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Hills Triathlon Club

Fresh off our Club Champs double win at Orange, we are all fired up for the new season and the new Triathlon NSW series in particular. What a great initiative from Triathlon NSW to get this series underway to foster a bit of healthy inter-club rivalry all year round, whilst support both massive popular events, and small club based racing too” (Tommy Morwood, Club President)


About the Club / History

The Hills Tri Club has been active in the Hills Districts of Sydney for 25 years. They may have started off small, however over the years they have grown and grown and grown – so much so, that we are now the largest Triathlon club in all of NSW!! They have over 400 members (1/4 of which are juniors) who all love triathlon. They are incredibly proud to have been crowned back to back Triathlon NSW club champions, and to top it off, last year they were the first team to ever take home the ‘Double’ – ‘Adult & Junior champ titles!’

They love to race…. and love to party!!! Sure, they love club champs….. but they also love their (tasteful and family friendly!) annual undie run just as much 🙂

They are excited to have loads of people join each year who are brand new to the sport and love the atmosphere of their friendly race series.

And at the other end they have over 40 members off to WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP events in 2018 across all distances: Sprint, Olympic, 70.3, Aquathon, Duathlon, Ironman and XTERRA.

They pride themselves on offering something for everyone.

Women it Tri? Yup —>
Juniors? You bet —>

Swim / bike / bike, any format. any distance. They love it all.


Training Sessions offered

The club coaches run a host of weekly training sessions, which are all on their interactive training calendar :


Events Offered

Their GARMIN  TRI SERIES races are the largest open sanctioned club events in Australia! They compromise of five triathlons races and one winter duathlon throughout the year all out at the Sydney International Regatta Centre (Penrith).

Sprint, Enticer and Junior events are on offer each time to cater for all levels and abilities. Our events are open sanctioned – which means anyone can come and race.

For more information click here


Red Army Season Preview  Q&A

Athletes to watch? Keep an eye on young Mitch Westhuizen and Ella-Kate Hussien in the junior ranks. Both are relatively new to tri, but have produced fine results last season and are defiantly on our up and coming radars. At the other end of the spectrum, you can never look past super runner Dave McEwan. He might be pushing the better side of 60 these days, but he still runs his 5 k in under 19mins.. off the bike! 

Club captain? Robbie Glover leads the charge to Club Champs each year, and Tommy Morwood is the driving force behind the new full year series. Both are passionate triathletes who love reviewing results and drumming up club support.

Club ambassadors ? All our club committee members are fine ambassadors for our club, and the sport of triathlon in general. This dedicated group of 23 people all help out with various roles in our club, and are all fiercely proud members of the HILLS RED ARMY

Club to watch? It’s always hard to look past the coastal clubs with their beautiful beaches, so we’d have to say Cronulla. However, if PTC ever decide to venture beyond their traditional IronMan / Long course focus, then the talent in their club can’t ever be overlooked!

Event you are most looking forward to on the Calendar? Our own Hills series event of course! (and not just because after each race we order 50 pizzas and give away over $2k of goodies! )


