March 15, 2018


Sydney South West
2018-2019 Interclub Series

Panthers Triathlon Club


About us / History

Panthers Triathlon Club was established in 1985 and is the longest standing Triathlon Club in the  western Sydney region with over 400 registered members.

The Club offers something for everyone and caters for athletes of all ages and abilities. Membership provides locals with access to triathlon training partners, affiliated local triathlon resources and a host of training activities and club races. The aim is to offer a family friendly environment where everyone can enjoy the challenge and fun of the ultimate multisport – Triathlon.


Training Offered

PTC members have plenty of opportunities to train, encourage and work with other members and partners of the club. With access to a number of specialised triathlon coaches, Training partners and various club activities you will have everything you need to prepare for your next race. To find out more please visit the Training Section of tehir website: Training.


Events Offered

PTC hosts a number of regular Triathlon and Duathlon events along social activities for members. All races are held at the Sydney International Regatta Centre, Penrith and are usually run each month. Additional activities including our handicap run and open water swim are run throughout the year. To find out more about our Club Races please visit: Club Races


How to connect with Panthers Triathlon Club

Panthers Triathlon Club Facebook – Click here

Panthers MVP

RankAthleteTeamAge GroupPerformance Points
1John HUGHESPanthers45-49 Male3.5
2Aimee CARLINPanthers20-24 Female2.5
3Heather BRAYPanthers20-24 Female2
4Josh FERRISPanthers15-19 Male2
5Michael SCHWEBELPanthers50-54 Male2
6Jodie AMORPanthers40-44 Female2
7Craig BURKEPanthers25-29 Male1.5
8Jack MATTHEWSPanthers20-24 Male1.5
9Nicole TZIAVARASPanthers50-54 Female1.5
10Mark WATSONPanthers25-29 Male1.5
11Andy HAYNESPanthers60-64 Male1.5
12Mike HISERPanthers60-64 Male1.5
13Pauline MCCANNPanthers60-64 Female1.5
14Emma THOMPSONPanthers45-49 Female1
15Kaitlin BELLPanthers15-19 Female1
16Rob DRADYPanthers35-39 Male1
17Alan BENTLEYPanthers50-54 Male1
18Jenny MATTHEWSPanthers55-59 Female1
19Michelle KURPPanthers35-39 Female1
20Glenn MATTHEWSPanthers55-59 Male1
21Melissa FANNINGPanthers45-49 Female1
22Carien ROSS (HELBERG)Panthers40-44 Female1
23Chris COOPERPanthers65-69 Male0.5
24Tony PHIPPSPanthers60-64 Male0.5
25Sarah PLUMPTONPanthers15-19 Female0.5
26Tony WILLIAMSPanthers50-54 Male0.5
27Jean KING-SMITHPanthers55-59 Female0.5
28Belinda SKYRINGPanthers45-49 Female0.5
29Lilian BRADLEYPanthers15-19 Female0.5
30Gemma MIDDLEMASSPanthers30-34 Female0.5
31Cloe REECEPanthers40-44 Female0.5