranhas0
352Grant QUICK-0
353Brodie TALBOTIllawarra Cannons0
354Jessica HENDERSONBalmoral Purple Thunder0
355Mel CLEARYNS Mighty Mites0
356Adam STROUDCronulla Sharks0
357Robert HURMANVikings0
358Joseph RUSSELLOrange Piranhas0
359Michelle ARNOLD-0
360Angus WADDELLIllawarra Cannons0
361Karen GOOCHSydney Giants (STG)0
362Gavin MORTLOCKWarringah Waves0
363Paul BEAUMONTIllawarra Cannons0
364Benoit GLAYRECronulla Sharks0
365Richard PERRYVikings0
366Olivia KITEOrange Piranhas0
367Daniel LOUW-0
368Jeff TONGAustralian Chinese Dragons0
369David WILESWarringah Waves0
370Ryan FLEMINGIllawarra Cannons0
371Will TAYLORCronulla Sharks0
372Geoff HAWKEVikings0
373Will ROBINSONOrange Piranhas0
374Adrian THEARLE-0
375Peter ROOPEIllawarra Cannons0
376Brad DOLBELCoogee Comets0
377Angela SANDERSONWarringah Waves0
378Lucy CLIFFIllawarra Cannons0
379Emanuele PLACUZZICronulla Sharks0
380Brett HAUSSMANNVikings0
381Simon LUNOrange Piranhas0
383Ross SCHUBACKIllawarra Cannons0
384Rob HOWITTWarringah Waves0
385Alex POZZERIllawarra Cannons0
386Keeley GAMBLECronulla Sharks0
387Megan HAYLOCKVikings0
388Steve MIDDLETON-0
389Col STEELEIllawarra Cannons0
390Paul HANNELLBalmoral Purple Thunder0
391Scott JOBSONShellharbour Mariners0
392Jeffrey DAVISCronulla Sharks0
393Nigel WINESVikings0
394Fiona COWAN-0
395Mitchell BLACKBOURNIllawarra Cannons0
396Tamara CHAPMANBalmoral Purple Thunder0
397Robert DUFFYJervis Bay Dolphins0
398Mina BASSILIOUSCronulla Sharks0
399Karen DANIELSFortitude 0
400Amanda ROBINSONBathurst Wallabies0
401Barton CHAMPNESS-0
402Matthew BUDGENIllawarra Cannons0
403Jose HERNANDEZ MARTINEZBalmoral Purple Thunder0
404Mandy MEREDITHJervis Bay Dolphins0
405Thierry MASQUILLIERCronulla Sharks0
406Sonia WORSLEYJT Multisport0
407Belinda SMITHBathurst Wallabies0
408Kellie THOMPSON-0
409Deklan CAMPBELLIllawarra Cannons0
410Sinead TWOMEYEastern Suburbs Swans0
411Darren POTTERCronulla Sharks0
412Maggie WELFARET3C0
413Catherine WESTBathurst Wallabies0
414Juliet CRAWFORDBalance Bolt0
415Steve FISHERBallina Seahorses0
416Alexis BELLIllawarra Cannons0
417Tim LINDOPEastern Suburbs Swans0
418Mairead KAVANAGHCronulla Sharks0
419Craig SMITHBathurst Wallabies0
420Eunice STIBOY-0
421David CROSBYBallina Seahorses0
422Skye BELLIllawarra Cannons0
423Nik HOWEByron Breakers0
424Brendan KRONEBondi Brats0
425Eric THURSTONCronulla Sharks0
426Emily BENNETTBathurst Wallabies0
427Joshua WIGGINSBallina Seahorses0
428Melanie SILVESTERCoffs Harbour Rockets0
429Gavin BILESSydney Giants (STG)0
430Cameron SLACK-SMITHBallina Seahorses0
431Emma INGRAMCronulla Sharks0
432Jennifer ARNOLDBathurst Wallabies0
433Lee THOMASBallina Seahorses0
434Lauren MYERSIllawarra Cannons0
435Julie DARLOWCoffs Harbour Rockets0
436Zsuzsa ZABORSZKYSydney Giants (STG)0
437Bryson AZZOPARDIHat Head Hammerheads0
438Karen MALZARDEastern Suburbs Swans0
439Callum BURGEIllawarra Cannons0
440Philip COOKBallina Seahorses0
441Stephen BUDGENIllawarra Cannons0
442Janine WATSONCoffs Harbour Rockets0
443Luke SCHOFIELDRozelle Pulse0
444Ducnan ANDREWSByron Breakers0
445Simon HATLEEEastern Suburbs Swans0
446Alan FOLEYBallina Seahorses0
447Jan ROONEYCoffs Harbour Rockets0
448Jayden SCHOFIELDRozelle Pulse0
449Giulia SCURRIAByron Breakers0
450Leigh GILBERT0
451Keryn BOWDENKiama Coasters0
452Steven GASBARRONEBallina Seahorses0
453Dave BLANDFORDCoffs Harbour Rockets0
454Richard SCOLYERRozelle Pulse0
455Danny ROSSIByron Breakers0
456Amelia ALEXANDERKiama Coasters0
457Rebecca CAMPBELLCentral Coast Maddoggers0
458Ron SimpsonKiama Coasters0
459David LOVELLClarence Valley Stingrays0
460Craig BUSBYCoffs Harbour Rockets0
461Nathan HALLKiama Coasters0
462Sharon LANE0
463Chantal MARECentral Coast Maddoggers0
464Sonny ETTRIDGEKiama Coasters0
465Henk SCHOLTZBallina Seahorses0
466Susan GORDONKiama Coasters0
467Denis JEFFCoffs Harbour Rockets0
468Benjamin BURRIDGECoffs Harbour Rockets0
469Cameron HESFORDShellharbour Mariners0
470Dane LAMB0
471Andrew MILDRENCentral Coast Maddoggers0
472Mark ETTRIDGEKiama Coasters0
473Shane FLANNERYBallina Seahorses0
474Mel HUENDERKiama Coasters0
475Michelle CLARKECoffs Harbour Rockets0
476Deon KIRSTEINCoffs Harbour Rockets0
477Susan HAWLEYKiama Coasters0
478Gregory BURFORDHills Red Army0
479Rachel TRITTONCentral Coast Maddoggers0
480Kim CHURCHILLBallina Seahorses0
481Liam HINCHCLIFFEHighlands Shaggy Cows0
482Pim HEANEYCoffs Harbour Rockets0
483Adam CROSSCoffs Harbour Rockets0
484Emma WRIGHTKiama Coasters0
485Matthew DE POMEROYHills Red Army0
486Logan PUGSLEYCentral Coast Maddoggers0
487Georgina DAVISBallina Seahorses0
488Matthew HEARDHighlands Shaggy Cows0
489Tina BENOITCoffs Harbour Rockets0
490Jason LIMBERTCoffs Harbour Rockets0
491Lucy KODERKiama Coasters0
492Ella-Kate HUSSEINHills Red Army0
493Chris SMITHCentral Coast Maddoggers0
494Annie WHITTONBallina Seahorses0
495Brian PEADONJervis Bay Dolphins0
496Tom HANDELCoffs Harbour Rockets0
497Kerrelie ATKINSHills Red Army0
498Brad HENRYCoffs Harbour Rockets0
499Tamara SHIRVINGTONJervis Bay Dolphins0
500Sarah DICKSONHills Red Army0
501Kealey PUGSLEYCentral Coast Maddoggers0
502Michael WOODMANCentral Coast Maddoggers0
503Millie COOKEBallina Seahorses0
504Freya ROBINSON-MILLSJervis Bay Dolphins0
505Phil HESSArmidale Armidillos0
506Michael BRENNANCoffs Harbour Rockets0
507Adam SHOREHills Red Army0
508Adam COXCoffs Harbour Rockets0
509Will BLESSINGJervis Bay Dolphins0
510Steven DALTONHills Red Army0
511Andrew MORRISONCentral Coast Maddoggers0
512Mitchell SCOTTCentral Coast Maddoggers0
513Wade DAVEYBallina Seahorses0
514Jackie LYONSJervis Bay Dolphins0
515Paul BILLINGSArmidale Armidillos0
516Lois OLIVERCoffs Harbour Rockets0
517Jonathon RAINEYHills Red Army0
518Bryan CRISPINClarence Valley Stingrays0
519Elisha BELLJervis Bay Dolphins0
520Steph GRAVESHills Red Army0
521Jean-Pierre MARECentral Coast Maddoggers0
522Allan HOFFMANMaitland Magic0
523Max MCGOVERNBallina Seahorses0
524Elisa KENNERLEYIllawarra Cannons0
525Hayden FREEMANArmidale Armidillos0
526Ian FERGUSONCoffs Harbour Rockets0
527Matt GODKINCronulla Sharks0
528Dave FLEMINGClarence Valley Stingrays0
529Reece BYRNEShellharbour Mariners0
530Mark STRATHERNHills Red Army0
531Mandy MATUSCHKACentral Coast Maddoggers0
532Catherine BENNMaitland Magic0
533John FULLERTONBallina Seahorses0
534Kye ROBINSONIllawarra Cannons0
535Jaqueline KINGArmidale Armidillos0
536Kate MARSDENCoffs Harbour Rockets0
537Jane DAVIESConcord TC0
538Paul GALLAGHERClarence Valley Stingrays0
539Steve BYRNEShellharbour Mariners0
540Tricia FINKBEINERHills Red Army0
541Ken KIRKCentral Coast Maddoggers0
542Sile CROWEJervis Bay Dolphins0
543Matthew HOLZMaitland Magic0
544Bradley HEARDBallina Seahorses0
545Ian KENNERLEYIllawarra Cannons0
546Heather NONHEBELArmidale Armidillos0
547Patricia O’LOUGHINCoffs Harbour Rockets0
548Denise WILSONBalance Bolt0
549Gemma DANEClarence Valley Stingrays0
550Ella SUNLEYShellharbour Mariners0
551Robert GORDONHills Red Army0
552Kim COOKCentral Coast Maddoggers0
553Megan KINGMaitland Magic0
554Nico VAN WYKBallina Seahorses0
555Eric VICKERYIllawarra Cannons0
556Christopher PEARSArmidale Armidillos0
557Colin WILLIAMSCoffs Harbour Rockets0
558Fiona MCDONALDBalance Bolt0
559Robert DANAHERClarence Valley Stingrays0
560Ben DORMERShellharbour Mariners0
561Kellie NETHERYHills Red Army0
562Suzanne CHANDLERCentral Coast Maddoggers0
563Ryan EVANSMaitland Magic0
564Jason TRISLEYByron Breakers0
565Erin HARGRAVEIllawarra Cannons0
566Robert HERDArmidale Armidillos0
567Haylee FULLERCoffs Harbour Rockets0
568Ron SIMPSONPanthers of Penrith0
569Harriet IRVINGClarence Valley Stingrays0
570Aaron TAYLORShellharbour Mariners0
571Billy ZAVETSANOSHills Red Army0
572Margaret BEARDSLEECentral Coast Maddoggers0
573Tony GADDMaitland Magic0
574Brooklyn HENRYJervis Bay Dolphins0
575Jess MCDONALDTamworth Tigers0
576Sue SWINDONCoffs Harbour Rockets0
577Paul HALLPanthers of Penrith0
578Jess WALLClarence Valley Stingrays0
579Jenny BROWNShellharbour Mariners0
580Michelle BUSONNS Mighty Mites0
581Aaron EICHNERForster Breakers0
582Troy RIDGLEYMaitland Magic0
