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The “Experts” predict – Forager South Coast Triathlon League

This season, Triathlon NSW staff will be providing their “expert” opinions on how the Triathlon NSW Forager Interclub Leagues will unfold.

The three “experts” are CEO, Adam Wicks (AW). Operations Manager, Chris Cunningham (CC) and Marketing Manager, Alana Leabeater (CL).

All three will be predicting how the league table will finish come the end of the season and which club will win each round. They will predict for each of the eight Triathlon Leagues.

A correct pick is worth one point. Whoever gets the most points over the season will be the winner.

Office bragging rights are on the line!!!

Chris famously predicted that Jervis Bay Dolphins would finish last in their league last season…they went on to win it! So take our predictions for what they are…educated guesses that will more than likely be proven wrong.

Feel free to play along at home.


Forager South Coast Triathlon League predictions


CC – Jervis Bay, Shellharbour, Illawarra, Kiama, Highlands, Eurocoast

“Jervis Bay to repeat but Shellharbour to emerge as main contender. It will be close across the board though and even Eurocoast in 6th won’t be far away”


AL – Jervis Bay, Shellharbour, Illawarra, Kiama, Highlands, Eurocoast  

“Jervis Bay to prove it wasn’t a one off. Shellharbour to kick on with Illawarra paying for a slow start to the season but finishing strongly. Kiama to fall back”


AW – Illawarra, Shellharbour, Kiama, Jervis Bay, Highlands, Eurocoast

“Illawarra to finally make it happen, with Jervis Bay performing well but not to the heights of last season”



1st = Jervis Bay Dolphins

2nd = Shellharbour Mariners

3rd = Illawarra Cannons

4th = Kiama Coasters

5th = Highlands Shaggy Cows

6th = Eurocoast Nomads


The Jervis Bay Dolphins to go back to back with the Shellharbour Mariners taking another step in the right direction. The Illawarra Cannons will also feature heavily and just edge the Kiama Coasters down into 4th. The Highlands Shaggy Cows and Eurocoast Nomads to round out the group but



RD1 Club Champs 2020 – Jervis Bay (CC) Kiama (AL) Illawarra (AW)

RD2 Wollongong – Illawarra (CC) Illawarra (AL) Shellharbour (AW)

RD3 Little Husky – Jervis Bay (CC) Jervis Bay (AL) Shellharbour (AW)

RD4 Callala – Shellharbour (CC) Kiama (AL) Jervis Bay (AW)

RD5 Kurnell #2 – Illawarra (CC) Eurocoast (AL) Kiama (AW)

RD6 Batemans Bay – Jervis Bay (CC) Jervis Bay (AL) Kiama (AW)

RD7 Big Husky – Shellharbour (CC) Highlands (AL) Illawarra (AW)

RD8 Wollongong – Kiama (CC) Kiama (AL) Shellharbour (AW)

RD9 Club Champs 2021 – Kiama (CC) Jervis Bay (AL) Illawarra (AW)