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T4 North Bondi Tritans

Interclub Finishing Positions 

ICL01 = 7th (SE Sydney Division)

ICL02 = 5th (Sydney Triathlon League 2)

ICL03 = 1st (Sydney Triathlon League 2)


Interclub MVPs

ICL01 = Tony Golden (3.5 PTS)

ICL02 = James Byrne (2 PTS)

ICL03 = James Byrne (8 PTS)


Club History 

The T4 North Bondi Tritans finished seventh in the first ever Sydney South East Interclub Series and subsequently will compete in the Sydney Triathlon League 2  in Interclub 02. Tony Golden was the first ever MVP for the T4 North Bondi Tritans.


T4 North Bondi Tritans MVP 04