583Alan ROWEByron Breakers0
584David SULLIVANBrighton Polar Bears0
585Reiner MANGULABNANShellharbour Mariners0
586David HATHWAYTamworth Tigers0
587Charles STOCKTONCoffs Harbour Rockets0
588Georgia LONGHills Red Army0
589Rebecca ARBERIllawarra Cannons0
590Jana KAPRNS Mighty Mites0
591Monique KUSSEForster Breakers0
592Xander SCHMITZMaitland Magic0
593Georgina INWOODByron Breakers0
594Francoise COIRIEREastern Suburbs Swans0
595Rebecca RYANShellharbour Mariners0
596Joey SULLIVANTamworth Tigers0
597Shannon O’HARACoffs Harbour Rockets0
598Toby BELLEWHills Red Army0
599Grace MAHONIllawarra Cannons0
600David KELLSNS Mighty Mites0
601Kate DRURYForster Breakers0
602Ben MORGANNewcastle Nitros0
603Jay ADAMSClarence Valley Stingrays0
604James TREVORROWCoogee Comets0
605Steve POWELLCoogee Comets0
606Michael FARROWTamworth Tigers0
607Fiona OMEARACoffs Harbour Rockets0
608Ian MACLEODHills Red Army0
609Kate ARBERIllawarra Cannons0
610David KENTWELLPanthers of Penrith0
611Oliver BOUCHERMaitland Magic0
612Caine MATHIASNewcastle Nitros0
613Jason CULTONClarence Valley Stingrays0
614Edward VININGCoogee Comets0
615Andrew GIBIETISCoogee Comets0
616Gina DAVISTamworth Tigers0
617Melissa SHAWCoffs Harbour Rockets0
618Robert BARBERIllawarra Cannons0
619Lili ROTHPanthers of Penrith0
620Susan LAWLERNewcastle Nitros0
621Colin REYBURNNewcastle Nitros0
622Darren ADAMSClarence Valley Stingrays0
623Russell NEWMARCHCoogee Comets0
624Xuan CHENGAustralian Chinese Dragons0
625Daniel NASHTamworth Tigers0
626Pete TIMOTHYCoffs Harbour Rockets0
627Robert BENGEIllawarra Cannons0
628Michael CAPPADONAPanthers of Penrith0
629Jack CALDWELLPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
630Emmanuel GENLOTNewcastle Nitros0
631Veronica BAKERClarence Valley Stingrays0
632David CANNELLCoogee Comets0
633Eloise WATSONSydney Giants (STG)0
634Gergory HURCUMTamworth Tigers0
635Alison APPLETONPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
636Victoria HILLHills Red Army0
637Richard ALLENPanthers of Penrith0
638Nick SLATERPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
639Jessica MUNRONewcastle Nitros0
640Isaiah KOOPMANSCoffs Harbour Rockets0
641Grace MUSGROVECoogee Comets0
642Peter CRAIGT4 North Bondi Tritans0
643Kath LITTLETamworth Tigers0
644Greg BROOKSPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
645Matthew BELLPanthers of Penrith0
646Mark COLLINSPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
647Matthew MEISENHELTERNewcastle Nitros0
648Shaun BAYNDRIANCoffs Harbour Rockets0
649Naomi REYNOLDSCoogee Comets0
650Jack MCPHEEBalmoral Purple Thunder0
651Belinda CARRALLPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
652Leon SHARPPanthers of Penrith0
653Nicky WESTERNScone Stormers0
654Matthew WATSONNewcastle Nitros0
655Chris HODGECoffs Harbour Rockets0
656Sophie GROSSMANCoogee Comets0
657Joe SPRANGEBalmoral Purple Thunder0
658Jo MCGOLDRICKHat Head Hammerheads0
659David CARTERPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
660Emma WILLIAMSRozelle Pulse0
661Mick QUINNNewcastle Nitros0
662Luke JONESShellharbour Mariners0
663Matt MOFFATTCoffs Harbour Rockets0
664Peter WALDRONCoogee Comets0
665Lachlan STEVENSONBalmoral Purple Thunder0
666Stephen PARNELLHat Head Hammerheads0
667Belinda JOHNSONPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
668Mark INGWERSENRozelle Pulse0
669Bevan ERNSTTomaree Tridents 0
670Lleyton WALLPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
671Nelson SANTOSConcord TC0
672Michael SINGLETONCoffs Harbour Rockets0
673John WHOLLEYBondi Brats0
674David MORRISONBalmoral Purple Thunder0
675Kylie ROBINSONHat Head Hammerheads0
676Cassie PENSINIPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
677Emma OLSON-KEATINGRozelle Pulse0
678Sam RUSSELLTomaree Tridents 0
679Rachel PAMPLINPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
680Pierre JUILLARD-0
681Reuben VAN WYNGAARDTCoffs Harbour Rockets0
682Shaun ANDERSONBondi Brats0
683James BAKERHat Head Hammerheads0
684Brett WEICKPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
685James OLSEN-KEATINGRozelle Pulse0
686Courtney WEVERSTomaree Tridents 0
687Alannah JAMESTomaree Tridents 0
688Jessica DURAND-0
689Alira BAYNDRIANCoffs Harbour Rockets0
690Eline SMITBondi Brats0
691Peter FLETCHERHat Head Hammerheads0
692Nicolas BARBALANBondi Brats0
693Sebastian HOPPETomaree Tridents 0
694Alicia REEDTomaree Tridents 0
695Tracy SINGLETONCoffs Harbour Rockets0
696Kate ROWEBondi Brats0
697Claire O’MEARAByron Breakers0
698Alex TREGLOWNSydney Giants (STG)0
699Jake RUSSELLTomaree Tridents 0
700Benjamin RAUNDERTomaree Tridents 0
701Alicia MCCULLOCHCronulla Sharks0
702Michelle MCBURNEYCoffs Harbour Rockets0
703George MILLERSydney Giants (STG)0
704Tim FORDBalance Bolt0
705David REYNOLDSCoffs Harbour Rockets0
706Nathan MILLERIllawarra Cannons0
707Jonathon GOERLACHSydney Giants (STG)0
708Ben RUSSELLTomaree Tridents 0
709Danny JAMESTomaree Tridents 0
710Maree DOBLE-0
711Phil BENOITCoffs Harbour Rockets0
712Luke JAMESSydney Giants (STG)0
713Ian HOWCHINCoffs Harbour Rockets0
714David BADETSydney Giants (STG)0
715Terry WITHERSTomaree Tridents 0
716Fiona REMMINGTONTomaree Tridents 0
717Jake HUMMERSTONCronulla Sharks0
718Michael YLINENCoffs Harbour Rockets0
719Dima POSTNIKOVSydney Giants (STG)0
720Domininc MARSHALLConcord TC0
721Anne GRUNDYCoffs Harbour Rockets0
722Jaquie TYEShellharbour Mariners0
723James GLAVESSydney Giants (STG)0
724Casey PRESTONNewcastle Nitros0
725Graeme CHAMBERLAINTomaree Tridents 0
726Toby HUMMERSTONCronulla Sharks0
727Andrew KIRBYHat Head Hammerheads0
728Michael BARNFIELDSydney Giants (STG)0
729Brent RUSSOCoffs Harbour Rockets0
730Luke HECKENBERGShellharbour Mariners0
731George STIRLANDSydney Giants (STG)0
732Chloe HARTNETTNewcastle Nitros0
733Leesa BREADYTomaree Tridents 0
734James KNIGHTCronulla Sharks0
735Madison SINCLAIRHat Head Hammerheads0
736Cassie DONOVANSydney Giants (STG)0
737Marcello ROSSICronulla Sharks0
738Stephen BOYDCoffs Harbour Rockets0
739Ben MOOREJervis Bay Dolphins0
740Grace WOLYNCEWICZSydney Giants (STG)0
741Rebecca PARKESNewcastle Nitros0
742David O’KEEFEADF - ACT0
743Matthew CLARKSONTomaree Tridents 0
744David MCEWANHills Red Army0
745Rebecca KINGSHat Head Hammerheads0
746Leon PETROHELOSCoffs Harbour Rockets0
747Kim WATERHOUSEJervis Bay Dolphins0
748Sarah WINGROVECoogee Comets0
749Shelley MAXWELL-SMITHSydney Giants (STG)0
750Jessica BACKESNewcastle Nitros0
751Peter CLARKTomaree Tridents 0
752Rachel KNELLWOLFHills Red Army0
753Anne KIRKWOODHat Head Hammerheads0
754Sara BURNSBalmoral Purple Thunder0
755Michelle PEACECronulla Sharks0
756Kristen NASHCoffs Harbour Rockets0
757Jessica ROSSKELLYJervis Bay Dolphins0
758Joseph ROBINSONCoogee Comets0
759Tracy LAUSydney Giants (STG)0
760Lisa MONAGHANNewcastle Nitros0
761Samantha BOWDENKiama Coasters0
762Tom ROBERTSTomaree Tridents 0
763David JAFFEHills Red Army0
764Paulene KIRBYHat Head Hammerheads0
765Guy ROBERTSONBalmoral Purple Thunder0
766Nicholas O’BRIENClarence Valley Stingrays0
767Kendall MCMASTERJervis Bay Dolphins0
768Jack JONESBalmoral Purple Thunder0
769Dean ORMSTONSydney Giants (STG)0
770Jessica PURBRICKNewcastle Nitros0
771Natalie MORTJervis Bay Dolphins0
772Emily JAMGOTCHIANHills Red Army0
773Chris CLELANDBalmoral Purple Thunder0
774Chris BARCLAYHawkesbury Hawks0
775Paul BEWSClarence Valley Stingrays0
776Nathan FRIEDMANArmidale Armidillos0
777Gray PARKESJervis Bay Dolphins0
778Morenna BURNBalmoral Purple Thunder0
779Danny O’DONOVANSydney Giants (STG)0
780Jett CAMPBELLNewcastle Nitros0
781David PARLEJervis Bay Dolphins0
782Helen MCARTHURHills Red Army0
783Teagan BETTERIDGEBalmoral Purple Thunder0
784Luke TEMPLEPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
785Sheree FRIEDMANArmidale Armidillos0
786Scott RANKINJervis Bay Dolphins0
787Paul LINTONBalmoral Purple Thunder0
788Murray ROBERTSONSydney Giants (STG)0
789Emily LEWISNewcastle Nitros0
790Chris STUBBSJervis Bay Dolphins0
791Dugald SPENCELEYHills Red Army0
792Amanda DAFFASBalmoral Purple Thunder0
793Adam DICKSONHills Red Army0
