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Hills Red Army

Interclub Finishing Positions 

ICL01 = 1st (SW Sydney Division)

ICL02 = 1st (Sydney Triathlon Premier League)

ICL03 = 2nd (Sydney Triathlon Premier League)


Interclub MVPs

ICL01 = David McEwan (19PTS)

ICL02 = David McEwan (6PTS)

ICL03 = David McEwan (12PTS)


Club History

The Hills Tri Club has been active in the Hills Districts of Sydney for 25 years and have grown to be one of the largest clubs in Australia.

They have won the NSW Club Championships twice at both Senior and Junior level.

The Hills Red Army were crowned champions in the first ever Sydney South West Interclub Series and subsequently will compete in the Sydney Triathlon Premier League in Interclub 02. Dave McEwan was the first ever MVP for the Hills Red Army and was also the MVP for the region.





Hills Red Army Career MVP

RankAthleteClubPerformance Points
1David MCEWANHills Red Army47
2Julie HOWLEHills Red Army17
3Matthew PLOHLHills Red Army13
4Paul FISHERHills Red Army12
5Jason HOWIEHills Red Army12
6Matilda OFFORDHills Red Army12
7Alan WHITMOREHills Red Army11.5
8Shannon LUMHills Red Army11.5
9Brian BRADYHills Red Army11
10Helen MCARTHURHills Red Army10.5
11Bryce MORLEYHills Red Army10.5
12Madison HAYWARDHills Red Army10.5
13Rachel KNELLWOLFHills Red Army10
14Malcolm RAMSAYHills Red Army9.5
15Emily JAMGOTCHIANHills Red Army9
16Kristie CAPLIKASHills Red Army9
17Josh FERRISHills Red Army9
18Caitlin SENDTHills Red Army9
19Greg BAXTERHills Red Army8.5
20Jacqueline BURNANDHills Red Army8.5
21Jenny HARTHills Red Army8
22Don MCARTHURHills Red Army7
23Leah SMITHHills Red Army6.5
24Cameron WILSONHills Red Army6
25Scott HAYWARDHills Red Army6
26Ross SALMONHills Red Army6
27Paul MACFARLANEHills Red Army5.5
28Cameron LUKSICHPanthers5
29Mitchell WESTHUIZENHills Red Army5
30Rachael MCALLISTERHills Red Army5
31Andrew WILKINSONHills Red Army4.5
32David JAFFEHills Red Army4.5
33Matthew PEARSONHills Red Army4.5
34Gary PRESTONHills Red Army4.5
35Bronte CLIFFORDHills Red Army4.5
36David O’BRIENBalmoral Purple Thunder4.5
37Tommy MORWOODHills Red Army4
38Dave HOLTSBAUMHills Red Army4
39Timothy MOLESWORTHHills Red Army4
40Alexander JACKSONHills Red Army4
41Greg SMITHHills Red Army4
42Bomber HUTCHINSONHills Red Army4
43Emir MUJCINOVICHills Red Army3.5
44Mollie WALSHHills Red Army3.5
45Kye FARRIERHills Red Army3.5
46Joanne LUMHills Red Army3.5
47Aimy PAPOULIASHills Red Army3.5
48Glenn NORRISHills Red Army3
49Sarah DICKSONHills Red Army3
50Neil MATTHEWSHills Red Army3
51Mark STEPHANHills Red Army3
52Susan PACEHills Red Army3
53Demi BIRCHHills Red Army3
54Matthew ROFEHills Red Army3
55Rosie LANGLEYHills Red Army3
56Vic CAPLIKASHills Red Army2.5
57Robert GORDONHills Red Army2.5
58Hannah MOLONEYHills Red Army2.5
59Glenn WALKERHills Red Army2.5
60Jessica EDWARDSHills Red Army2.5
61Bernadette CARROLLHills Red Army2.5
62Gregory BURFORDHills Red Army2
63Mark STRATHERNHills Red Army2
64Dugald SPENCELEYHills Red Army2
65Magnus LINDERHills Red Army2
66David GERYHills Red Army2
67Darren BUSHHills Red Army2
68Michael SCHWEBELHills Red Army2
69Jack REENHills Red Army2
70Ingrid HOBSONHills Red Army2
71Kate O’BRIENHills Red Army2
72Grace HAYWARDHills Red Army2
73Joel OFFORDHills Red Army2
74Nicholas TERRANOVAHills Red Army1.5
75Rebecca WRIGHTHills Red Army1.5
76Steven DALTONHills Red Army1.5
77Steph GRAVESHills Red Army1.5
78Billy ZAVETSANOSHills Red Army1.5
79Ian MACLEODHills Red Army1.5
80Adam DICKSONHills Red Army1.5
81Megan JOHNSONHills Red Army1.5
82Olivia FRYHills Red Army1.5
83Casper LARKINHills Red Army1.5
84Daniel FORWOODHills Red Army1.5
85Ivo NOLLHills Red Army1.5
86Renee KENNEDYHills Red Army1.5
87Praveen ANGAMMANAHills Red Army1.5
88Ed LangdonHills Red Army1.5
89Duncan JOHNSTONHills Red Army1.5
90Karen TALLISHills Red Army1.5
91Chris WARRENHills Red Army1
92Tamra SANTUCCIHills Red Army1
93Harry STANCICHills Red Army1
94Daniel LOUW-1
95Matthew DE POMEROYHills Red Army1
96Tricia FINKBEINERHills Red Army1
97Kellie NETHERYHills Red Army1
98Mirah LARKINHills Red Army1
99Zane WATSONHills Red Army1
100Bryan PEARSONHills Red Army1
101Robbie GLOVERHills Red Army1
102Ed CONWAYHills Red Army1
103Kelly PORTELLIHills Red Army1
104Louise MARVINHills Red Army1
105Gizelle ROSEHills Red Army1
106Barry MUNINKHills Red Army1
107Philip WILKINSONHills Red Army1
108Euphemia FOOHills Red Army1
109Philip BELLHills Red Army1
110David HENDERSONHills Red Army1
111Thomas O’CALLAGHANHills Red Army1
112Kiet DUONGHills Red Army1
113David BARNESHills Red Army1
114Scarlett PARKERHills Red Army0.5
115Stephen DURANTHills Red Army0.5
116Bradley PACEHills Red Army0.5
117Michelle ARNOLD-0.5
118Adrian THEARLE-0.5
119Ella-Kate HUSSEINHills Red Army0.5
120Kerrelie ATKINSHills Red Army0.5
121Adam SHOREHills Red Army0.5
122Jonathon RAINEYHills Red Army0.5
123Georgia LONGHills Red Army0.5
124Toby BELLEWHills Red Army0.5
125Victoria HILLHills Red Army0.5
126Brett O’LEARYHills Red Army0.5
127Tomslin SAMME-NLARHills Red Army0.5
128Glenn HALLHills Red Army0.5
129Jodie HILLHills Red Army0.5
130Kristin MATEIKAHills Red Army0.5
131Jack HAGGERTYHills Red Army0.5
132Sara PIXLEYHills Red Army0.5
133Daniel CONNELLHills Red Army0.5
134Dominique SMITHHills Red Army0.5
135Nicole MUELLERHills Red Army0.5
136Courtney SWEENEYHills Red Army0.5
137Melissa BLUMEHills Red Army0.5
138Erica CAMPBELL-RODGERSHills Red Army0.5
139Tim BATTHills Red Army0.5
140Julie-Anne ROCHEHills Red Army0.5
141Emily MOLONEYHills Red Army0.5
142Charlotte COLACOHills Red Army0.5

Sydney Triathlon Premier League (ICL02)