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Warringah Waves

Interclub 01 Finishing Position = 2nd

Interclub 01 MVP = Nicole Ward, Peter Walker, Graeme Beattie

Interclub 01 Event Victories = (1)  Club Champs


Interclub 02 Preview

Warringah had a great year last season but were overshadowed by a relentless Balmoral outfit, meaning that Warringah had to settle for second place in the Sydney North Interclub Series.

Warringah will go into Interclub 02 as the firm favourite for the Sydney Triathlon League 1 title and promotion to the Sydney Triathlon Premier League.

They finished well in Interclub 01 turning in good performances at Big Husky, Club Champs and the Wollongong Triathlon.

Kurnell #1 and Kurnell #2 could be improved upon to ensure they don’t open the door to a determined chasing pack.


TNSW Predicted Finish = 1st 


Club History 

Warringah Triathlon Club was formed in 1985 to bring together athletes from Sydney’s Northern Beaches who wanted to try the new sport of triathlon. They are proud to be one the most active triathlon clubs in NSW and multiple winner of the Triathlon NSW Club Championships over the years, Ironman Club Champions and having regular representation at World Championships at every distance, but are also incredibly proud of the community feel and camaraderie within the club.

Their vision is to be the premier Australian multisport community of all ages & abilities assisting members to achieve their personal goals.

The Warringah Waves finished second in the first ever Sydney North Interclub Series and subsequently will compete in the Sydney Triathlon League 1 in Interclub 02. Nicole Ward, Peter Walker and Graeme Beattie tied for the first ever MVP title for the Warringah Waves.



Warringah Waves Career MVP

RankAthleteClubPerformance Points
1Graeme BEATTIEWarringah Waves11.5
2Peter WALKERWarringah Waves7.5
3Nicole WARDWarringah Waves7.5
4Shannon QUARTLYWarringah Waves7
5Miriam ORRWarringah Waves5.5
6Annabelle HARTIGANWarringah Waves5
7Jenny GILBERTWarringah Waves4
8Laurent DOYENWarringah Waves4
9Edward ALEXANDERWarringah Waves4
10Mel MARSHWarringah Waves4
11Sarah DEUCHRASSWarringah Waves3.5
12Emily KEMPSONWarringah Waves3.5
13John KETELBEYWarringah Waves3.5
14Michael SMITHWarringah Waves3.5
15Mark HERDMANWarringah Waves3.5
16Peter MCLEANWarringah Waves3
17Brian BLACKWarringah Waves3
18Mathlide BATALLIERWarringah Waves3
19Phoebe FEARWarringah Waves2
20Wilf DECKWarringah Waves2
21Luke WALKERWarringah Waves2
22Chris GRENVOLDWarringah Waves2
23Natalie EDWARDSWarringah Waves2
24Geoff THORSENWarringah Waves2
25Darren BRAMWELLWarringah Waves2
26Gavin MORTLOCKWarringah Waves1.5
27Stephanie HILLWarringah Waves1.5
28Susie HEATHWarringah Waves1.5
29Angus SEDGWICKWarringah Waves1.5
30Gary TALLWarringah Waves1.5
31Jules TROTTERWarringah Waves1.5
32Maddie MORTONWarringah Waves1.5
33Darren QUARRELLWarringah Waves1.5
34Luke MCLEANWarringah Waves1.5
35Amanda WHITEMANWarringah Waves1.5
36Susan NICHOLSONWarringah Waves1.5
37Laura HIGGINSWarringah Waves1.5
38Lucy HOBSONWarringah Waves1.5
39Christopher WALLACEWarringah Waves1.5
40Luke PARTRIDGEWarringah Waves1
41Tate RICHARDSWarringah Waves1
42John HOOKWarringah Waves1
43Michael CRAWFORDWarringah Waves1
44Sarah HOWITTWarringah Waves1
45Rob HOWITTWarringah Waves1
46David WILESWarringah Waves1
47Adrian CIANOWarringah Waves1
48Caroline CHAPPELLWarringah Waves1
49Erin MANSELLWarringah Waves1
50Chris PIKEWarringah Waves1
51Natalie VICTORWarringah Waves1
52Ian KennedyWarringah Waves0.5
53Guillermo GONZALEZWarringah Waves0.5
54Darren WINTERFORDWarringah Waves0.5
55Angela SANDERSONWarringah Waves0.5
56Kurt LEHMANNWarringah Waves0.5
57Rowena WALKERWarringah Waves0.5
58Caroline ENGLISHWarringah Waves0.5
59Karen INGRAMWarringah Waves0.5
60Mike BIGWOODWarringah Waves0.5
61Darren INGRAMWarringah Waves0.5
62Nigel PLAYLEWarringah Waves0.5
63Sandra GALLOWarringah Waves0.5
64Daniel HOWITTWarringah Waves0.5
65Emily WASHBROOKWarringah Waves0.5
66Andrew PARKINSONWarringah Waves0.5
67Kieron PATERSONWarringah Waves0.5

Sydney Triathlon League 1