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Illawarra Cannons

Interclub Finishing Positions = 2nd (ICL01) 4th (ICL02) 4th (ICL03)

Interclub MVPs = Ben Bell/Brodie Talbot (ICL01) Sile Crowe (ICL02) Eric Vickery (ICL03)


Club History

Illawarra Triathlon Club has been established since 1988 and they encourage anyone who would like to participate in triathlon to come along and join our racing or training events. They are also encourage families to become involved in their club and the social aspect of triathlon.

ITC offer affordable membership packages and their training and racing calendar provides opportunities all year round. During summer they have triathlon events, aquathlons and club training rides. Their focus in winter is on duathlons and running. There are also a range of social activities throughout the year to encourage members to get to know each other, introduce their families to the club and to form friendships and training partners.

The Illawarra Cannons finished second in the first ever South Coast Interclub Series. They were victorious at the Callala Triathlon and the Wollongong Triathlon. Ben Bell and Brodie Talbot tied for the first ever MVP title for the Illawarra Cannons.

The Cannons slipped backwards during ICL02 to finish fourth despite victory at the Berry Duathlon. Sile Crowe won the Club MVP.



Illawarra Cannons Career MVP

RankAthleteClubPerformance Points
1Kye ROBINSONIllawarra Cannons11
2Sile CROWEIllawarra Cannons10.5
3Ben BELLIllawarra Cannons8.5
4Angus WADDELLIllawarra Cannons7.5
5Erin HARGRAVEIllawarra Cannons7
6Lauren MYERSIllawarra Cannons7
7Eric VICKERYIllawarra Cannons6
8Kate ARBERIllawarra Cannons5
9James ALEXANDERIllawarra Cannons5
10Alex POZZERIllawarra Cannons5
11Elisa KENNERLEYIllawarra Cannons4.5
12Col STEELEIllawarra Cannons4.5
13Brodie TALBOTIllawarra Cannons4.5
14Courtney THURGARIllawarra Cannons4.5
15Aaron RODWELLIllawarra Cannons3.5
16Mitchell BLACKBOURNIllawarra Cannons3.5
17Ross SCHUBACKIllawarra Cannons3.5
18Richard COOKIllawarra Cannons3
19Ben MARLOWIllawarra Cannons3
20Rebecca ARBERIllawarra Cannons3
21Josh BIGNELLIllawarra Cannons3
22Narelle TALBOTIllawarra Cannons2.5
23Nathan MILLERIllawarra Cannons2.5
24Robert BARBERIllawarra Cannons2
25Lucy CLIFFIllawarra Cannons2
26Peter ROOPEIllawarra Cannons2
27Witold KRAJEWSKIIllawarra Cannons2
28Ryan FLEMINGIllawarra Cannons2
29Ian KENNERLEYIllawarra Cannons1.5
30Alexis BELLIllawarra Cannons1.5
31Paul BEAUMONTIllawarra Cannons1.5
32Matthew BURGEIllawarra Cannons1.5
33David RAYMONDIllawarra Cannons1.5
34Kerry DOWLINGIllawarra Cannons1.5
35Joshua ENGELIllawarra Cannons1.5
36Skye BELLIllawarra Cannons1.5
37Jenny SIMPSONIllawarra Cannons1
38Stephen BUDGENIllawarra Cannons1
39Grace MAHONIllawarra Cannons1
40Deklan CAMPBELLIllawarra Cannons1
41Kelera SIGABALAVUIllawarra Cannons0.5
42Doug SIMPSONIllawarra Cannons0.5
43Matthew BUDGENIllawarra Cannons0.5
44Robert BENGEIllawarra Cannons0.5
45Dane BURGEIllawarra Cannons0.5
46Jenny FISHERIllawarra Cannons0.5
47James DAVYIllawarra Cannons0.5

South Coast Standings - Interclub 02