794Jamie VOGELEPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
795Andrew GAHANArmidale Armidillos0
796Haydn JERVISJervis Bay Dolphins0
797Sandra GALLOWarringah Waves0
798Jack HAMBLETONSydney Giants (STG)0
799Greg BROADLEYNewcastle Nitros0
800Brett CAMMJervis Bay Dolphins0
801Neil MATTHEWSHills Red Army0
802Bridget FELLBalmoral Purple Thunder0
803Chris PELLPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
804Michael VAN DER GRAAFTamworth Tigers0
805Brenton COLEEurocoast Nomads0
806Grace KELLSNS Mighty Mites0
807Andrew DISLEYSydney Giants (STG)0
808David SMITHNewcastle Nitros0
809Daniel NICHOLLSIllawarra Cannons0
810Malcolm RAMSAYHills Red Army0
811Madeleine SKINNERBalmoral Purple Thunder0
812Megan JOHNSONHills Red Army0
813Darlene CHENEYPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
814Peter LOVERIDGEGunnedah K-Bears0
815Simon FITZGERALDEurocoast Nomads0
816Scott WILSONBalance Bolt0
817Harry SMITHT4 North Bondi Tritans0
818Craig LEGGETTNewcastle Nitros0
819Paul FISHERHills Red Army0
820Victoria SYMESBalmoral Purple Thunder0
821Georgia ABBEYPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
822Emma MCCINNESClarence Valley Stingrays0
823Benjamin GAFFEYKiama Coasters0
824Lauren CHRISTIEBalance Bolt0
825Martyn LINDBOMMacarthur0
826Dennis PARKERNewcastle Nitros0
827David BARNESHills Red Army0
828Nigel PLAYLEWarringah Waves0
829Brett O’LEARYHills Red Army0
830Lindsey MOLLERPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
831Sally POOLEMoree Mongooses0
832Gary GORDONKiama Coasters0
833Guy DAVIESConcord TC0
834Greg MILBURNMacarthur0
835Andre BREMMERNewcastle Nitros0
836Hannah MOLONEYHills Red Army0
837Darren INGRAMWarringah Waves0
838Chris ALEXOPOULOSPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
839Nathan GUNDLACHKiama Coasters0
840Lyn GRUNDYConcord TC0
841Liam DUVALMacarthur0
842Michael RANDNewcastle Nitros0
843Bernie WILKINSONCowra Cobras0
844Matthew PLOHLHills Red Army0
845Gary TALLWarringah Waves0
846Glenn WALKERHills Red Army0
847Carolyn HAMILTONPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
848Nate CHELLEWKiama Coasters0
849Gareth BUTLERWarringah Waves0
850Daron COPENewcastle Nitros0
851Peter GRAHAMDubbo Hippos0
852Alan WHITMOREHills Red Army0
853Emily KEMPSONWarringah Waves0
854Tomslin SAMME-NLARHills Red Army0
855Peta ALEXOPOULOSPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
856Ali FITCHWarringah Waves0
857Tim COTTERNewcastle Nitros0
858Anja DALLYOrange Piranhas0
859Olivia FRYHills Red Army0
860Karen INGRAMWarringah Waves0
861Magnus LINDERHills Red Army0
862Kate PENSINIPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
863Graham BRUCEWarringah Waves0
864Craig GARDINERNewcastle Nitros0
865Cieron JONESOrange Piranhas0
866Julie-Anne ROCHEHills Red Army0
867Corey DUKENS Mighty Mites0
868Jody MARSONPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
869Connor WHITELEYRozelle Pulse0
870Victoria BRAITHWAITEWarringah Waves0
871Marty HENRYNewcastle Nitros0
872Geoff CHILDSOrange Piranhas0
873Matthew PEARSONHills Red Army0
874Dereck DAYMONDNS Mighty Mites0
875David GERYHills Red Army0
876Tammy HOSKINGPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
877Chas MCALPINERozelle Pulse0
878Candice FALCONERBathurst Wallabies0
879Nicole BRUNTWarringah Waves0
880Chris HOWSONNewcastle Nitros0
881Luca TELFEROrange Piranhas0
882Paul MACFARLANEHills Red Army0
883Gavin MCGREGORNS Mighty Mites0
884Georgia TAYLORPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
885Thomas HAMILTONMacarthur0
886Miller RIVETTBathurst Wallabies0
887Logan CAMPBELLWarringah Waves0
888Alex LIMNewcastle Nitros0
889Emily MOLONEYHills Red Army0
890Kate MARSHALLNS Mighty Mites0
891Mark STEPHANByron Breakers0
892Tanya PORTOPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
893Casper LARKINHills Red Army0
894Natasha LINDSAYBathurst Wallabies0
895Esteban ZAPIOLAWarringah Waves0
896Samuel DODDSNewcastle Nitros0
897Lauren DREDGEBalance Bolt0
898Charlotte COLACOHills Red Army0
899Kristie CAPLIKASWS FilOz Eagles0
900Dylan WILLIAMSPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
901Mirah LARKINHills Red Army0
902Kerry MALONEYBathurst Wallabies0
903Sandra REIDWarringah Waves0
904Mark PARTRIDGENewcastle Nitros0
905Gabriel THIERLBEERBondi Brats0
906Tommy MORWOODHills Red Army0
907Ben BOYD (#2)Balmoral Purple Thunder0
908Janelle MOYLANPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
909Zane WATSONHills Red Army0
910Madhu TAMILARASANBathurst Wallabies0
911Sarah BRADYWarringah Waves0
912Jonathon ROBERTS-THOMSONNewcastle Nitros0
913John-Baptiste VUILLARDBondi Brats0
914Greg BAXTERHills Red Army0
915Julie HOWLEHills Red Army0
916Jody HOPKINSPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
917Lorraine GILCronulla Sharks0
918Shellie BURGESSBathurst Wallabies0
919Greg PRIDEWarringah Waves0
920Liam PRITCHARDNewcastle Nitros0
921Christopher WALKERBondi Brats0
922Darren BUSHHills Red Army0
923Lucas AUBalance Bolt0
924Bryce MORLEYHills Red Army0
925Patti TURNHAMPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
926Belinda SOSZYNCronulla Sharks0
927Luke GILMERBathurst Wallabies0
928Olivia LEONARDWarringah Waves0
929Will SMITHNewcastle Nitros0
930Sophie KNOTTConcord TC0
931Bryan PEARSONHills Red Army0
932Martin HESSEBalance Bolt0
933Leah SMITHHills Red Army0
934Karren TAYLORPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
935Heather MOSESCronulla Sharks0
936Carly SEWELLBathurst Wallabies0
937Sheridan BUTLERWarringah Waves0
938Wade VINCENTNewcastle Nitros0
939Don MCARTHURHills Red Army0
940Jane SHIELDSBalance Bolt0
941Robbie GLOVERHills Red Army0
942Rachael GOODWINPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
943Fran WALSHCronulla Sharks0
944David PORTERCowra Cobras0
945Carm GALLOWarringah Waves0
946Claire DEDDENNewcastle Nitros0
947Brayden GRAYPanthers of Penrith0
948Dave HOLTSBAUMHills Red Army0
949Penny RAFFAELEBalance Bolt0
950Daniel FORWOODHills Red Army0
951Tony GOLDENBondi Brats0
952Natalie FREDERICKCronulla Sharks0
953Jennifer EDGEDubbo Hippos0
954David WASHBROOKWarringah Waves0
955Rory SYMONDSMaitland Magic0
956Peter ECKERSLEYBallina Seahorses0
957Kieran ROCHESydney Giants (STG)0
958Timothy MOLESWORTHHills Red Army0
959Liz ROBINSONBalance Bolt0
960David ECKCoogee Comets0
961Lewis POTTERCronulla Sharks0
962Michael HOWLETTDubbo Hippos0
963Laura CAMERONWarringah Waves0
964Kari ARMITAGEMaitland Magic0
965Gracie RICHTERByron Breakers0
966Emer FLANNERYT4 North Bondi Tritans0
967Christopher WILSONConcord TC0
968Ed CONWAYHills Red Army0
969Hongwei GUAustralian Chinese Dragons0
970Stephanie BANISTERCoogee Comets0
971Suzanne GREENACRECronulla Sharks0
972Jenny BARNESMudgee Red Devils0
973Annabelle BURNSWarringah Waves0
974Grant CLACHERTYMaitland Magic0
975Joni KARONENByron Breakers0
976Steve NICHOLSWarringah Waves0
977Ben HILLLAPD Lightning 0
978Karim BAHRIConcord TC0
979Glenn HALLHills Red Army0
980Henry LIAustralian Chinese Dragons0
981Marie MORELATOCoogee Comets0
982Karen KNITTLCronulla Sharks0
983Hugh MCNAMARAMudgee Red Devils0
984Tamara MADDENWarringah Waves0
985Ben MAYTOMMaitland Magic0
986Leonie PEDRAZZINIByron Breakers0
987Megan TASLAMANWarringah Waves0
988Rachel EAGLESMacarthur0
989Lauren WILSONConcord TC0
990Mollie WALSHSydney Giants (STG)0
991Gary MAHERSydney Giants (STG)0
992Declan MCNERNEYCoogee Comets0
993Stephen PAPWORTHCronulla Sharks0
994Matthew LOWMudgee Red Devils0
995Brett HYLANDMaitland Magic0
996Liam O’GRADYByron Breakers0
997Mel WHEATLEYWarringah Waves0
998Cody TURNERMacarthur0
999Nathan BREENCronulla Sharks0
1000Dylan CLOUGHSydney Giants (STG)0
1001Nikki WALDRONCoogee Comets0
1002Gareth FULLERMudgee Red Devils0
1003Michelle BARNESMaitland Magic0
1004Nicholas ALESSIOByron Breakers0
1005Ainslie PAGEWarringah Waves0
1006Makenzie KAUTZMacarthur0
1007Torres KWOKCronulla Sharks0
1008Ivo NOLLHills Red Army0
1009Alexander KEHOESydney Giants (STG)0
1010Matthew PAYNECoogee Comets0
1011Rachel MCALISTERCronulla Sharks0
1012Kieran BENNETTSMudgee Red Devils0
1013Troy ATKINMaitland Magic0
1014Nicholas ENGERERByron Breakers0
