March 15, 2018

Northern Suburbs Mighty Mites

Sydney North
2018-2019 Interclub Series

Northern Suburbs  Triathlon Club


About us / History

Northern Suburbs Triathlon Club is located in the middle of Sydney’s North Shore and Northern Beaches area.¬† Their training grounds are spectacular and include Akuna Bay, West Head, the Northern Beaches, Galston Gorge, Berowra Waters, Brooklyn and Bobbin Head.

They pride themselves on being an inclusive club that acknowledges every member, their efforts and achievements in triathlon and other multisport events regardless of their ability or distance.

NSTC encourage you to have a good look through their website, particularly at the calendar of events under the “Training” tab.¬† If you like what you see and would like to join the NSTC family, they will do their best to make you feel welcome.


How to connect with Northern Suburbs Triathlon Club

Northern Suburbs Triathlon Club Facebook – Click here


Northern Suburbs Mighty Mites MVP

RankAthleteTeamAge GroupPerformance Points
1Jonathan FORRESTNorthern Suburbs Mighty Mites30-34 Male2.5
2Marina BATENorthern Suburbs Mighty Mites60-64 Female2.5
3Helen KENNEDYNorthern Suburbs Mighty Mites50-54 Female2
4Danielle FIORENorthern Suburbs Mighty Mites45-49 Female2
5Dereck DAYMONDNorthern Suburbs Mighty Mites60-64 Male1.5
6Mark FIORENorthern Suburbs Mighty Mites55-59 Male1.5
7Gavin MCGREGORNorthern Suburbs Mighty Mites65-69 Male1.5
8Sean BARKERNorthern Suburbs Mighty Mites40-44 Male1
9Carly BULLNorthern Suburbs Mighty Mites40-44 Female0.5
10Kate MARSHALLNorthern Suburbs Mighty Mites25-29 Female0.5
11Rod PHILLIPSNorthern Suburbs Mighty Mites65-59 Male0.5
12Corey DUKENorthern Suburbs Mighty Mites15-19 Male0.5
13Tony BEVENNorthern Suburbs Mighty Mites40-44 Male0.5