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Kiama Coasters

Interclub Finishing Positions 

ICL01 = 1st

ICL02 = 2nd

ICL03 = 2nd


Interclub MVPs

ICL01 = Angela Besnard (8.5 PTS)

ICL02 = Cherryl Freeman (8.5 PTS)

ICL03 = Cherryl Freeman/Mary Street (14PTS)


ICL04 prediction 

Last season’s agonising finish for the Kiama coasters will motivate them all the way to reclaiming the South Coast title this season.

Highly motivated, well organised and extremely talented is a dangerous combination and Kiama should claim their second ever South Coast title, but will be pushed all the way.

Expect Kiama to also have one of their athletes secure the region MVP, to make it four years in a row for a Coaster to be crowned MVP for the region.

TNSW prediction = 1st 


Club History

Kiama Triathlon Club is based in Kiama on the South Coast of NSW. The club exists to provide a friendly, welcoming environment for triathletes and other multisport athletes to meet, train, compete and share ideas and experiences.

Kiama are two time Division 3 Champions at the Triathlon NSW Club Championships.

The Kiama Coasters were crowned champions of the first ever South Coast Triathlon League. Angela Besnard was the first ever MVP for the Kiama Coasters and was also crowned MVP for the region.

The Coasters finished runner up during ICL02 with Cherryl Freeman crowned Club MVP and region MVP.

It was unfortunately runner up again during ICL03 for the Kiama Coasters as they were edged out at the final event by eventual winners, the Jervis Bay Dolphins. A silver lining for the club was Mary Street and Cherryl Freeman sharing the Club MVP honours whilst also sharing the region MVP honours, ensuring that only Kiama Coaster athletes are yet to win region MVP honours.






Kiama Coasters Career MVP

RankAthleteClubPerformance Points
1Cherryl FREEMANKiama Coasters31.5
2Mary STREETKiama Coasters28
3Angela BESNARDKiama Coasters20
4Amy LOXLEYKiama Coasters13.5
5Geoff BESNARDKiama Coasters12.5
6Rodney LOXLEYKiama Coasters11
7Byron SMITHKiama Coasters9.5
8Emily CRUMPKiama Coasters8.5
9Jay GAFFEYKiama Coasters8.5
10Kevin GOODWINKiama Coasters8
11Mitchell CUNNINGHAMKiama Coasters7.5
12Peter MACPHERSONKiama Coasters5
13Susan GORDONKiama Coasters5
14Peter PIKEKiama Coasters4
15Alan ONIONSKiama Coasters4
16Emma WRIGHTKiama Coasters4
17Keelan GREENKiama Coasters4
18Lloyd EGANKiama Coasters3.5
19Ben HARTLEYKiama Coasters3.5
20Megan TAYLORKiama Coasters3.5
21Joel TADDEOKiama Coasters3.5
22Jodie LINSLEYKiama Coasters3.5
23Amelia ALEXANDERKiama Coasters3
24Benjamin GAFFEYKiama Coasters3
25Sandra EGANKiama Coasters3
26Rod SLOANEKiama Coasters2.5
27Charlie WHEATLEYKiama Coasters2.5
28Susan HAWLEYKiama Coasters2.5
29Aaron MurphyKiama Coasters2
30Mel HUENDERKiama Coasters2
31David LAWRENCEKiama Coasters2
32Trish VOGELSKiama Coasters1.5
33Alice JOHNSONKiama Coasters1.5
34Hannah BESTKiama Coasters1.5
35James PEPPERKiama Coasters1.5
36Cameron HESFORDShellharbour Mariners1.5
37Gary GORDONKiama Coasters1.5
38Nathan GUNDLACHKiama Coasters1.5
39Nate CHELLEWKiama Coasters1.5
40Ceinwyn WHITTAKERKiama Coasters1.5
41Anthony KODERKiama Coasters1.5
42Sonya STEWARTKiama Coasters1.5
43Heather SHRIBMANKiama Coasters1
44Keryn BOWDENKiama Coasters1
45Ron SimpsonKiama Coasters1
46Nathan HALLKiama Coasters1
47Samantha BOWDENKiama Coasters1
48Kate RATCLIFFEKiama Coasters1
49Richard COOKKiama Coasters1
50Samantha WHEATLEYKiama Coasters1
51Daniel MARANGEKiama Coasters0.5
52Phil WHITEKiama Coasters0.5
53Sonny ETTRIDGEKiama Coasters0.5
54Mark ETTRIDGEKiama Coasters0.5
55Lucy KODERKiama Coasters0.5
56Kim ROGERSKiama Coasters0.5

Forager South Coast Triathlon League (ICL04)

2132.525 (29.5)25 (25.5)12.512.521.536
485.51525 (26)6.512.524.52