1015Craig ODEWAHNMacarthur0
1016Ashley MOLLOYCronulla Sharks0
1017Dave LevettSydney Giants (STG)0
1018Victor SUMSKYCoogee Comets0
1019Jesse ADAMSBathurst Wallabies0
1020Shannon BOWEMaitland Magic0
1021Alina HILLCoffs Harbour Rockets0
1022Tim REEDBallina Seahorses0
1023Aimee CARLINPanthers of Penrith0
1024Dane HOLTCronulla Sharks0
1025Susan PACEHills Red Army0
1026Denise PEREIRASydney Giants (STG)0
1027Ellen WATERMANCoogee Comets0
1028Illana JONESBathurst Wallabies0
1029Chris FREEMANMudgee Red Devils0
1030Sherman CHENGConcord TC0
1031Brett BLAKEMaitland Magic0
1032Courtney CHALLINOR-0
1033Greg ALLANByron Breakers0
1034Carien ROSS (HELBERG)Panthers of Penrith0
1035Chris JOVCEVSKICronulla Sharks0
1036Jakki ARTUSCoogee Comets0
1037Anna BLACKIEBathurst Wallabies0
1038Kieran OSBORNEMudgee Red Devils0
1039Tom PRITCHARDWarringah Waves0
1040Angela APPSMaitland Magic0
1041Craig CUSAKCoffs Harbour Rockets0
1042Zvi AzimovByron Breakers0
1043Emma THOMPSONPanthers of Penrith0
1044Kirron DUNCANCronulla Sharks0
1045Gary PRESTONHills Red Army0
1046Kurt FRYERSydney Giants (STG)0
1047James STEWARTBondi Brats0
1048Donna SEAGEBathurst Wallabies0
1049Jackie O’HAREMudgee Red Devils0
1050Rebecca PONNUTHURAIWarringah Waves0
1051Joe STALLARDMaitland Magic0
1052Fiona BRYANT-SMITHCoffs Harbour Rockets0
1053Jodie AMORPanthers of Penrith0
1054Stuart FORDCronulla Sharks0
1055Trent CRAVENMacarthur0
1056Jason HAYDENBondi Brats0
1057Danielle PATTERSONBathurst Wallabies0
1058Halle POTTERMudgee Red Devils0
1059Anna ELLIOTWarringah Waves0
1060Kane BRADLEYMaitland Magic0
1061Zoe SNAPEClarence Valley Stingrays0
1062Nicole TZIAVARASPanthers of Penrith0
1063Mark PACEYCronulla Sharks0
1064Kelly PORTELLIHills Red Army0
1065Aleesah AUSTINMacarthur0
1066Peter ZEILICBondi Brats0
1067Jane BENNETTBathurst Wallabies0
1068Simon TRIGGSOrange Piranhas0
1069Laurene COLINWarringah Waves0
1070Scott SALMONMaitland Magic0
1071Keanu STAADERClarence Valley Stingrays0
1072Josh FERRISHills Red Army0
1073David BAIGENTCronulla Sharks0
1074Renee KENNEDYHills Red Army0
1075Fiona TAYLORMacarthur0
1076Robbie ZEILICBondi Brats0
1077Brigette EVANSBathurst Wallabies0
1078Petrina ALLENOrange Piranhas0
1079Caroline SHORTWarringah Waves0
1080Maisie EVANSMaitland Magic0
1081Jack MATTHEWSPanthers of Penrith0
1082Joy ZHENGAustralian Chinese Dragons0
1083John FULKERCronulla Sharks0
1084Chris JONESPanthers of Penrith0
1085Marc REBENAQUESydney Giants (STG)0
1086Fran GRADYBathurst Wallabies0
1087Hollee SIMONSBathurst Wallabies0
1088Katrina SMITHOrange Piranhas0
1089Richard JONESWarringah Waves0
1090Ara-Jane READINGMaitland Magic0
1091Gran ARMESSENCoffs Harbour Rockets0
1092Rob DRADYPanthers of Penrith0
1093Yanyan JIAAustralian Chinese Dragons0
1094Steven MACKAYCronulla Sharks0
1095Jodie HILLHills Red Army0
1096Mitchell WESTHUIZENBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1097Laura RAMSAYSydney Giants (STG)0
1098William KELLYBathurst Wallabies0
1099Michelle PATTONBathurst Wallabies0
1100Nick CARNEYOrange Piranhas0
1101Katherine HOPPINGWarringah Waves0
1102Tim MACKNEYMaitland Magic0
1103Joshua CHAPMANCoffs Harbour Rockets0
1104Tim POULTERGrafton Bull Sharks0
1105Michael SCHWEBELHills Red Army0
1106Oliver NICOLLEBondi Brats0
1107John MEACHAMCronulla Sharks0
1108Kristin MATEIKAHills Red Army0
1109Jack HAGGERTYHills Red Army0
1110Alex LARKMANSydney Giants (STG)0
1111Thomas HANRAHANBathurst Wallabies0
1112Chris HOWARTHBathurst Wallabies0
1113Samuel BAYADAOrange Piranhas0
1114Iacopo CARPENTIERIWarringah Waves0
1115Billy RAEMaitland Magic0
1116Paul O’DOHERTYBondi Brats0
1117Jasmin GREYCronulla Sharks0
1118Sara PIXLEYHills Red Army0
1119Jay KENNEDYEngadine Dingoes0
1120Jeffrey ZWOLSMANSydney Giants (STG)0
1121Richard BLACKIEBathurst Wallabies0
1122Gavin BORGBathurst Wallabies0
1123Molly MCCLOSKEYOrange Piranhas0
1124Cameron LAIRDWarringah Waves0
1125Jason FARRELLMaitland Magic0
1126Kathryn GIBNEYCoffs Harbour Rockets0
1127Xavier JUILLARDConcord TC0
1128Eduardo SKALSKI BILEKBondi Brats0
1129Sarah WILLETTSCronulla Sharks0
1130Jessica EDWARDSHills Red Army0
1131Rachel KENNEDYEngadine Dingoes0
1132Micthell HUBBLESydney Giants (STG)0
1133Jamie RIVETTBathurst Wallabies0
1134Barb HILLBathurst Wallabies0
1135Catherine BLOOMFIELDOrange Piranhas0
1136Keinyn GUSSEWarringah Waves0
1137Richard ROXINMaitland Magic0
1138Mark GRIFFITHSCoffs Harbour Rockets0
1139Jason DALEGrafton Bull Sharks0
1140Tom IRONSCoogee Comets0
1141Paula LITTLECronulla Sharks0
1142Toby CROUDSONRozelle Pulse0
1143Ellen TUDJMANEngadine Dingoes0
1144Mark CLOUGHSydney Giants (STG)0
1145Jeff SHORTBathurst Wallabies0
1146Rebecca O’CONNORBathurst Wallabies0
1147Max BLOOMFIELDOrange Piranhas0
1148Adam MORTONWarringah Waves0
1149Tim GREGORMaitland Magic0
1150Margaret ROBERTSCoffs Harbour Rockets0
1151Aaron RICHARDSONCoogee Comets0
1152Emma BUSSELLCronulla Sharks0
1153Lisa EISBACHERCronulla Sharks0
1154Sarah SARKOZYSydney Giants (STG)0
1155Danny WEALBathurst Wallabies0
1156Aaron BURGESSBathurst Wallabies0
1157Clare MANSFIELDOrange Piranhas0
1158Geoff MEERSWarringah Waves0
1159Matthew KEMSLEYMaitland Magic0
1160Paul HERRINGCoffs Harbour Rockets0
1161Rod FARRERHat Head Hammerheads0
1162Mark HUBERConcord TC0
1163Alex SWEENEYEastern Suburbs Swans0
1164Erica GALEACronulla Sharks0
1165Chris WARINGPanthers of Penrith0
1166Joanne WATSONCronulla Sharks0
1167Ashley MITCHELLT4 North Bondi Tritans0
1168Luke PATTERSONBathurst Wallabies0
1169Mark WINDSORBathurst Wallabies0
1170Emily PALMEROrange Piranhas0
1171Frederik DAMASWarringah Waves0
1172Michaelie SCHWEINBERGERMaitland Magic0
1173Peter ROBERTSCoffs Harbour Rockets0
1174Gary WARDHat Head Hammerheads0
1175Tony WILLIAMSPanthers of Penrith0
1176Sam DOUGLASSydney Giants (STG)0
1177Ellen GLENNANCronulla Sharks0
1178Jacky WATSONPanthers of Penrith0
1179Tim ATKINCronulla Sharks0
1180James KELLYBathurst Wallabies0
1181Kate PRIORBathurst Wallabies0
1182Graham LATTAWarringah Waves0
1183Pete HODGSONMaitland Magic0
1184Simone QUINNCoffs Harbour Rockets0
1185Tom BILLSSydney Giants (STG)0
1186Jennifer LEONARDCronulla Sharks0
1187David HINEMacarthur0
1188Megan BARKERCronulla Sharks0
1189Pip PRESSBathurst Wallabies0
1190Elisabeth VICKERYWarringah Waves0
1191Brad MERCHANTMaitland Magic0
1192Stephanie CHAPMANCoffs Harbour Rockets0
1193Cathy VERRYSydney Giants (STG)0
1194Jennifer MCDONALDCronulla Sharks0
1195Victor CORREARozelle Pulse0
1196Tonette FUNGCronulla Sharks0
1197Laurent DOYENWarringah Waves0
1198Melissa MERTENSDubbo Hippos0
1199Tania PRINGLEBathurst Wallabies0
1200Alex VICKERYWarringah Waves0
1201Steffen DURIEMaitland Magic0
1202Thomas MALEYCoffs Harbour Rockets0
1203Aimee CLARKEBalance Bolt0
1204Katherine LUKEYSydney Giants (STG)0
1205Julianne SHARANCronulla Sharks0
1206Robert OWENSCronulla Sharks0
1207Michael CRAWFORDWarringah Waves0
1208Timothy MILLERBathurst Wallabies0
1209Penelope BERENTSWarringah Waves0
1210Emma STALLARDMaitland Magic0
1211Jack MURPHYClarence Valley Stingrays0
1212Alex NIXONSydney Giants (STG)0
1213Pam TURPINCronulla Sharks0
1214Anthony ROBERTSONCronulla Sharks0
1215Luke WALKERWarringah Waves0
1216Daniel ROBERTSDubbo Hippos0
1217Chris GRADYBathurst Wallabies0
1218Chelsea MADDENWarringah Waves0
1219Josh HOCKLEYLake Macquarie Triple Threats0
1220Tammy OWENSClarence Valley Stingrays0
1221Kylie DONNELLANBalance Bolt0
1222Tony GOLDENBondi Brats0
1223Bronwyn WOODCronulla Sharks0
1224Kevin MARGETSONCronulla Sharks0
1225Chris GRENVOLDWarringah Waves0
1226Ian CRAFTERDubbo Hippos0
1227Darren FENTONBathurst Wallabies0
1228Alexander GOOCHWarringah Waves0
1229Robert MELLORForster Breakers0
1230Ben JOHNSONHat Head Hammerheads0
1231Hannah MCLEANBalance Bolt0
1232William COOPERCronulla Sharks0
1233Rolf BEHRENSCronulla Sharks0
1234Jenny GILBERTWarringah Waves0
1235Sian POTTERMudgee Red Devils0
1236Jack REENHills Red Army0
1237Nathan STEWARTCentral Coast Maddoggers0
1238Dugald RUSSELLHat Head Hammerheads0
1239Michael DONNELLANBalance Bolt0
1240Bernadette CARROLLHills Red Army0
1241Kevin ROBERTSONCronulla Sharks0
