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Highlands Shaggy Cows

Interclub 01 Finishing Position = 3rd

Interclub 01 MVP = Thomas Jennings/Liam Hinchcliffe

Interclub 01 Event Victories = Nil


Interclub 02 Preview



Club History

The Highlands Triathlon Club was established in 2017 in an attempt to provide a local club for the growing number of triathletes in the Southern Highlands. The previous triathlon club in the area shut down in 2003, and despite several attempts to reform, it was not until 2017 that there was enough interest for a club to be sustainable.

The vision of HTC is to provide a club that is open to all Highlanders that are interested in triathlon and multisport. Through our club we hope to achieve the following;

  • provide an opportunity for keen triathletes and beginner triathletes to grow and develop in the sport
  • encourage local juniors and school students to experience the thrill of multisport racing,
  • provide coaching and support for all level of athletes including pathways for talented juniors to develop in the sport;
  • provide a club environment for Highlanders all ages and all experience levels,

The Highlands Shaggy Cows finished third in the first ever South Coast Interclub Series. Geoff Luscombe was the first ever MVP for the Hawkesbury Hawks. Liam Hinchcliffe and Thomas Jennings share the inaugural MVP title.