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Coogee Comets

Interclub Finishing Positions 

ICL01 = 2nd (SE Sydney Division)

ICL02 = 4th (Sydney Triathlon League 1)

ICL03 = 3rd (Sydney Triathlon League 1)


Interclub MVPs

ICL01 = Nicole Cox (4.5 PTS)

ICL02 = Danyella Eberle/Joseph Robinson (2.5 PTS)

ICL03 = Andrew Gibietis (5.5 PTS)


Club History 

A socially centered club which focuses on all capabilities. They were founded in 2007 and go from strength to strength, year after year. Coogee TC aim to support the achievement of your triathlon goals.  They are a club that welcomes anyone and are extremely diverse.

The Coogee Comets finished 2nd in the first ever Sydney South East Interclub Series and subsequently will compete in the Sydney Triathlon League 1 in Interclub 02. Nicole Cox was the first ever MVP for the Coogee Comets.





Coogee Comets Career MVP

RankAthleteClubPerformance Points
1Andrew GIBIETISCoogee Comets13.5
2Loren LANECoogee Comets11
3Danyella EBERLECoogee Comets10.5
4Nicole COXCoogee Comets10
5Victor SUMSKYCoogee Comets9
6Tom KEARNSCoogee Comets8.5
7Skye RICHMONDCoogee Comets5
8Julia WARNINGCoogee Comets4.5
9Sally WOODCoogee Comets4
10Duane RUSSELLCoogee Comets3.5
11Joseph ROBINSONCoogee Comets3.5
12Oliver ASHWORTHCoogee Comets3.5
13Peter WALDRONCoogee Comets3
14Sarah KEENANCoogee Comets3
15Edward VININGCoogee Comets3
16Jakki ARTUSCoogee Comets3
17Charles LEGGETTCoogee Comets2.5
18Russell NEWMARCHCoogee Comets2.5
19Declan MCNERNEYCoogee Comets2
20Lydia FRAZERCoogee Comets2
21Carmine ESPOSITOCoogee Comets2
22Nicole FOLEYCoogee Comets2
23Gregory LEAMONCoogee Comets2
24Lisa MCEVOYCoogee Comets2
25Nick GLOZIERCoogee Comets2
26Grace MUSGROVECoogee Comets2
27Matt LARKINCoogee Comets2
28Jessica CLARKSONCoogee Comets2
29Kate MOORECoogee Comets2
30Marie MORELATOCoogee Comets2
31Kylie-Anne RICHARDSCoogee Comets1.5
32Aaron RICHARDSONCoogee Comets1.5
33Martin BLEAKENCoogee Comets1.5
34Tsumi SMITHCoogee Comets1.5
35Matthew PAYNECoogee Comets1.5
36Beth SIGNALCoogee Comets1.5
37Abigail HIGHCoogee Comets1
38Sophie GROSSMANCoogee Comets1
39Saul BRADYCoogee Comets1
40Nikki WALDRONCoogee Comets1
41Steve POWELLCoogee Comets1
42James TREVORROWCoogee Comets1
43Mark GARCIACoogee Comets1
44Laura HARRISCoogee Comets1
45Tom IRONSCoogee Comets1
46Nicholas MORELCoogee Comets1
47Will PACKCoogee Comets1
48Stephanie BANISTERCoogee Comets1
49Ellen WATERMANCoogee Comets1
50Lisa MOORHOUSECoogee Comets1
51David CANNELLCoogee Comets0.5
52Reza SHAHMIRICoogee Comets0.5
53Sarah WINGROVECoogee Comets0.5
54Owen STEERCoogee Comets0.5
55Naomi REYNOLDSCoogee Comets0.5
56Lianne KOINISCoogee Comets0.5
57Petronas MACROUNASCoogee Comets0.5
58Ralph MOBBSCoogee Comets0.5
59Emma JACKSONCoogee Comets0.5
60David BARMETTLERCoogee Comets0.5
61Brad DOLBELCoogee Comets0.5
62Katie HAYESCoogee Comets0.5
63David ECKCoogee Comets0.5
64Wissam SALAMACoogee Comets0.5

Forager Sydney Triathlon League ICL04

1130.52525 (30.5)14.514.510.541
2102.53.51.5-211214.550 (76)
477.50019.53.54.550 (57)
573.5025 (37.5)7103.528