1242Geoff THORSENWarringah Waves0
1243Jamie TAYLORMudgee Red Devils0
1244Josh STAPLEYBathurst Wallabies0
1245David WEBBCentral Coast Maddoggers0
1246Helen FEDOROFFHat Head Hammerheads0
1247Thales DA SILVA SOUZABondi Brats0
1248Ingrid HOBSONHills Red Army0
1249Deborah DAVIDSONCronulla Sharks0
1250John HOOKWarringah Waves0
1251Witold KRAJEWSKIIllawarra Cannons0
1252Giselle DENLEYMudgee Red Devils0
1253Nick NORTHBathurst Wallabies0
1254Sandra SCOTTCentral Coast Maddoggers0
1255Jules MACKINHat Head Hammerheads0
1256Diogo SANTOSBondi Brats0
1257Madison HAYWARDHills Red Army0
1258Josh WOOLDRIDGESydney Giants (STG)0
1259Mark HERDMANWarringah Waves0
1260Ben MARLOWIllawarra Cannons0
1261Rebecca GEORGEMudgee Red Devils0
1262Richard HOBSONBathurst Wallabies0
1263Paul PASSMANCentral Coast Maddoggers0
1264Matthew STARLINGHat Head Hammerheads0
1265Scott HAYWARDHills Red Army0
1266Sarah BROWNCronulla Sharks0
1267Sarah DEUCHRASSWarringah Waves0
1268Damian RYANShellharbour Mariners0
1269Narelle QUINNMudgee Red Devils0
1270John SULLIVANCowra Cobras0
1271Sean SOUTHWOODBallina Seahorses0
1272Cassandra MCNAMARACentral Coast Maddoggers0
1273Nadina WALKERHat Head Hammerheads0
1274Jason HOWIEHills Red Army0
1275Ella BURTONCronulla Sharks0
1276Mathlide BATALLIERWarringah Waves0
1277Ron LAKEShellharbour Mariners0
1278Tracy KASTELEINMudgee Red Devils0
1279Glen HUDSONCowra Cobras0
1280Glen CURTISBallina Seahorses0
1281Joshua CLARKSONCentral Coast Maddoggers0
1282Anthony SINCLAIRGrafton Bull Sharks0
1283Kye FARRIERHills Red Army0
1284Scott MACHINConcord TC0
1285Brian BLACKWarringah Waves0
1286Rod ROSEJervis Bay Dolphins0
1287Anthea NICHOLLSMudgee Red Devils0
1288Rielly COLLINSCowra Cobras0
1289Daniel WILLSByron Breakers0
1290Siobhan CLARKSONCentral Coast Maddoggers0
1291Roxy JACOBGrafton Bull Sharks0
1292Belinda SKYRINGPanthers of Penrith0
1293Peter MCLEANWarringah Waves0
1294Sue STRANDJervis Bay Dolphins0
1295Ronda GAINSFORDMudgee Red Devils0
1296Mark FISHERCowra Cobras0
1297Tim WALLERByron Breakers0
1298Tim LANGCentral Coast Maddoggers0
1299Henry SHEEHANGrafton Bull Sharks0
1300Jean KING-SMITHPanthers of Penrith0
1301Enrique PEREZConcord TC0
1302Tate RICHARDSWarringah Waves0
1303Nicolas MILNERHighlands Shaggy Cows0
1304Campbell WALLMudgee Red Devils0
1305Bryce FOLEYDubbo Hippos0
1306Sandra KILLENByron Breakers0
1307Tim MCDONALDCentral Coast Maddoggers0
1308Savannah BARTLETT (G)Grafton Bull Sharks0
1309Blake MCKENNAMacarthur0
1310Darren BRAMWELLWarringah Waves0
1311Ceinwyn WHITTAKERKiama Coasters0
1312Hamish JACKSONMudgee Red Devils0
1313Kate BRIENDubbo Hippos0
1314Jaime CASCAJARESByron Breakers0
1315Jennifer COXCentral Coast Maddoggers0
1316Gary ASHTONEurocoast Nomads0
1317Kye SIMPSONMacarthur0
1318Edward ALEXANDERWarringah Waves0
1319Kate RATCLIFFEKiama Coasters0
1320Scott TAYLORNewcastle Nitros0
1321Catherine FITZGERALDDubbo Hippos0
1322Thomas PHILLIPSByron Breakers0
1323Hamish LONGMUIRCentral Coast Maddoggers0
1324Regan ALLARDClarence Valley Stingrays0
1325Richard JEFFREYEurocoast Nomads0
1326Steffi BREIDENBACHBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1327Paul HUMPHREYSMacarthur0
1328Jo COWANBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1329Brett MURRAYMudgee Red Devils0
1330Jacinta NEWDubbo Hippos0
1331Christopher CHETHAMByron Breakers0
1332Hugh BONNEYTomaree Tridents 0
1333Daniel LLOYD-JONESEurocoast Nomads0
1334Michelle CHENBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1335Karen LAKEMacarthur0
1336Isobel TAYLORBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1337Matt WEBSTERMudgee Red Devils0
1338Camilla CULLENWARDDubbo Hippos0
1339Joel RANDALCoffs Harbour Rockets0
1340Brian CHANDLERTomaree Tridents 0
1341Ella WYNNEOrange Piranhas0
1342Anthony MILESEurocoast Nomads0
1343Ben BOYDBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1344Lilian BRADLEYPanthers of Penrith0
1345Ben BROWNEBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1346Greg ATKINSONMudgee Red Devils0
1347Terry MAZZERDubbo Hippos0
1348Wendy MYCoffs Harbour Rockets0
1349Derek WAGNITZTomaree Tridents 0
1350Joshua WILLIAMSMudgee Red Devils0
1351Stephen PHIPPSEurocoast Nomads0
1352Nicole POLLTTBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1353Bruce THOMASBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1354Rowan ROWLANDSMudgee Red Devils0
1355Tim CULLENWARDDubbo Hippos0
1356Gary WARDCoffs Harbour Rockets0
1357Steven BEACHTomaree Tridents 0
1358Krissy UKENADubbo Hippos0
1359Julie DE ERNSTEDEurocoast Nomads0
1360Kat MARIKBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1361Jess RAUPACHBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1362Ben ORFORDDubbo Hippos0
1363David RAYMONDIllawarra Cannons0
1364Kristen PIGRAMCoffs Harbour Rockets0
1365Daniel KIRIAKIDISNewcastle Nitros0
1366Hamish CULLENWARDDubbo Hippos0
1367Sally JEFFREYEurocoast Nomads0
1368Graeme NYLANDBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1369Ken RAUPACHBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1370Nick KASTELEINMudgee Red Devils0
1371Charles STUARTDubbo Hippos0
1372Nicole RATTENBURYEurocoast Nomads0
1373Sam SMYTHECoffs Harbour Rockets0
1374Cooper LEEMaitland Magic0
1375Greg MILBURNDubbo Hippos0
1376Thomas JENNINGSHighlands Shaggy Cows0
1377Margie SNEDDONBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1378Laurent LACLAVERIEBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1379Malcolm PITTMudgee Red Devils0
1380Edward GEORGEMudgee Red Devils0
1381Allison DILLONJervis Bay Dolphins0
1382Elisabeth BRAZIERCoffs Harbour Rockets0
1383Melissa BOUCHERMaitland Magic0
1384Daryl HEALEYDubbo Hippos0
1385Michelle ROCHEHighlands Shaggy Cows0
1386Paul MCCLARNONBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1387Merri MACKBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1388Adam MORTMudgee Red Devils0
1389Darren ROHRMudgee Red Devils0
1390Keaton INGRAMCoffs Harbour Rockets0
1391Baden LYONSDubbo Hippos0
1392Scotti ROOTSPanthers of Penrith0
1393Scott CONNOLLYHighlands Shaggy Cows0
1394Gary AITKENHEADBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1395Catriona CARTERBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1396Clark POTTERMudgee Red Devils0
1397Elise KEANMudgee Red Devils0
1398Michael DARLOWCoffs Harbour Rockets0
1399James ALEXANDERIllawarra Cannons0
1400Tony BARBAROBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1401Bob SMALEBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1402Gary LEONARDMudgee Red Devils0
1403Beau ROHRMudgee Red Devils0
1404Isobella BOWESCoffs Harbour Rockets0
1405Josh BIGNELLIllawarra Cannons0
1406Helen KENNEDYNS Mighty Mites0
1407John SIMMONDSBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1408David JENKINSBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1409Andrew BUTLERMudgee Red Devils0
1410Stewart CAMPBELLMudgee Red Devils0
1411Mark KIRSTEINCoffs Harbour Rockets0
1412Mark BAGNALLJervis Bay Dolphins0
1413John HIRONBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1414Michael TAYLORBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1415Lachlan ROSSOrange Piranhas0
1416Michelle VERSLUYSCoffs Harbour Rockets0
1417Louise MARVINHills Red Army0
1418Tony LIMJervis Bay Dolphins0
1419Danielle FIORENS Mighty Mites0
1420Victoria BRUMPTONBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1421Lauren WILSONBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1422Abby DEANOrange Piranhas0
1423James HABERECHTOrange Piranhas0
1424Emma SUTTONCoffs Harbour Rockets0
1425Anette SAMPSONJervis Bay Dolphins0
1426Rod PHILLIPSNS Mighty Mites0
1427Hannelore PAXTONBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1428Rochelle MARTINBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1429Jessie DEANOrange Piranhas0
1430Tristan HARRISONOrange Piranhas0
1431Andrea BURTHCoffs Harbour Rockets0
1432Steve CROSSMANJervis Bay Dolphins0
1433Mark FIORENS Mighty Mites0
1434Cassie PRICE-MCCOYBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1435Amelia SHEPHERD-SMITHBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1436Sophie MARTINOrange Piranhas0
