March 22, 2018

Kiama Coasters

South Coast
2018-2019 Interclub Series

Kiama Triathlon Club


About the Club / History

Kiama Triathlon Club is based in Kiama on the South Coast of NSW. The club exists to provide a friendly, welcoming environment for triathletes and other multisport athletes to meet, train, compete and share ideas and experiences. They welcome everyone from world champions (yes they have one of those!) to those just wanting to dip their toes in the water and give it a ‘tri’ and everyone in between. All are very welcome to join them.

Training’s offered

They offer a wide range of informal training sessions in the three disciplines. Their members can often be seen meeting at the bridge over the Minnamurra River, Riverside Drive, Kiama, swimming at Dapto Pool or cycling around the hills that surround the town.

How to connect with Kiama Triathlon Club

Facebook: Kiama Triathlon Club has a closed group but be sure to make contact and they will happily add you!

Kiama Coasters MVP

RankAthleteTeamAge GroupPerformance Points
1Angela BESNARDKiama Coasters65-69 Female5.5
2Geoff BESNARDKiama Coasters65-69 Male5
3Cherryl FREEMANKiama Coasters50-54 Female4.5
4Mary STREETKiama Coasters60-64 Female4.5
5Kevin GOODWINKiama Coasters60-64 Male3.5
6Susan GORDONKiama Coasters60-64 Female2.5
7Mel HUENDERKiama Coasters40-44 Female2
8David LAWRENCEKiama Coasters55-59 Male2
9Amy LOXLEYKiama Coasters35-39 Female2
10Rodney LOXLEYKiama Coasters35-39 Male2
11Emily CRUMPKiama Coasters30-34 Female1.5
12Ben HARTLEYKiama Coasters35-39 Male1.5
13Lloyd EGANKiama Coasters60-64 Male1.5
14Peter PIKEKiama Coasters50-54 Male1.5
15Aaron MurphyKiama Coasters30-34 Male1
16Charlie WHEATLEYKiama Coasters45-49 Male1
17Peter MACPHERSONKiama Coasters50-54 Male1
18James PEPPERKiama Coasters35-39 Male0.5
19Anthony KODERKiama Coasters45-49 Male0.5
20Alan ONIONSKiama Coasters40-44 Male0.5
21Rod SLOANEKiama Coasters45-49 Male0.5