March 22, 2018

Eurocoast Nomads

South Coast
2018-2019 Interclub Series


Eurocoast Triathlon Club


About us / History

The Eurocoast Triathlon club was set up in 2014 by like-minded people to further triathlon in the South Coast region. They welcome new members and the motivation they bring to the club. The club prides itself on being an inclusive club and is open to members of all ages.



Eurocoast Nomads MVP

RankAthleteTeamAge GroupPerformance Points
1Richard JEFFREYEurocoast Nomads60-64 Male3.5
2Daniel LLOYD-JONESEurocoast Nomads40-44 Male3.5
3Lachlan BROWNEurocoast Nomads50-54 Male3
4Stephen PHIPPSEurocoast Nomads55-59 Male2
5Sally JEFFREYEurocoast Nomads60-65 Female2
6Anthony MILESEurocoast Nomads45-49 Male1
7Gary ASHTONEurocoast Nomads60-64 Male1
8Julie DE ERNSTEDEurocoast Nomads40-44 Female0.5