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Sydney Tri Giants

Interclub Finishing Positions

ICL01 = 1st (SE Sydney Division)

ICL02 = 3rd (Sydney Triathlon Premier League)

ICL03 = 1st (Sydney Triathlon Premier League)


Interclub MVPs

ICL01 = Cathy Verry (10 PTS)

ICL02 = George Miller (9.5 PTS)

ICL03 = Gavin Biles (16 PTS)


Club History

STG is a triathlon club based in Sydney’s eastern suburbs and CBD.

Setup in 2000 by Shaun Wadham as a training group, the club has prospered for 18 years with membership and sporting success at all-time highs. Shaun retired in March 2017 with STG becoming a non profit member run club with a committee led by Steve Ellis as President partnering with Swift Multisport’s Jarrad Adams and Pro Triathlete Sam Douglas to run all of the coaching services.

STG won the Division 3 NSW Club Championships title in 2017.

The Sydney Tri Giants were crowned champions in the first ever Sydney South East Interclub Series and subsequently will compete in the Sydney Triathlon Premier League in Interclub 02. Cathy Verry was the first ever MVP for the Panthers of Penrith.





Sydney Tri Giants Career MVP

RankAthleteClubPerformance Points
1Daniel X JAMESSydney Tri Giants24.5
2George MILLERSydney Tri Giants24.5
3Cathy VERRYSydney Tri Giants23.5
4Gavin BILESSydney Tri Giants22
5Sam DOUGLASSydney Tri Giants20
6Cassie DONOVANSydney Tri Giants17.5
7Laura RAMSAYSydney Tri Giants13
8Tom BILLSSydney Tri Giants10.5
9Helena HAYESSydney Tri Giants10
10Chris WOOLDRIDGESydney Tri Giants10
11Dylan CLOUGHSydney Tri Giants9.5
12Joel WOOLDRIDGESydney Tri Giants9
13Alex LARKMANSydney Tri Giants7
14Michael BARNFIELDSydney Tri Giants7
15Fumika MATSUMOTOSydney Tri Giants6.5
16Josh WOOLDRIDGESydney Tri Giants6
17Mark CLOUGHSydney Tri Giants6
18Kurt FRYERSydney Tri Giants5.5
19Steve ELLISSydney Tri Giants5
20Katherine LUKEYSydney Tri Giants5
21Alex NIXONSydney Tri Giants4
22Andrew DISLEYSydney Tri Giants4
23Eloise WATSONSydney Tri Giants4
24Gary MAHERSydney Tri Giants3
25Zsuzsa ZABORSZKYSydney Tri Giants2.5
26Micthell HUBBLESydney Tri Giants2
27Jeffrey ZWOLSMANSydney Tri Giants2
28Alex TREGLOWNSydney Tri Giants2
29Nicolas BARBALANSydney Tri Giants2
30Karen GOOCHSydney Tri Giants2
31Jack HAMBLETONSydney Tri Giants2
32Tim BURNS-FRANCISSydney Tri Giants2
33Mollie WALSHSydney Tri Giants2
34David BADETSydney Tri Giants2
35Dima POSTNIKOVSydney Tri Giants1.5
36Shelley MAXWELL-SMITHSydney Tri Giants1.5
37Danny O’DONOVANSydney Tri Giants1.5
38Dean ORMSTONSydney Tri Giants1
39Marc REBENAQUESydney Tri Giants1
40Jonathon GOERLACHSydney Tri Giants1
41Sarah SARKOZYSydney Tri Giants1
42Tenae LEITCHSydney Tri Giants1
43Mercedes VELASCOSydney Tri Giants1
44Luke JAMESSydney Tri Giants0.5
45Joanne GRAYSydney Tri Giants0.5
46George STIRLANDSydney Tri Giants0.5
47Denise PEREIRASydney Tri Giants0.5
48Grace WOLYNCEWICZSydney Tri Giants0.5
49James GLAVESSydney Tri Giants0.5
50Tracy LAUSydney Tri Giants0.5
51Alexander KEHOESydney Tri Giants0.5
52Murray ROBERTSONSydney Tri Giants0.5
53Dave LevettSydney Tri Giants0.5
54Andrew DEWEZSydney Tri Giants0.5

Forager Sydney Triathlon Premier League (ICL03)

11992550 (57)25 (30)816.524.550
316123.550 (108)1.54.5247.550
413510.52625 (48.5)01924.530
5132.5650 (58)5.50171044