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Coffs Harbour Rockets

Interclub Finishing Positions 

ICL01 = 1st

ICL02 = 2nd

ICL03 = 4th


Interclub MVPs

ICL01 = Jennifer Williams (6.5 PTS)

ICL02 = Georgia Ensbey (4 PTS)

ICL03 = Jennifer Williams (8 PTS)


Interclub Finishing Position = 1st (ICL01) 2nd (ICL02) 4th (ICL03)

Interclub 01 MVP = Jennifer Williams (ICL01) Georgia Ensbey (ICL02) Jennifer Williams (ICL03)



Club History 

In December 1985, a few hardy souls led by then local radio sports personality Les Rootsey, gathered at Coffs Jetty Beach to form the fledgling Coffs Harbour Triathlon Club. Little did they realise the growth and success that would follow in later years as word spread about this revolutionary sport that had begun to evolve on the North Coast. Regular events have been conducted since that time, including both winter and summer race series.

Coffs Harbour Triathlon Club has been Country Champions eight times at the NSW Club Championships and in 2014 came within two points on being the first Country Club to win the state title.

Coffs Harbour Triathlon Club welcomes athletes of all abilities to compete in the local club races that we stage each fortnight during the triathlon season. They pride ourselves on being a friendly and social club that welcomes new members and visiting triathletes.

The Coffs Harbour Rockets were crowned champions of the  North Coast Interclub Series in a dramatic final round that saw them overturn a one point deficit to the Hat Head Hammerheads, to win by just half a point. They were victorious at the bcu Coffs Triathlon and the Byron Bay Triathlon. Jennifer Williams was the first ever MVP for the Coffs Harbour Rockets.




