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Panthers of Penrith

Interclub Finishing Positions

ICL01 = 5th (SW Sydney Division)

ICL02 = 6th (Sydney Triathlon Premier League)

ICL03 = 9th (Sydney Triathlon Premier League)


Interclub MVPs 

ICL01 = Aimee Carlin (10.5 PTS)

ICL02 = Aimee Carlin (4.5 PTS)

ICL03 = Adam Footit (7 PTS)


Club History

Panthers Triathlon Club was established in 1985 and is the longest standing Triathlon Club in the  western Sydney region with over 400 registered members.

The Club offers something for everyone and caters for athletes of all ages and abilities. Membership provides locals with access to triathlon training partners, affiliated local triathlon resources and a host of training activities and club races. The aim is to offer a family friendly environment where everyone can enjoy the challenge and fun of the ultimate multisport – Triathlon.

The Panthers of Penrith finished fifth in the first ever Sydney South West Interclub Series and subsequently will compete in the Sydney Triathlon Premier League in Interclub 02. They were victorious at the Nepean Triathlon. Aimee Carlin was the first ever MVP for the Panthers of Penrith.




Panthers of Penrith Career MVP

RankAthleteClubPerformance Points
1Aimee CARLINPanthers of Penrith 19
2John HUGHESPanthers of Penrith 11.5
3Adam FOOTITPanthers of Penrith 11
4Melissa FANNINGPanthers of Penrith 9.5
5Mike HISERPanthers of Penrith 7
6Toby CROUDSONPanthers of Penrith 6.5
7Cameron LUKSICHPanthers of Penrith 5
8Kaitlin BELLPanthers of Penrith 5
9Pauline MCCANNPanthers of Penrith 4.5
10Tony GABORITPanthers of Penrith 4.5
11James SWEENEYPanthers of Penrith 4.5
12Jack MATTHEWSPanthers of Penrith 4.5
13Chris COOPERPanthers of Penrith 4
14Craig BURKEPanthers of Penrith 3.5
15Chris WARINGPanthers of Penrith 3.5
16Leon SHARPPanthers of Penrith 2.5
17Rob DRADYPanthers of Penrith 2.5
18Jodie AMORPanthers of Penrith 2
19Rob RICHARDSPanthers of Penrith 2
20Heather BRAYPanthers of Penrith 2
21Jenny MATTHEWSPanthers of Penrith 2
22John LUKERPanthers of Penrith 2
23John TAYLORPanthers of Penrith 2
24Michelle KURPPanthers of Penrith 2
25Paul HALLPanthers of Penrith 1.5
26Jean KING-SMITHPanthers of Penrith 1.5
27Andy HAYNESPanthers of Penrith 1.5
28Nicole TZIAVARASPanthers of Penrith 1.5
29Emma THOMPSONPanthers of Penrith 1.5
30Mark WATSONPanthers of Penrith 1.5
31Matthew BELLPanthers of Penrith 1.5
32Glenn MATTHEWSPanthers of Penrith 1.5
33Lili ROTHPanthers of Penrith 1.5
34Karen LARMOURPanthers of Penrith 1
35Alan BENTLEYPanthers of Penrith 1
36Tony PHIPPSPanthers of Penrith 1
37Troy STEVENSPanthers of Penrith 1
38Jake BRUNTPanthers of Penrith 1
39Carien ROSS (HELBERG)Panthers of Penrith 1
40David KENTWELLPanthers of Penrith 1
41Michael CAPPADONAPanthers of Penrith 0.5
42Linda JOHNSONPanthers of Penrith 0.5
43Lilian BRADLEYPanthers of Penrith 0.5
44Gemma MIDDLEMASSPanthers of Penrith 0.5
45Belinda SKYRINGPanthers of Penrith 0.5
46Jacky WATSONPanthers of Penrith 0.5
47Ron SIMPSONPanthers of Penrith 0.5
48Gordon BELLPanthers of Penrith 0.5
49Chris JONESPanthers of Penrith 0.5
50Richard ALLENPanthers of Penrith 0.5
51Sarah PLUMPTONPanthers of Penrith 0.5
52Cloe REECEPanthers of Penrith 0.5
53Gordon MCKENNAPanthers of Penrith 0.5
54Greg HALINPanthers of Penrith 0.5
55Kelvin FRANICHPanthers of Penrith 0.5
56Sabina SPARKSPanthers of Penrith 0.5
57Tony WILLIAMSPanthers of Penrith 0.5

Forager Sydney Triathlon Premier League (ICL03)

11992550 (57)25 (30)816.524.550
316123.550 (108)1.54.5247.550
413510.52625 (48.5)01924.530
5132.5650 (58)5.50171044