How to connect with Hills Triathlon Club

Hills Triathlon Club Facebook – Click here


Hills Red Army MVP

RankAthleteClubAge GroupPerformance Points
1David MCEWANHills Red Army60-64 Male19
2Paul FISHERHills Red Army55-59 Male11
3Malcolm RAMSAYHills Red Army25-29 Male9.5
4Matthew PLOHLHills Red Army35-39 Male8.5
5Rachel KNELLWOLFHills Red Army20-24 Female8.5
6Kristie CAPLIKASHills Red Army15-19 Female7.5
7Alan WHITMOREHills Red Army65-69 Male6.5
8Julie HOWLEHills Red Army45-49 Female6
9Caitlin SENDTHills Red Army15-19 Female6
10Greg BAXTERHills Red Army45-49 Male6
11Don MCARTHURHills Red Army55-59 Male6
12Emily JAMGOTCHIANHills Red Army15-19 Female5.5
13Shannon LUMHills Red Army45-49 Male5.5
14Rachael MCALLISTERHills Red Army20-24 Female5
15Jenny HARTHills Red Army50-54 Female5
16Matilda OFFORDHills Red Army15-19 Female4.5
17David JAFFEHills Red Army75-79 Male4.5
18Josh FERRISHills Red Army15-19 Male4
19Bomber HUTCHINSONHills Red Army70-74 Male4
20Dave HOLTSBAUMHills Red Army45-49 Male3.5
21Helen MCARTHURHills Red Army55-59 Female3.5
22Ross SALMONHills Red Army75-79 Male3
23Matthew ROFEHills Red Army20-24 Male3
24Brian BRADYHills Red Army35-39 Male2.5
25Alexander JACKSONHills Red Army25-29 Male2.5
26Glenn WALKERHills Red Army55-59 Male2
27Leah SMITHHills Red Army45-49 Female2
28Aimy PAPOULIASHills Red Army35-39 Female2
29Paul MACFARLANEHills Red Army35-39 Male2
30Susan PACEHills Red Army50-54 Female2
31Joanne LUMHills Red Army45-49 Female2
32Greg SMITHHills Red Army55-59 Male2
33Darren BUSHHills Red Army40-44 Male2
34Jason HOWIEHills Red Army45-49 Male2
35Olivia FRYHills Red Army15-19 Female1.5
36Garry PRESTONHills Red Army60-64 Male1.5
37Bernadette CARROLLHills Red Army60-64 Female1.5
38Ivo NOLLHills Red Army65-69 Male1.5
39Daniel FORWOODHills Red Army20-24 Male1.5
40Tommy MORWOODHills Red Army35-39 Male1.5
41David GERYHills Red Army25-29 Male1.5
42Magnus LINDERHills Red Army50-54 Male1.5
43Neil MATTHEWSHills Red Army60-64 Male1.5
44Megan JOHNSONHills Red Army35-39 Female1.5
45Renee KENNEDYHills Red Army40-44 Female1.5
46Mollie WALSHHills Red Army25-29 Female1.5
47Adam DICKSONHills Red Army12-14 Male1.5
48Dugald SPENCELEYHills Red Army45-49 Male1.5
49Scott HAYWARDHills Red Army50-54 Male1.5
50Mitchell WESTHUIZENHills Red Army15-19 Male1
51Kye FARRIERHills Red Army15-19 Male1
52Kate O’BRIENHills Red Army40-44 Female1
53Jessica EDWARDSHills Red Army40-44 Female1
54Philip WILKINSONHills Red Army70-74 Male1
55Barry MUNINKHills Red Army55-59 Male1
56Euphemia FOOHills Red Army30-34 Female1
57Gizelle ROSEHills Red Army30-34 Female1
58David BARNESHills Red Army65-69 Male1
59Hannah MOLONEYHills Red Army15-19 Female1
60Madison HAYWARDHills Red Army15-19 Female1
61Rosie LANGLEYHills Red Army60-64 Female1
62Bryce MORLEYHills Red Army35-39 Male1
63Robbie GLOVERHills Red Army35-39 Male1
64Ed CONWAYHills Red Army55-59 Male1
65Kelly PORTELLIHills Red Army35-39 Female1
66Philip BELLHills Red Army65-69 Male1
67Mark STEPHANHills Red Army45-49 Male1
68Ingrid HOBSONHills Red Army50-54 Female0.5
69Tomslin SAMME-NLARHills Red Army35-39 Male0.5
70Sara PIXLEYHills Red Army35-39 Female0.5
71Matthew PEARSONHills Red Army15-19 Male0.5
72Julie-Anne ROCHEHills Red Army45-49 Female0.5
73Emily MOLONEYHills Red Army15-19 Female0.5
74Charlotte COLACOHills Red Army50-54 Female0.5
75Vic CAPLIKASHills Red Army50-54 Male0.5
76Glenn HALLHills Red Army45-49 Male0.5
77Bryan PEARSONHills Red Army45-49 Male0.5
78David HENDERSONHills Red Army45-49 Male0.5
79Jack HAGGERTYHills Red Army15-19 Male0.5
80Jodie HILLHills Red Army45-49 Female0.5
81Kristin MATEIKAHills Red Army35-39 Female0.5
82Daniel CONNELLHills Red Army35-39 Male0.5
83Dominique SMITHHills Red Army40-44 Female0.5
84Brett O’LEARYHills Red Army45-49 Male0.5

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