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Triathletes of NSW


Get an insight into the journeys of triathletes from around NSW


Craig Alexander

Craig Alexander

Cronulla Sharks
Craig's Story

Name: Craig Alexander

Club: Cronulla Triathlon Club

Years in Sport? 24

Favorite local race? Royal National Park Tri (no longer in existence).

What do you most enjoy about your club and the sport? I love triathlon because it is very challenging but also social. Cronulla Tri Club provided me with a social network within the sport and also great groups/athletes to train with and learn from.

Tip for beginners? Participate in local club races and train with more experienced athletes in your club. They can help guide your training.

Instagram: @crowiealexander



Emma Jeffcoat

Emma Jeffcoat

Warringah Waves
Emma's Story

Name: Emma Jeffcoat

Club: Warringah Triathlon Club

Years in Sport: Since 2012- 6 years

Favourite local race: Husky Tri or One Mile Beach Nelson Bay Race! Two fabulous weekend getaway races

What do you most enjoy about your club and the sport?

I love the multi discipline aspect of triathlon, I love being outdoors and exercising so it allows for plenty of that in the water, on the trails and riding! It is challenging, fun and allows me to travel and see the world while chasing big dreams. I love that Warringah Triathlon Club offers some great race and training opportunities when I’m home right on my doorstep, along with a group of likeminded motivated individuals! And the North Head local club race is always a great way to start a Sunday!

Tip for beginners?

For beginners I would say, make sure you ENJOY the process of learning and have fun! It’s such a rewarding sport!












Photo credit – @worldtriathlon and @kyewylde

Aaron Royle

Aaron Royle

Maitland Triathlon Club
Aaron's Story

Name: Aaron Royle

Club: Maitland Triathlon Club

Years in Sport? 16

Favorite local Race? Maitland Triathlon Club Race

What do you most enjoy about your club and the sport?

I love how far Maitland Triathlon Club has come since I first started there 16 years ago. From two or maybe three juniors to now having loads turn up each race is great to see. I also love the course and the relaxed and inclusive environment. Regardless of your level, everyone is treated the same.

Tip for beginners? Join a club or a group of other athletes. Be warned, it may become addictive.

Instagram: @aaronroyle

Matt Slee

Matt Slee

Byron Breakers
Matt's Story

Name: Matt Slee

Club: Byron Breakers

Years in Sport? 2 (8 as elite cyclist)

Favorite local Race? Byron Bay triathlon or Tweed enduro

What do you most enjoy about your club and the sport?

Byron Triathlon Club have some of the best training grounds in Australia, from the coastal stretch to the hinterland. Triathlons most enjoyable aspect for me is the lifestyle it creates, never a dull day. Sharing it with like minded athletes has created a really enjoyable experience throughout my short career.

Tip for beginners?

Get in touch with your local club, like minded people. Start small and remember to keep smiling!

Instagram: @matt.s.slee

Monica Juhart

Monica Juhart

Hills Red Amry
Monica's Story

Name: Monica Juhart

Club:  Hills Triathlon Club

Years in Sport? 10 years

Favourite Local Race?   Hills Club races

What do you most enjoy about your club and the sport?  The club members are very friendly and welcoming to people of all levels.  They offer great training sessions and club coaches.  The Hills races are very well run and are very competitive and they offer many different race lengths for people of all ages.

Tip for beginners? Join the club and start training with other like-minded people and you will learn very quickly.

Instagram – @monicajuhart

Sam Douglas

Sam Douglas

Sydney Tri Giants
Sam's Story

Name: Sam Douglas

Club: Sydney Tri Giants(Cronulla Junior)

Years in Sport? 15

Favourite local Race? Kurnell Triathlon

What you enjoy about your club and the sport?

I like the fact that Cronulla Triathlon Club has a really good junior program and it helped me learn the fundamentals of the sport. I fondly remember travelling around the state with the Triathlon club as a team and racing against other junior athletes all over the state. Looking back it was these trips and races which grew my love for the sport and are part of the reason I still race today. Triathlon has allowed me to travel to places I would never of seen otherwise and now allow me to create a career around the sport.

Tip for beginners? Run a mental rehearsal of exactly what you need to do in the race. It will help you when it comes to the actual race and allow your brain to make the right decisions when it’s in race mode and oxygen deprived.

Instagram: @samdougotriathlon

Kieran Roche

Kieran Roche

Hills Red Army
Kieran's Story

Name: Kieran Roche

Club: Hills Triathlon Club

Years in Sport: 10

Favourite Local Race: Kurnell Sprint

What do you most enjoy about your club and the sport?

