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LAPD Lightning

Interclub 01 Finishing Position = 8th (ICL01 – SW Sydney Division) 7th (ICL02 – Sydney Triathlon League 2) 5th (ICL03 – Sydney Triathlon League 2)

Interclub 01 MVP = Annie Simmons (ICL01) Jane Cooper & Eugene Irvin (ICL02) Eugene Irvin (ICL03)


Club History

LAPD triathlon club was started way back in the early days of triathlon with the original committee made up of people living in Leichhardt, Parramatta and Drummoyne, leading to the club name. In 1993 LAPD was incorporated and all the initial fun and games became official. The subsequent 25 years have seen many talented athletes and memorable characters contribute to the LAPD Tri Clubs evolution to where we are today.  Triathlon at LAPD is for everyone who wants to give it a go and do your best

Their club moto ‘You only get out what you put in

The LAPD Lightning finished eighth in the first ever Sydney South West Interclub Series and subsequently will compete in the Sydney Triathlon League 2 in Interclub 02. Annie Simmons was the first ever MVP for the LAPD Lightning.


LAPD Lightning MVP 03

RankAthleteClubPerformance Points
1Eugene IRVINLAPD Lightning 2

Sydney Triathlon League 2