1437Paul CENTOFANTIOrange Piranhas0
1438Chris HAMILTONCoffs Harbour Rockets0
1439Sarah WATSONADF - ACT0
1440Anthony KODERKiama Coasters0
1441Peter WALKERWarringah Waves0
1442Owain MATTHEWSBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1443Sarah MATTHEWSBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1444Molly DEANOrange Piranhas0
1445Megan GOODWINOrange Piranhas0
1446Lauren HODGECoffs Harbour Rockets0
1448David LAWRENCEKiama Coasters0
1449Shannon QUARTLYWarringah Waves0
1450Michael GEORGESONNS Mighty Mites0
1451Jessie TUDOROrange Piranhas0
1452Ed SHILLINGTONOrange Piranhas0
1453Colette ADAMSClarence Valley Stingrays0
1455Cherryl FREEMANKiama Coasters0
1456Darren QUARRELLWarringah Waves0
1457Richard COOKKiama Coasters0
1458Kinisha ROWETHOrange Piranhas0
1459Tim ROBINSONOrange Piranhas0
1460Adam PENFOLDClarence Valley Stingrays0
1461Justin HAYDENADF - ACT0
1462Geoff BESNARDKiama Coasters0
1463Natalie EDWARDSWarringah Waves0
1464Lachlan BROWNEurocoast Nomads0
1465Jessica RICHARDSOrange Piranhas0
1466Stephen MARTINOrange Piranhas0
1467Kim RYANClarence Valley Stingrays0
1468Patrick ElliotCanberra Bilbys0
1469Angela BESNARDKiama Coasters0
1470Kurt LEHMANNWarringah Waves0
1471Jenny SIMPSONIllawarra Cannons0
1472Kim DALEOrange Piranhas0
1473Sally WALLACEOrange Piranhas0
1474David HARRISONClarence Valley Stingrays0
1475Christian DENTCanberra Bilbys0
1476Rob SPICERShellharbour Mariners0
1477Rowena WALKERWarringah Waves0
1478Estelle DEANOrange Piranhas0
1479Mark DELANEYOrange Piranhas0
1480Emma MCINNESClarence Valley Stingrays0
1481Robin COLLINSCanberra Bilbys0
1482Kevin GOODWINKiama Coasters0
1483Erica ECCLESTONOrange Piranhas0
1484Mark KIHOOrange Piranhas0
1485Stacey MOFFATTHat Head Hammerheads0
1486Simon POLLAKCanberra Bilbys0
1487Mary STREETKiama Coasters0
1488Jennifer ARNOLDOrange Piranhas0
1489Millie HOGBINOrange Piranhas0
1490Ben JOHNSONHat Head Hammerheads0
1491Emily RICKARDCanberra Bilbys0
1492Demi BIRCHHills Red Army0
1493Carolyn EGANOrange Piranhas0
1494Cennedi DALLYOrange Piranhas0
1495Greg GLASSHat Head Hammerheads0
1496Anne HILLCanberra Bilbys0
1497Jocie EVISONBalance Bolt0
1498Amy ROBINSONOrange Piranhas0
1499Emma TAMBLYNHat Head Hammerheads0
1500Georgie HICKSCanberra Bilbys0
1501Emer MERNAGHBalance Bolt0
1502Julie MIDDLETONOrange Piranhas0
1503Connor WHITLEYOrange Piranhas0
1504Naomi HOOPERTweed Valley Volcanoes0
1505Thomas PEARCECanberra Bilbys0
1506Rachel DAVIESBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1507Travis SHIELDSBalance Bolt0
1508Cas INGHAMOrange Piranhas0
1509David SEARLEOrange Piranhas0
1510Jeanette ANNETTTweed Valley Volcanoes0
1511Sabrina MOIRCanberra Bilbys0
1512Hannah GIBSONBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1513Jennifer COLWELLBalance Bolt0
1514Judy TARLETONOrange Piranhas0
1515Kate THORNTONOrange Piranhas0
1516Brendan MURRAYTweed Valley Volcanoes0
1517Marc WARECanberra Bilbys0
1518Phil LYNCHBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1519Tonia WOODBalance Bolt0
1520Rory THORNHILLOrange Piranhas0
1521Brittany BOSWELLOrange Piranhas0
1522Graeme BEATTIE (W)Warringah Waves0
1523Matt JONESVikings0
1524Kade DENTONCanberra Bilbys0
1525Alex PREVITERABalmoral Purple Thunder0
1526Terry BOURKEBalance Bolt0
1527Thomas TUDOROrange Piranhas0
1528Caitlin CHANDLERT3C0
1529Nai ROBINSONFemales in Training (FIT)0
1530Alisha ALLENBalance Bolt0
1531Hugh THORNHILLOrange Piranhas0
1532Chris ALLISONT3C0
1533Jean CHESSONFemales in Training (FIT)0
1534Eva KOWSLOWSKI-GALLAGHERCentral Coast Maddoggers0
1535Fiona HORNBalance Bolt0
1536Jack BILTONOrange Piranhas0
1537David HALPINJT Multisport0
1538Michelle GRECHFemales in Training (FIT)0
1539Melissa SIMPSONBalance Bolt0
1540Ben BARTLETTOrange Piranhas0
1541Lauren BULLMANJT Multisport0
1542Fiona MILLIGANT3C0
1543Maurie AKENSONCentral Coast Maddoggers0
1544Michael TAYARBalance Bolt0
1545Matt DEANOrange Piranhas0
1546Polly TEMPLETONJT Multisport0
1547Arwen VernonFortitude 0
1548Tony BROWNCentral Coast Maddoggers0
1549Andrew CROSSCronulla Sharks0
1550Tony SELWOODOrange Piranhas0
1551James HIPWELLJT Multisport0
1552Olivia SUTTONJT Multisport0
1553Dylan DI SCIASCIOCentral Coast Maddoggers0
1554Joel WOOLDRIDGESydney Giants (STG)0
1555Mary STRINGEREastern Suburbs Swans0
1556Philip TUDOROrange Piranhas0
1557Daryl READFortitude 0
1558Alec MORRISJT Multisport0
1559Robin HARRISCentral Coast Maddoggers0
1560Chris WOOLDRIDGESydney Giants (STG)0
1561Gordo CAMPBELLEastern Suburbs Swans0
1562Frank OSTINIOrange Piranhas0
1563Stephen GLOWERYCanberra Bilbys0
1564Jordyne RAUTERJT Multisport0
1565Laura KELLYCronulla Sharks0
1566Greg PUTTICKEastern Suburbs Swans0
1567Stephen JACKSONBathurst Wallabies0
1568Craig PHILLIPSCanberra Bilbys0
1569Tracy CLINCHJT Multisport0
1570Joe SULISCentral Coast Maddoggers0
1571Craig ALEXANDERCronulla Sharks0
1572Qiang HUANGAustralian Chinese Dragons0
1573Peter THORLEYCanberra Bilbys0
1574Jacob FLANAGANJT Multisport0
1575Phill BAIGENTCronulla Sharks0
1576Fumika MATSUMOTOSydney Giants (STG)0
1577Adam ROMANOWSKIDubbo Hippos0
1578Julie KAELCanberra Bilbys0
1579Micha WADEPTC0
1580Chris DAVISCronulla Sharks0
1581Wendy SCOTTBallina Seahorses0
1582Sabrina WANGAustralian Chinese Dragons0
1583Paul NIXONMoree Mongooses0
1584Dominic HOWARDCanberra Bilbys0
1585Oliver NOBLEPTC0
1586Elissa HUGHESCronulla Sharks0
1587Will BENNETTBallina Seahorses0
1588Kael SEPPOCanberra Bilbys0
1590Gerard MCDERMOTTCronulla Sharks0
1591Louise DANSEYBallina Seahorses0
1592Matthew FARMERBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1593Damian MCAULLAYCanberra Bilbys0
1594Sarah BLAKET3C0
1595Jason STEGBAUERCronulla Sharks0
1596Tina MCEVOYHat Head Hammerheads0
1597David GRANTBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1599Geraldine CUSAKT3C0
1600Jenny HENVILLEEngadine Dingoes0
1601Michael KEMPHat Head Hammerheads0
1602Leighton HOWARDBalance Bolt0
1603Stephen MCMANUSBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1605Bronwyn ADAMSVikings0
1606Nicole FOLEYCoogee Comets0
1607Geoff LUSCOMBEHawkesbury Hawks0
1608Peter NEEDSHat Head Hammerheads0
1609Krista KINGBalance Bolt0
1610Cheryl WALLACEBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1611Lydia FRAZERCoogee Comets0
1612Shannon LUMHills Red Army0
1613Kevin SINCLAIRHat Head Hammerheads0
1614Robyn DARKEByron Breakers0
1615Matthew SWEENEYBalance Bolt0
1616Jennifer PAGGIBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1617Reza SHAHMIRICoogee Comets0
1618Mitchell CUNNINGHAMKiama Coasters0
1619Megan TAYLORKiama Coasters0
1620Samuel COXADF - ACT0
1621Adam RUDGLEYT3C0
1622Abigail HIGHCoogee Comets0
1623Rachael MCALLISTERHills Red Army0
1624Trudi NEEDSHat Head Hammerheads0
1625Monique VAN CAMPBalance Bolt0
1626Amanda WHITEMANWarringah Waves0
1627Paul DAVISBalance Bolt0
1628Alison OATESHighlands Shaggy Cows0
1629Byron SMITHKiama Coasters0
1630Peter GREAGGCanberra Bilbys0
1631Sarah KEENANCoogee Comets0
1632Caitlin SENDTHills Red Army0
1633Donna FARRERHat Head Hammerheads0
1634Jane SPALDINGConcord TC0
1635Susan NICHOLSONWarringah Waves0
1636Jeff MORUNGABalance Bolt0
1637Claire ROBERTSONBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1638Kim ROGERSKiama Coasters0
1639Brian BRADYHills Red Army0
1640Alison TAYLORHat Head Hammerheads0
1641Anthony WILSONConcord TC0
1642Laura HIGGINSWarringah Waves0
1643Emily MCPHEEBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1644Erin BLACKSHAWHighlands Shaggy Cows0
1645Kate MOORECoogee Comets0
1646Alexander JACKSONHills Red Army0
1647Kathy CORNISHHat Head Hammerheads0
1648Rhys NEWELLConcord TC0
1649Miriam ORRWarringah Waves0
1650Jonathon JT TANBalance Bolt0
1651Sarah HOWITTWarringah Waves0
1652Karla COXShellharbour Mariners0
1653Lisa MOORHOUSECoogee Comets0
1654Kate O’BRIENHills Red Army0
1655Maria JOHNSONHat Head Hammerheads0
1656Jessica DENNISConcord TC0
1657Darren WINTERFORDWarringah Waves0
1658Daniel HOWITTWarringah Waves0
1659Matthew BURGEIllawarra Cannons0
1660Matilda OFFORDHills Red Army0
