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About us / History

Port Macquarie Triathlon Club (PMTC) is a family-friendly triathlon community that stages a variety of races in the Port Macquarie-Hastings locality.  The Tri Club bases most of its activities in McInherney Park which is located on the Hastings River in Port Macquarie. A number of races are also staged at Pilot Beach Reserve, Dunbogan.

PMTC prides itself on its friendly and welcoming environment where new-comers, juniors and seasoned competitors are welcome, challenged and encouraged to Come ‘n’ Tri. The Club’s Summer season generally consists of 13 club races during the warmer months of October to April, with a mix of handicapped, graded and team events.  A series of Aquathons during January holidays and a winter duathlon series are also staged, and new-comers are always welcomed.

The Club also promotes attendance at a number of National events over a variety of distances from Sprint Triathlons up to Ironman distance.  The Club is especially proud of its regular attendance at the annual NSW Club Championships and encourages everyone to come and join us in April each year at this season-ending event.


Port Pelicans MVP

RankAthleteClubAge GroupPerformance Points
1Margaret LAWNPort Macquarie Pelicans65-69 Female8
2Michelle MCDONALDPort Macquarie Pelicans40-44 Female3.5
3Harry JONESPort Macquarie Pelicans25-29 Male3.5
4Julie PARISHPort Macquarie Pelicans60-64 Female3
5Georgia ABBEYPort Macquarie Pelicans20-24 Female3
6David CRADDOCKPort Macquarie Pelicans45-49 Male2.5
7Cassie PENSINIPort Macquarie Pelicans30-34 Female2
8Belinda JOHNSONPort Macquarie Pelicans40-44 Female2
9John TRACYPort Macquarie Pelicans70-74 Male2
10Alison APPLETONPort Macquarie Pelicans55-59 Female2
11Michael CUTTINGPort Macquarie Pelicans55-59 Male2
12Christine LALORPort Macquarie Pelicans55-59 Female2
13Georgia TAYLORPort Macquarie Pelicans20-24 Female2
14Darlene CHENEYPort Macquarie Pelicans50-54 Female2
15Tanya PORTOPort Macquarie Pelicans55-59 Female2
16Rachael GOODWINPort Macquarie Pelicans45-49 Female2
17Jamie VOGELEPort Macquarie Pelicans45-49 Male1.5
18Bryce PHILPOTTPort Macquarie Pelicans25-29 Male1.5
19Mahni LEWISPort Macquarie Pelicans20-24 Female1.5
20Peta ALEXOPOULOSPort Macquarie Pelicans40-44 Female1.5
21Jody MARSONPort Macquarie Pelicans30-34 Female1.5
22Brett WEICKPort Macquarie Pelicans35-39 Male1.5
23Steve SANDERSPort Macquarie Pelicans45-49 Male1.5
24Rhys LAWLERPort Macquarie Pelicans35-39 Male1.5
25David CARTERPort Macquarie Pelicans55-59 Male1.5
26Luke TEMPLEPort Macquarie Pelicans15-19 Male1
27Jodie BARRYPort Macquarie Pelicans30-34 Female1
28Tammy HOSKINGPort Macquarie Pelicans35-39 Female1
29Kate PENSINIPort Macquarie Pelicans50-54 Female1
30Patti TURNHAMPort Macquarie Pelicans60-64 Female1
31Vanessa BAILEYPort Macquarie Pelicans50-54 Female1
32Tracy LEWISPort Macquarie Pelicans50-54 Female1
33Dylan WILLIAMSPort Macquarie Pelicans25-29 Male1
34Chris PELLPort Macquarie Pelicans30-34 Male1
35Karren TAYLORPort Macquarie Pelicans40-44 Female0.5
36Jody HOPKINSPort Macquarie Pelicans35-39 Female0.5
37Janelle MOYLANPort Macquarie Pelicans55-59 Female0.5
38Chris ALEXOPOULOSPort Macquarie Pelicans40-44 Male0.5
39Ian LEWISPort Macquarie Pelicans50-54 Male0.5
40Greg BROOKSPort Macquarie Pelicans60-64 Male0.5
41Belinda CARRALLPort Macquarie Pelicans30-34 Female0.5
42Carolyn HAMILTONPort Macquarie Pelicans45-49 Female0.5
43Lindsey MOLLERPort Macquarie Pelicans40-44 Male0.5

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