March 15, 2018

Sydney Tri Giants

Sydney South East
2018-2019 Interclub Series


Sydney Triathlon Group

“I’m excited by the prospect of some friendly rivalry with our local clubs, some will be smarting having been knocked down at Orange this year. I’m expecting this new comp to excite our members to get out there and perform for the club” (Steve Ellis, President)


About the Club / History

STG is a triathlon club based in Sydney’s eastern suburbs and CBD.

Setup in 2000 by Shaun Wadham as a training group, the club has prospered for 18 years with membership and sporting success at all-time highs. Shauno retired in March 2017 with STG becoming a non profit member run club with a committee led by Steve Ellis as President partnering with Swift Multisport’s Jarrad Adams and Pro Triathlete Sam Douglas to run all of the coaching services.

STG has excelled on a sporting level in the last couple of years in 2017 winning Division 3 of the NSW Club Championships and in 2018 stepping up to DIV 2 and ranking on top of ALL Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs triathlon clubs.

Their members are people who want to improve their athletic potential by training for sporting goals, mainly in triathlon but also in standalone cycling, swimming and running events. They have a wide range of abilities – from first time triathletes to highly experienced Ironmen and Kona competitors. Ages range from 20s through to 60s and they are roughly an equal gender split. In their club newbies train side by side with 15+ year veterans.

STG has a welcoming culture and a strong social aspect. They take our sport seriously, but we also pride ourselves on a relaxed club vibe and love of coffee.


Training Sessions Offered

They run 10 coached sessions across every day of the week, 4 rides, 4 runs, 3 swims.

See Training Timetable at


Giants Season Preview Q&A

Athlete to watch? Daniel X James – Going from strength to strength year after year. Relatively new to the sport and is a sprint specialist.

Club Coach? Sam Douglas, head coach and professional triathlete.

Rookie to watch?  Cassie Donovan, recently completed her first Ironman at Port Mac and qualified for OD World Champs in Gold Coast later this year, Olympian parents, loads of potential!

Club ambassador? Cathy Verry, Kona veteran, long term club member, loves to help out with the club ……

Club to watch? Coogee… looking for payback

Event you are most looking forward to on the Calendar?  Hmmm… is Cairns Ironman on there?


How to connect with Sydney Triathlon Group

Sydney Triathlon Group Facebook – Click here
Sydney Triathlon Group Instagram – Click here 


Sydney Tri Giants MVP

RankAthleteTeamAge GroupPerformance Points
1Cathy VERRYSydney Tri Giants65-69 Female10
2Daniel X JAMESSydney Tri Giants40-44 Male9
3Sam DOUGLASSydney Tri Giants25-29 Male7
4George MILLERSydney Tri Giants25-29 Male5.5
5Katherine LUKEYSydney Tri Giants35-39 Female4
6Dylan CLOUGHSydney Tri Giants15-19 Male3.5
7Tom BILLSSydney Tri Giants40-44 Male3.5
8Eloise WATSONSydney Tri Giants25-29 Female3
9Steve ELLISSydney Tri Giants40-44 Male3
10Alex NIXONSydney Tri Giants30-34 Male2.5
11Cassie DONOVANSydney Tri Giants25-29 Female2
12Alex LARKMANSydney Tri Giants35-39 Female2
13Karen GOOCHSydney Tri Giants35-39 Female2
14Micthell HUBBLESydney Tri Giants20-24 Male2
15Michael BARNFIELDSydney Tri Giants60-64 Male2
16Mark CLOUGHSydney Tri Giants50-54 Male2
17Jeffrey ZWOLSMANSydney Tri Giants30-34 Male1
18Gary MAHERSydney Tri Giants35-39 Male1
19Sarah SARKOZYSydney Tri Giants40-44 Female1
20Marc REBENAQUESydney Tri Giants25-29 Male1
21Laura RAMSAYSydney Tri Giants25-29 Female1
22Dima POSTNIKOVSydney Tri Giants40-44 Male1
23Andrew DEWEZSydney Tri Giants25-29 Male0.5
24Denise PEREIRASydney Tri Giants40-44 Female0.5
25Alexander KEHOESydney Tri Giants25-29 Male0.5
26Dave LevettSydney Tri Giants35-39 Male0.5
27Luke JAMESSydney Tri Giants35-39 Male0.5