1661Molly IRVINGHat Head Hammerheads0
1662Jenifer BRAMANNBallina Seahorses0
1663Francesca BULLConcord TC0
1664Andrew PARKINSONWarringah Waves0
1665Mike BIGWOODWarringah Waves0
1666Dane BURGEIllawarra Cannons0
1667Michael STAPLEYBathurst Wallabies0
1668Gizelle ROSEHills Red Army0
1669Daniel O’MEALLYHat Head Hammerheads0
1670Clayton FETTELLBallina Seahorses0
1671Riley TAYLORMudgee Red Devils0
1672Adrian CIANOWarringah Waves0
1673Lauren BEAHANConcord TC0
1674Christopher WALLACEWarringah Waves0
1675Stephen PAGEBathurst Wallabies0
1676Joanne LUMHills Red Army0
1677Greg KINGSHat Head Hammerheads0
1678Andrew ROWLINGSCoffs Harbour Rockets0
1679James MARTINCronulla Sharks0
1680Daniel RIFKINNS Mighty Mites0
1681Ricky MEGNAConcord TC0
1682Lucy HOBSONWarringah Waves0
1683Saul BRADYCoogee Comets0
1684Aimy PAPOULIASHills Red Army0
1685Mike STEVENSONHat Head Hammerheads0
1686Kylie MARLECoffs Harbour Rockets0
1687Kathryn KINGCronulla Sharks0
1688Kent MCKINNEYNS Mighty Mites0
1689Ian TATTERSALLConcord TC0
1690Danyella EBERLECoogee Comets0
1691Chris PIKEWarringah Waves0
1692Anthony SMITHDubbo Hippos0
1693Duane RUSSELLCoogee Comets0
1694Nicholas MORELCoogee Comets0
1695Greg SMITHHills Red Army0
1696Dean IRVINGHat Head Hammerheads0
1697Jodie BARRYPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
1698Mairaed CRAWFORDCronulla Sharks0
1699Reveka PAPADOPOULOSConcord TC0
1700Will PACKCoogee Comets0
1701Guillermo GONZALEZWarringah Waves0
1702Jo ARNDELLDubbo Hippos0
1703Eugene IRVINLAPD Lightning 0
1704Geoff BENSLEYByron Breakers0
1705Rhys LAWLERPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
1706Lianne SELLASCronulla Sharks0
1707Keelan GREENKiama Coasters0
1708Anne REIDYConcord TC0
1709Emma STEWARTBondi Brats0
1710Andrew FOSTERNS Mighty Mites0
1711Katie LYONSDubbo Hippos0
1713Paivi HANNINENByron Breakers0
1714Michelle MCDONALDPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
1715Kim TUDJMANEngadine Dingoes0
1716Sonya STEWARTKiama Coasters0
1717Nicola REEDConcord TC0
1718Justin WELLSBondi Brats0
1719Tim MONTAGUE-JONESNS Mighty Mites0
1720Terry LYONSDubbo Hippos0
1721Zoe HOWARDCronulla Sharks0
1722Cody SALTERMacarthur0
1723Deb FULLERByron Breakers0
1724Steve SANDERSPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
1725Ross SALMONHills Red Army0
1726Kerry DOWLINGIllawarra Cannons0
1727Melissa HUGHSONNS Mighty Mites0
1728Lucita POBLETECronulla Sharks0
1729Natalie VAN COEVORDENMacarthur0
1730Danielle VAN ZUYLENByron Breakers0
1731Christine LALORPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
1732Barry MUNINKHills Red Army0
1733Narelle TALBOTIllawarra Cannons0
1734Joanne GRAYSydney Giants (STG)0
1735Christine LOWCronulla Sharks0
1736Shi SHONGAustralian Chinese Dragons0
1737Greg LOWEMudgee Red Devils0
1738Cameron ARNOLDBalance Bolt0
1739Michael HARDINGMacarthur0
1740Susanna O’SULLIVANCoffs Harbour Rockets0
1741Philip WILKINSONHills Red Army0
1742Jenny FISHERIllawarra Cannons0
1743Liam MERNAGHCronulla Sharks0
1744Mercedes VELASCOSydney Giants (STG)0
1745Christine PEARSALLCronulla Sharks0
1746Milli ALLANMudgee Red Devils0
1747Kathryn SILVESTERBalance Bolt0
1748Michael FITZGERALDCronulla Sharks0
1749Thomas HINEMacarthur0
1750Jennifer WILLIAMSCoffs Harbour Rockets0
1751Euphemia FOOHills Red Army0
1752Tim BURNS-FRANCISSydney Giants (STG)0
1753Jordan AITKENEngadine Dingoes0
1754Anthea BURTONBondi Brats0
1755Daniel MORRISMacarthur0
1756Joanne FERGUSSONCoffs Harbour Rockets0
1757Matthew ROFEHills Red Army0
1758Helena HAYESSydney Giants (STG)0
1759Praveen ANGAMMANAHills Red Army0
1760Richard BOYLANMudgee Red Devils0
1761Dean PIAZZABondi Brats0
1762Margaret GORDONForster Breakers0
1763Andrew REIDMacarthur0
1764Trevor FIDGECoffs Harbour Rockets0
1765Bomber HUTCHINSONHills Red Army0
1766Tim SIERPBondi Brats0
1767Maddie HUYSKENSNS Mighty Mites0
1768Greg HALINPanthers of Penrith0
1769Joel TADDEOKiama Coasters0
1770Stuart CLIFFORDMudgee Red Devils0
1771Candice GIBSONBondi Brats0
1772Emma SEWELLForster Breakers0
1773Heather BRAYPanthers of Penrith0
1774Tony CROSSCoffs Harbour Rockets0
1775Philip BELLHills Red Army0
1776Catherine LONGBondi Brats0
1777John DAVISMacarthur0
1778Helen FLEMINGNS Mighty Mites0
1779Sabina SPARKSPanthers of Penrith0
1780Ken PRICEJervis Bay Dolphins0
1781George HOGGOrange Piranhas0
1782George COUTRABondi Brats0
1783Colin BERTRAMForster Breakers0
1784Craig BURKEPanthers of Penrith0
1785Peter BIRCHCoffs Harbour Rockets0
1786Rosie LANGLEYHills Red Army0
1787Luigi CELIENTOBondi Brats0
1788Lyndell VAN DE WALLENS Mighty Mites0
1789Tony GABORITPanthers of Penrith0
1790Dylan HOLLANDShellharbour Mariners0
1791John CHEVISOrange Piranhas0
1792Julia MITCHELMOREBondi Brats0
1793Richard SEWELLForster Breakers0
1794Andy HAYNESPanthers of Penrith0
1795Mark GARNERCoffs Harbour Rockets0
1796Sandra EGANKiama Coasters0
1797Jane COOPERLAPD Lightning 0
1798Alexander THORPEBondi Brats0
1799Adam FOOTITPanthers of Penrith0
1800Gustavo CHIMELINS Mighty Mites0
1801Paul MCMAHONMacarthur0
1802Kashi MORGENSENBondi Brats0
1803Mike HISERPanthers of Penrith0
1804Lindsey WALLClarence Valley Stingrays0
1805Jay GAFFEYKiama Coasters0
1806Lilian MOLEWORTHLAPD Lightning 0
1807Katie HAYESCoogee Comets0
1808Lindsay REESNS Mighty Mites0
1809James BYRNET4 North Bondi Tritans0
1810Janine PARLEVLIETTamworth Tigers0
1811Scott WALLACEOrange Piranhas0
1812Mark HANOVERBondi Brats0
1813John HUGHESPanthers of Penrith0
1814David WALLClarence Valley Stingrays0
1815Michael SMITHWarringah Waves0
1816Troy STEVENSPanthers of Penrith0
1817David BARMETTLERCoogee Comets0
1818Linda JOHNSONPanthers of Penrith0
1819Natalie VICTORWarringah Waves0
1820Tenae LEITCHSydney Giants (STG)0
1821Kelly CONSTABLEMudgee Red Devils0
1822Owen SILVERBondi Brats0
1823Pauline MCCANNPanthers of Penrith0
1824Derek VAN LEESTClarence Valley Stingrays0
1825Jon-Paul HILTONJervis Bay Dolphins0
1826John LUKERPanthers of Penrith0
1827Anne MASSEYEastern Suburbs Swans0
1828John TAYLORPanthers of Penrith0
1829Luke MCLEANWarringah Waves0
1830Timothy GEORGEBondi Brats0
1831Jacob WILLIAMSMudgee Red Devils0
1832Andrew HALLConcord TC0
1833Mark WATSONPanthers of Penrith0
1834Ray HUNTClarence Valley Stingrays0
1835Bill STAHLHUTJervis Bay Dolphins0
1836James SWEENEYPanthers of Penrith0
1837Nicholas DUELL-FERGUSSONEastern Suburbs Swans0
1838Gordon MCKENNAPanthers of Penrith0
1839Caroline CHAPPELLWarringah Waves0
1840John MCDONALDBondi Brats0
1841Colin FERGUSONTamworth Tigers0
1842Stephen LOUGHLAND-WALLERMudgee Red Devils0
1843Tom SHERRYConcord TC0
1844Kaitlin BELLPanthers of Penrith0
1845Demi GAVINClarence Valley Stingrays0
1846Aaron RODWELLIllawarra Cannons0
1847Wilf DECKWarringah Waves0
1848Skye RICHMONDCoogee Comets0
1849Lauren FERGUSONTamworth Tigers0
1850Charlie ROBERTSONMudgee Red Devils0
1851Norman KANGConcord TC0
1852Alan BENTLEYPanthers of Penrith0
1853Tara LENNONClarence Valley Stingrays0
1854Otto JAEGER-LUNDBrighton Polar Bears0
1855Doug SIMPSONIllawarra Cannons0
1856Dani ANDRESRozelle Pulse0
1857Maddie MORTONWarringah Waves0
1858Gareth O’BRIENEastern Suburbs Swans0
1859Paul SULLIVANTamworth Tigers0
1860Susan STRMECKIConcord TC0
1861Melissa FANNINGPanthers of Penrith0
1862Lauren MIKKELSENClarence Valley Stingrays0
1863Richard MORRISBrighton Polar Bears0
1864James DAVYIllawarra Cannons0
1865Sharon MOJICAWS FilOz Eagles0
1866Leone JOICERozelle Pulse0
1867Rebecca MANSFIELDBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1868Rose STACKMANTamworth Tigers0
1869Martin BLEAKENCoogee Comets0
1870Michelle KURPPanthers of Penrith0
1871Cathy FERGUSONClarence Valley Stingrays0
1872Sally TAGGARTEastern Suburbs Swans0
1873Bryce HUDSONMacarthur0
1874Bronwyn SCOTTRozelle Pulse0
1875Michael BESSELLBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1876Michael HENDERSONArmidale Armidillos0
1877Owen STEERCoogee Comets0
1878Glenn MATTHEWSPanthers of Penrith0
1879Brendan WALLClarence Valley Stingrays0
1880Robert PICKENMacarthur0
1881Julie WHITMORERozelle Pulse0
1882Adrian BRIDGESBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1883Matt LAMONTTweed Valley Volcanoes0
