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Jervis Bay Dolphins

Interclub Finishing Positions 

ICL01 = 6th

ICL02 = 1st

ICL03 = 1st


Interclub MVPs

ICL01 = Tony Lim/Justin Field (3 PTS)

ICL02 = Rod Rose (8 PTS)

ICL03 = Rod Rose (9.5 PTS)



ICL04 prediction 

It would be an incredible effort if the Dolphins could make it three titles in a row, but it is hard to stay on top in sport and this season expect Jervis Bay to fall back slightly through no fault of their own.

Will finish strong but may lose steam during mid season at Callala and Batemans Bay.

Will be in the title hunt all season long but expect it to be a four horse race this season.

TNSW prediction = 4th 


Club History

The Jervis Bay Triathlon Club is located on the South Coast of NSW. It is a young club with a strong family environment.

The club welcomes athletes of all levels – whether you’re into Ironman racing or just a want to complete your first triathlon.

The Jervis Bay Dolphins finished sixth in the first ever South Coast Triathlon League. Tony Lim and Justin Field tied for the first ever MVP title for the Jervis Bay Dolphins.

The Dolphins turned it around dramatically in ICL02 to go from last to first as they were crowned South Coast champs. Rod Rose won the Club MVP and was crucial in turning around the fortunes of the Club as Club President.

Proving that ICL03 was no fluke, the Jervis Bay Dolphins won the South Coast Triathlon again during ICL03, with Rod Rose repeating his MVP success to cement his place in Jervis Bay folklore.




Jervis Bay Dolphins Career MVP

RankAthleteClubPerformance Points
1Rod ROSEJervis Bay Dolphins23.5
2Bill STAHLHUTJervis Bay Dolphins22.5
3Sile CROWEJervis Bay Dolphins17.5
4Mandy MEREDITHJervis Bay Dolphins15.5
5Robert DUFFYJervis Bay Dolphins14
6Tony LIMJervis Bay Dolphins14
7Darryl CALLAGHANJervis Bay Dolphins13.5
8Anette SAMPSONJervis Bay Dolphins13.5
9Matt LEWISJervis Bay Dolphins10.5
10Jackie LYONSJervis Bay Dolphins10.5
11Jessica ROSSKELLYJervis Bay Dolphins9.5
12Gray PARKESJervis Bay Dolphins8.5
13Elisha BELLJervis Bay Dolphins8
14Haydn JERVISJervis Bay Dolphins6
15Scott RANKINJervis Bay Dolphins5
16Jon-Paul HILTONJervis Bay Dolphins4
17Natalie MORTJervis Bay Dolphins4
18Brooklyn HENRYJervis Bay Dolphins4
19Brett CAMMJervis Bay Dolphins3.5
20Kendall MCMASTERJervis Bay Dolphins3.5
21Justin FIELDJervis Bay Dolphins3.5
22Freya ROBINSON-MILLSJervis Bay Dolphins3.5
23Ben MOOREJervis Bay Dolphins3
24Will BLESSINGJervis Bay Dolphins3
25Mark BAGNALLJervis Bay Dolphins3
26Kim WATERHOUSEJervis Bay Dolphins2.5
27Abigail PIERCEJervis Bay Dolphins2.5
28Ken PRICEJervis Bay Dolphins2
29Daniel WELLSJervis Bay Dolphins2
30Tracey EMERTONJervis Bay Dolphins2
31Nash HAYJervis Bay Dolphins1.5
32Zac PETERSJervis Bay Dolphins1.5
33Paul THOMPSONJervis Bay Dolphins1
34Martin BELLJervis Bay Dolphins1
35Sue STRANDJervis Bay Dolphins1
36Chris STUBBSJervis Bay Dolphins1
37Brian PEADONJervis Bay Dolphins0.5
38Tamara SHIRVINGTONJervis Bay Dolphins0.5
39Joanne PLOSZCZYNIECJervis Bay Dolphins0.5
40Allison DILLONJervis Bay Dolphins0.5
41David PARLEJervis Bay Dolphins0.5
42Steve CROSSMANJervis Bay Dolphins0.5

Forager South Coast Triathlon League (ICL04)

296.525 (29.5)25 (25.5)12.512.521.5-
383.51525 (26)6.512.524.5-