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The Points


Points are allocated for participation and performance as such:

Participation Points

  • 5% of club members race = 3 participation points
  • 7% of club members race = 6 participation points
  • 15% of club members race = 9 participation points

Participation Point Rules

  • A clubs membership number is calculated as the number of members aged 15+ from the end of the 2017/2018 season
  • If 5%, 7% or 15% of a clubs membership is not a whole number, the required participant amount is rounded to the nearest whole number e.g 7% of a 60 member clubs = 4.2 members – therefore the club requires 4 members to race for 6 points.
  • Smaller clubs with less than 20 members will be measured for participation points as if they are a club of 20 members.
  • If a clubs required participation is calculated as one member for  both 5% and 7%, an extra required participant is added to the 7% requirement, meaning they would need two participants.

Performance points

1st 2 Performance Points 6st 0.5 Performance Point
2nd 1.5 Performance Points 7nd 0.5 Performance Point
3rd 1.5 Performance Points 8rd 0.5 Performance Point
4th 1 Performance Points 9th 0.5 Performance Point
5th 1 Performance Points 10th 0.5 Performance Point

*Points will be allocated to the top 10 from each age group division.

Max Out

Clubs can earn a maximum of 25 points at each event of the Regional Interclub Series.

This point equalisation strategy will be implemented to allow clubs of varying sizes to compete against each other.