1884Peter HANCOCKArmidale Armidillos0
1885Angus SAMPSONCronulla Sharks0
1886William APPSMaitland Magic0
1887Jenny MATTHEWSPanthers of Penrith0
1888Kim ELVERYClarence Valley Stingrays0
1889Kylie-Anne RICHARDSCoogee Comets0
1890Daniel CONNELLHills Red Army0
1891Naomi JONESRozelle Pulse0
1892Rach CLEARYCoffs Harbour Rockets0
1893Ben POOLECronulla Sharks0
1894Rohan BARNESMaitland Magic0
1895Chris COOPERPanthers of Penrith0
1896Alison BROWNClarence Valley Stingrays0
1897Oliver ASHWORTHCoogee Comets0
1898Paul ARGALLBondi Brats0
1899Dominique SMITHHills Red Army0
1900Annmaree HERBERT-DUPRIEZRozelle Pulse0
1901Erin JONESBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1902Margaret ROBERTSCoffs Harbour Rockets0
1903Glen FOLEYHighlands Shaggy Cows0
1904Brandon ROSSENCronulla Sharks0
1905Gemma MIDDLEMASSPanthers of Penrith0
1906Harry JONESPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
1907Matt LARKINCoogee Comets0
1908David NEVILLEBondi Brats0
1909David HENDERSONHills Red Army0
1910Robert VESETASRozelle Pulse0
1911Alessandro ALLEGRINIBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1912Jen BOOTHCoffs Harbour Rockets0
1913Martin BELLJervis Bay Dolphins0
1914Curt PAHLCronulla Sharks0
1915Tony PHIPPSPanthers of Penrith0
1916Michael CUTTINGPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
1917Mark GARCIACoogee Comets0
1918Lucy TERRELLBondi Brats0
1919Madeline MORGANEngadine Dingoes0
1920Lisa CASHBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1921Mark GRIFFITHSCoffs Harbour Rockets0
1922Clarissa PHILLIPSBalance Bolt0
1923Hendrik FRENTRUPCronulla Sharks0
1924Sarah PLUMPTONPanthers of Penrith0
1925Bryce PHILPOTTPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
1926Jessica SONIDOAustralian Chinese Dragons0
1927Nick TAYLORBondi Brats0
1928Jarrod CRUMPCronulla Sharks0
1929Daniel DE SANTISBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1930David HAYBallina Seahorses0
1931Montse PENABalance Bolt0
1932Wendy DURHEIMBallina Seahorses0
1933Jodie LINSLEYKiama Coasters0
1934Jonathon MACKINTOSHCronulla Sharks0
1935Cloe REECEPanthers of Penrith0
1936David CRADDOCKPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
1937Tony MERRITTBondi Brats0
1938Christian WELANDEREastern Suburbs Swans0
1939Ben DUFFCronulla Sharks0
1940Ellen LEABEATERBalance Bolt0
1941Wes THOMPSONBallina Seahorses0
1942Annabella CIANTARBalance Bolt0
1943Samantha WHEATLEYKiama Coasters0
1944Kailin POPLECronulla Sharks0
1945Ian LEWISPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
1946Karen MOYBondi Brats0
1947Kay POLETTOBalmoral Purple Thunder0
1948Gwenola LE LUBalance Bolt0
1949Joao VINAGREBalance Bolt0
1950Trevor POTTSBalance Bolt0
1951Hudson BARRYCoffs Harbour Rockets0
1952Kate HUMMERSTONCronulla Sharks0
1953Luke HALLNewcastle Nitros0
1954John TRACYPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
1955John HILLBondi Brats0
1956Britt WELDANDEREastern Suburbs Swans0
1957Brooke BOWMANBalance Bolt0
1958Nicole MUELLERHills Red Army0
1959James TABORBalance Bolt0
1960Keegan ROSSBalance Bolt0
1961Arthur GALLARDTweed Valley Volcanoes0
1962Maria POBLETECronulla Sharks0
1963James KNOXNewcastle Nitros0
1964Mahni LEWISPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
1965Stephen BROWNBondi Brats0
1966Ian HEMMINGSEastern Suburbs Swans0
1967Gary MADDOXBalance Bolt0
1968Grace HAYWARDHills Red Army0
1969Ben TAYLORBalance Bolt0
1970Shelley CASEYBalance Bolt0
1971Maygan PIPPARDCronulla Sharks0
1972Lucas McBeathNewcastle Nitros0
1973Vanessa BAILEYPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
1974Mark ARBIBBondi Brats0
1975Derek CALDERBrighton Polar Bears0
1976Zanzi HOCKNELLBalance Bolt0
1977Courtney SWEENEYHills Red Army0
1978Blair HOPKINSMacarthur0
1979Alana LEABEATERBalance Bolt0
1980Nathan JOHNSTONCronulla Sharks0
1981Alistair PETERSON-CLARKNewcastle Nitros0
1982Tracy LEWISPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
1983Andrew DEWEZSydney Giants (STG)0
1984Anibal JUNCALBrighton Polar Bears0
1985Martin HILLBalance Bolt0
1986Ed LangdonHills Red Army0
1987Jessica MONGALEMacarthur0
1988Ollie ROFFEYBalance Bolt0
1990Nico ROSSICronulla Sharks0
1991Julie PARISHPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
1992Paula LUKET4 North Bondi Tritans0
1993Melissa BLUMEHills Red Army0
1994Sue CURTISMacarthur0
1995Freya ROGERSBalance Bolt0
1996Pete QUINNADF - ACT0
1997Nicholas BENTLEYCronulla Sharks0
1998Margaret LAWNPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
1999Nicole COXCoogee Comets0
2000Kelly ATKINBalmoral Purple Thunder0
2001David LECKENBYCoffs Harbour Rockets0
2002Jacqueline BURNANDHills Red Army0
2003Nina TETZLAFFCronulla Sharks0
2004Jacqui WEBSTERBalance Bolt0
2005Danielle RADNIDGEADF - ACT0
2006Zara EATONCronulla Sharks0
2007Lyall SMITHNewcastle Nitros0
2008Julia COOKBalmoral Purple Thunder0
2009Lauren BOURKEBalmoral Purple Thunder0
2010Scott TARPLEECoffs Harbour Rockets0
2011Thomas O’CALLAGHANHills Red Army0
2012Emma BURGESSCronulla Sharks0
2013Glenn MCPHEEBalmoral Purple Thunder0
2014Teresa WYNTERADF - ACT0
2015Duncan JOHNSTONHills Red Army0
2016Tara WALLISBalmoral Purple Thunder0
2017Juliana DAVIDSONBalmoral Purple Thunder0
2018Caron MACKIECoffs Harbour Rockets0
2019Bronte CLIFFORDHills Red Army0
2020Deborah FRANSENCronulla Sharks0
2021David O’BRIENBalmoral Purple Thunder0
2022Martin KAPRNS Mighty Mites0
2023Bonnie ALLAN-0
2024Joel OFFORDHills Red Army0
2025Brendon YOUNGNewcastle Nitros0
2026Ilse PETERSONBalmoral Purple Thunder0
2027Luke PARTRIDGEWarringah Waves0
2028Huw JONESByron Breakers0
2029Karen TALLISHills Red Army0
2030Robert GREENUPEngadine Dingoes0
2031Bailey CHALCRAFTBalmoral Purple Thunder0
2032Alicia OLSON-KEATINGRozelle Pulse0
2033Mark STUTCHBURYBen Gathercole PC0
2034Kiet DUONGHills Red Army0
2035Christie CRISTOFOROPort Macquarie Pelicans 0
2036Andrew GROVERBalmoral Purple Thunder0
2037Kieron PATERSONWarringah Waves0
2038Nikela COULTERByron Breakers0
2039Erica CAMPBELL-RODGERSHills Red Army0
2040Mick MORONEYCronulla Sharks0
2041Megan LINGAFELTERBalmoral Purple Thunder0
2042Jinsong (Jeremy) CHENCanberra Bilbys0
2043Tim BATTHills Red Army0



Balance Bolt Career MVP

RankAthleteClubPerformance Points
1Jocie EVISONBalance Bolt19
2Travis SHIELDSBalance Bolt14.5
3Lucas AUBalance Bolt10.5
4Tonia WOODBalance Bolt9.5
5Monique VAN CAMPBalance Bolt7
6Shelley CASEYBalance Bolt6.5
7Ellen LEABEATERBalance Bolt6
8Alana LEABEATERBalance Bolt5.5
9Jane SHIELDSBalance Bolt5
10Emer MERNAGHBalance Bolt5
11Juliet CRAWFORDBalance Bolt4
12Annabella CIANTARBalance Bolt4
13Zanzi HOCKNELLBalance Bolt4
14Berto PANDOLFOBalance Bolt3.5
15Liz ROBINSONBalance Bolt3.5
16Michael TAYARBalance Bolt3.5
17Gwenola LE LUBalance Bolt3.5
18Ben TAYLORBalance Bolt3.5
19Martin HESSEBalance Bolt3
20Jennifer COLWELLBalance Bolt3
21Krista KINGBalance Bolt3
22Keegan ROSSBalance Bolt3
23Dominik LINDERBalance Bolt2.5
24Fiona HORNBalance Bolt2.5
25Tim FORDBalance Bolt2
26Lauren DREDGEBalance Bolt2
27Leighton HOWARDBalance Bolt2
28Cameron ARNOLDBalance Bolt2
29Clarissa PHILLIPSBalance Bolt2
30Montse PENABalance Bolt2
31Trevor POTTSBalance Bolt2
32Joe MCNAMARABalance Bolt1.5
33Alisha ALLENBalance Bolt1.5
34Paul DAVISBalance Bolt1.5
35Jonathon JT TANBalance Bolt1.5
36Kylie WALKERBalance Bolt1
37Scott WILSONBalance Bolt1
38Aimee CLARKEBalance Bolt1
39Kylie DONNELLANBalance Bolt1
40Hannah MCLEANBalance Bolt1
41Michael DONNELLANBalance Bolt1
42Terry BOURKEBalance Bolt1
43Melissa SIMPSONBalance Bolt1
44Matthew SWEENEYBalance Bolt1
45Jeff MORUNGABalance Bolt1
46Joao VINAGREBalance Bolt1
47Brooke BOWMANBalance Bolt1
48Gary MADDOXBalance Bolt1
49Jacqui WEBSTERBalance Bolt1
50Kellie THOMPSON-0.5
51Eunice STIBOY-0.5
52Denise WILSONBalance Bolt0.5
53Fiona MCDONALDBalance Bolt0.5
54Lauren CHRISTIEBalance Bolt0.5
55Penny RAFFAELEBalance Bolt0.5
56Kathryn SILVESTERBalance Bolt0.5
57James TABORBalance Bolt0.5
58Martin HILLBalance Bolt0.5
59Ollie ROFFEYBalance Bolt0.5
60Freya ROGERSBalance Bolt0.5

Forager Sydney Triathlon League 1 (ICL05)