I love the community Hills provides. My junior years in the sport featured unforgettable Saturday Morning Brick sessions at Parramatta Park and Hills club sprint races over the Summer at the Regatta Center. Hills Triathlon Club certainly has a great community behind it.

Tip for beginners? 

Don’t sweat the small stuff. At the end of the day, we need to remember that we do this sport because we love it!

Instagram: @kieranrochey








Photo Credit – @oskarjj

Quentin Schneider

Quentin Schneider

Balmoral Purple Cobras

Name: Quentin Schneider

Club: Balmoral Triathlon Club

Years in Sport: 8 years

Fav Local Race: Kurnell Triathlon/Balmoral Tri Club race

What you enjoy about your club and the sport?

No matter your age – your level – if you are an experienced triathlete or a beginner, you’ll always be very welcomed and supported at Balmoral Triathlon Club. And that’s what I love about my club.

Signing up at BTC made my moving from France much easier as I was able to meet an amazing bunch of people who supports everyone else’s goals.
Racing Triathlon has allowed me to discover parts of Australia and Europe I wouldn’t have travelled to otherwise. And what’s better than a race where you can open swim open water, ride and run to discover roads and places you’ve never seen before ?

Tip for beginners?

Take time to practice your transitions skills at training. They are like the fourth leg of a triathlon and feeling confident at transitioning during a race will lead you to a better race overall.

Instagram: @quentin_schndr

Holly Khan

Holly Khan

Central Coast Tri Club
Holly's Story

Name: Holly Khan

Club: Central Coast Triathlon Club

Years in Sport: 6 years

Favourite Local Race: Sparke Helmore Newcastle Triathlon

What do most enjoy about your club and the sport? 

It’s unreal to have a local club with: a great team who organise the events, heaps of athletes to compete alongside with, an open water swim course, and a trail running course along the lake. Triathlon has the ability to transform your life. It has forced me to develop skills, athletic abilities and mental strength I never realised existed within me or imagined was possible.

Tips for beginners? 

Don’t wait until you are faster, or fitter, or braver to get a coach or get on that start line. Just do it!

Instagram: @hollykhan

Chris Huang

Chris Huang

Coogee Comets
Chris' Story

Name: Chris Huang

Triathlon Club: Coogee Triathlon Club

Years in Sport: 5

Favourite Local Race: Nepean Triathlon

What do you enjoy most about your club and the sport?

One of the best things about triathlon is training and racing in so many different locations. The sport has provided me the opportunity to travel to many places I would never have visited otherwise! The great thing about Coogee is that it has a very inclusive and supportive environment for people of all levels. The club runs regular training sessions and races which are great for all athletes to develop and have fun together.

Tip for beginners?

The best way to learn is to surround yourself with like-minded and more experienced athletes. They’ll be able to give you some handy tips and show you some nice training routes!

Instagram: @chrishuang95









Photo Credit: @carmen_teiniker / @dellyphotoninja


Nathan Miller

Nathan Miller

Illawarra Cannons
Nathan's Story

Name: Nathan Miller

Club: Illawarra Triathlon Club

Years in sport: 11 years

Favourite local race: Callala Bay Triathlon

What do you most enjoy about your club and the sport?

I love being part of the Illawarra Triathlon club as we have a great mix of beginners to Professional athletes who on a weekly basis come together for club training sessions. most of all the culture of the club is great. Friendly, supportive , competitive and fun .

Tip for beginners?

Never forget why you started the sport. Remember how far you have come not how far you have to go.


Instagram: nathanmillerproject_m

Tamsyn Moana-Veale

Tamsyn Moana-Veale

Bathurst Wallabies
Tamsyn's Story

Name: Tamsyn Moana-Veale

NSW Triathlon Club: Growing up I was with with the Bathurst Wallabies Tri Club, now with Coogee Tri Club

Years in Sport: 9 years

Favourite local race: Orange Interclub event at Lake Canobolas

What you enjoy about your club and the sport?

I love having a network of support no matter where I’m racing and the option to train with other club members. Growing up in a country town, having Bathurst Tri Club was great as they supported me at events and really gave the sport that community feel. I enjoy the challenge of triathlon and how it led me to travelling the world and representing my country.

Tip for beginners?

Enjoy it! Find training partners and get involved in the social side of the sport- cafe rides or group Open water swims