March 22, 2018

Jervis Bay Dolphins

South Coast
2018-2019 Interclub Series

Jervis Bay Triathlon Club


The Jervis Bay Triathlon Club is located on the South Coast of NSW. It is a young club with a strong family environment.

The club welcomes athletes of all levels – whether you’re into Ironman racing or just a want to complete your first triathlon.


How to connect with Jervis Bay Triathlon Club

Jervis Bay Triathlon Club Facebook – Click here


Jervis Bay Dolphins MVP

RankAthleteTeamAge GroupPerformance Points
1Tony LIMJervis Bay Dolphins65-69 Male3
2Justin FIELDJervis Bay Dolphins40-44 Male3
3Matt LEWISJervis Bay Dolphins25-29 Male2.5
4Anette SAMPSONJervis Bay Dolphins55-59 Female2
5Brooklyn HENRYJervis Bay Dolphins15-19 Male2
6Tracey EMERTONJervis Bay Dolphins35-39 Female2
7Daniel WELLSJervis Bay Dolphins35-39 Male2
8Nash HAYJervis Bay Dolphins15-19 Male1.5
9Freya ROBINSON-MILLSJervis Bay Dolphins15-19 Female1.5
10Mark BAGNALLJervis Bay Dolphins45-49 Male1.5
11Bill STAHLHURSTJervis Bay Dolphins55-59 Male1.5
12Jackie LYONSJervis Bay Dolphins35-39 Female1
13Darryl CALLAGHANJervis Bay Dolphins45-49 Male1
14Jon-Paul HILTONJervis Bay Dolphins35-39 Male0.5
15Steve CROSSMANJervis Bay Dolphins30-34 Male0.5
16Joanne PLOSZCZYNIECJervis Bay Dolphins40-44 Female0.5
17Brian PEADONJervis Bay Dolphins60-64 Male0.5