March 15, 2018

Balance Bolt

Sydney South West
2018-2019 Interclub Series

Balance & UTS Triathlon Club

“I’m looking forward to the inaugural interclub series. It’s going to be great for further building our club engagement and getting members racing together. There are a few of Balance’s favourite races in the schedule, so we’ll be there with serious numbers.” (Joe McNamara, President)


About the Club / History

Balance & UTS Tri Club is a UTS Sport affiliated club operating in Sydney’s inner-west. They are that club who always looks like they’re having the most fun.

The club was founded 11 years ago and from humble beginnings with just 3 founding members, they are now proudly a club of 200+ members.

As their club name (Balance) suggests, they are not just about training and participating, but they also have a lot of fun away from the sport with regular social events. The club is very inclusive and supportive of all members, whether they’re competing in their first enticer, or racing Kona.

The club’s vision is to –

  • maximise the number of members actively engaged with the club
  • embrace beginners
  • provide value and benefits to member

Through their UTS Sport affiliation, they offer UTS students free membership and support when they compete in Australian Uni Games.

They also offer all members a set of Training Peaks programs put together by coaches within the club, to help members reach their goals while training at club sessions with mates.


Training Sessions Offered

Balance Tri Club sessions cater for all levels of triathlete/athlete and they train almost every day. From the complete beginner to the very experienced – all are welcome to come along and train in a friendly, non-intimidating environment. Most of their sessions are coached or led, and nearly all are free to members.

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Events Offered

Balance Tri Club run a series of 6 “watches-off” running races over daylight savings months as well as a sprint distance tri each year. The twist with our races is that the winner is the closest to their predicted time. Why?……because anyone can win and it’s more fun that way!

Events are not conducted with the goal of making money. All proceeds from these and other specific fundraising events are donated to the club’s chosen charity, Sidetember.  Sidetember helps raise awareness for and plays an active role in supporting Australians living with acquired brain injury to get off the sidelines and back into the community, often using sporting activities as a pathway to facilitate this.

Bolt Season Preview  Q&A

Athlete to watch?  Travis Shields. He’s quick at the short stuff right now

Club captain? Stuart ‘Worker’ Matthewman.

Rookie to watch? Katsuyuki Shioda is visiting from Japan and has only completed 1 triathlon so far, but he’s going to be extremely quick. Watch this space.

Club ambassador? Liz Robinson embodies what it means to be ‘Balanced’. Get involved, train hard, have fun, get results!

Club other than your own who may win Interclub series? Concord, our neighbours, best buddies and rivals all at the same time. They’ll be participating in force.

Event you are most looking forward to? Club champs is our favourite event each year. Our goal is always to have the most fun, both on course and on the dance floor. Huski weekend is a close second.


How to connect with Balance & UTS Triathlon Club

Balance & UTS Triathlon Club facebook – Click here


Balance Bolt MVP

RankAthleteTeamAge GroupPerformance Points
1Jocie EVISONBalance Bolt45-49 Female8
2Travis SHIELDSBalance Bolt35-39 Male7
3Tonia WOODBalance Bolt60-64 Female4
4Lucas AUBalance Bolt20-24 Male3.5
5Emer MERNAGHBalance Bolt30-34 Female3
6Dominik LINDERBalance Bolt35-39 Male2.5
7Fiona HORNBalance Bolt55-59 Female2
8Liz ROBINSONBalance Bolt50-54 Female1.5
9Alisha ALLENBalance Bolt35-39 Female1.5
10Jennifer COLWELLBalance Bolt25-29 Female1.5
11Jane SHIELDSBalance Bolt35-39 Female1
12Martin HESSEBalance Bolt35-39 Male1
13Terry BOURKEBalance Bolt50-54 Male1
14Melissa SIMPSONBalance Bolt35-39 Female0.5
15Penny RAFFAELEBalance Bolt50-54 Female0.5
16Kylie WALKERBalance Bolt50-54 Female0.5
17Joe MCNAMARABalance Bolt40-44 Male0.5
18Michael TAYARBalance Bolt65-69 Male0.5