Coffs Harbour Rockets Career MVP

RankAthleteClubPerformance Points
1Jennifer WILLIAMSCoffs Harbour Rockets24
2Phil BENOITCoffs Harbour Rockets17.5
3Anne GRUNDYCoffs Harbour Rockets15.5
4Peter BIRCHCoffs Harbour Rockets11.5
5Isaiah KOOPMANSCoffs Harbour Rockets11
6Georgia ENSBEYCoffs Harbour Rockets11
7Chris HODGECoffs Harbour Rockets10
8Caron MACKIECoffs Harbour Rockets9
9Matt MOFFATTCoffs Harbour Rockets9
10Shaun BAYNDRIANCoffs Harbour Rockets9
11Hudson BARRYCoffs Harbour Rockets8.5
12Lachlan MARLECoffs Harbour Rockets8.5
13Michael SINGLETONCoffs Harbour Rockets7.5
14Alira BAYNDRIANCoffs Harbour Rockets7.5
15Tina BENOITCoffs Harbour Rockets7.5
16Michael YLINENCoffs Harbour Rockets7
17Wendy MALEYCoffs Harbour Rockets7
18Shannon O’HARACoffs Harbour Rockets6.5
19Peter GIDDINSCoffs Harbour Rockets6.5
20Kate MARSDENCoffs Harbour Rockets6
21Trevor FIDGECoffs Harbour Rockets6
22Melanie SILVESTERCoffs Harbour Rockets5.5
23Mark GARNERCoffs Harbour Rockets5
24Joanne FERGUSSONCoffs Harbour Rockets4
25Jason LIMBERTCoffs Harbour Rockets3.5
26Andrew ROWLINGSCoffs Harbour Rockets3.5
27Andrea BURTHCoffs Harbour Rockets3
28Ian HOWCHINCoffs Harbour Rockets3
29Jen BOOTHCoffs Harbour Rockets3
30Pim HEANEYCoffs Harbour Rockets2.5
31Adam COXCoffs Harbour Rockets2.5
32Jack MCLAUGHLINCoffs Harbour Rockets2.5
33Thomas MALEYCoffs Harbour Rockets2.5
34Michelle MCBURNEYCoffs Harbour Rockets2.5
35Alina HILLCoffs Harbour Rockets2.5
36Pete TIMOTHYCoffs Harbour Rockets2
37Michael DARLOWCoffs Harbour Rockets2
38Jan ROONEYCoffs Harbour Rockets2
39Julie DARLOWCoffs Harbour Rockets2
40Richard HUDSONCoffs Harbour Rockets2
41Rach CLEARYCoffs Harbour Rockets1.5
42Benjamin BURRIDGECoffs Harbour Rockets1.5
43Brad HENRYCoffs Harbour Rockets1.5
44Stephen BOYDCoffs Harbour Rockets1.5
45Michelle VERSLUYSCoffs Harbour Rockets1.5
46Ian FERGUSONCoffs Harbour Rockets1.5
47David REYNOLDSCoffs Harbour Rockets1.5
48Susanna O’SULLIVANCoffs Harbour Rockets1.5
49Stephanie CHAPMANCoffs Harbour Rockets1.5
50Gary WARDCoffs Harbour Rockets1.5
51Patrick BRENNANCoffs Harbour Rockets1.5
52Sam SMYTHECoffs Harbour Rockets1
53Kristen PIGRAMCoffs Harbour Rockets1
54Fiona OMEARACoffs Harbour Rockets1
55Michael BRENNANCoffs Harbour Rockets1
56Charles STOCKTONCoffs Harbour Rockets1
57Michelle CLARKECoffs Harbour Rockets1
58Wendy MYCoffs Harbour Rockets1
59Gran ARMESSENCoffs Harbour Rockets1
60Fiona BRYANT-SMITHCoffs Harbour Rockets1
61Kylie MARLECoffs Harbour Rockets1
62Leon PETROHELOSCoffs Harbour Rockets1
63Isobella BOWESCoffs Harbour Rockets1
64Brent RUSSOCoffs Harbour Rockets1
65Scott TARPLEECoffs Harbour Rockets1
66Mark GRIFFITHSCoffs Harbour Rockets1
67Adam CROSSCoffs Harbour Rockets1
68Mark KIRSTEINCoffs Harbour Rockets1
69Mark GRIFFITHSCoffs Harbour Rockets1
70Deon KIRSTEINCoffs Harbour Rockets1
71Denis JEFFCoffs Harbour Rockets1
72Tony CROSSCoffs Harbour Rockets0.5
73Craig CUSAKCoffs Harbour Rockets0.5
74Patricia O’LOUGHINCoffs Harbour Rockets0.5
75Colin WILLIAMSCoffs Harbour Rockets0.5
76Haylee FULLERCoffs Harbour Rockets0.5
77Sue SWINDONCoffs Harbour Rockets0.5
78Kristen NASHCoffs Harbour Rockets0.5
79Craig BUSBYCoffs Harbour Rockets0.5
80Keaton INGRAMCoffs Harbour Rockets0.5
81Melissa SHAWCoffs Harbour Rockets0.5
82Tom HANDELCoffs Harbour Rockets0.5
83Dave BLANDFORDCoffs Harbour Rockets0.5
84Elisabeth BRAZIERCoffs Harbour Rockets0.5
85Emma SUTTONCoffs Harbour Rockets0.5
86Chris HAMILTONCoffs Harbour Rockets0.5
87David LECKENBYCoffs Harbour Rockets0.5
88Reuben VAN WYNGAARDTCoffs Harbour Rockets0.5
89Joshua CHAPMANCoffs Harbour Rockets0.5
90Tracy SINGLETONCoffs Harbour Rockets0.5
91Janine WATSONCoffs Harbour Rockets0.5
92Peter ROBERTSCoffs Harbour Rockets0.5
93Joel RANDALCoffs Harbour Rockets0.5
94Kathryn GIBNEYCoffs Harbour Rockets0.5
95Margaret ROBERTSCoffs Harbour Rockets0.5
96Paul HERRINGCoffs Harbour Rockets0.5
97Lois OLIVERCoffs Harbour Rockets0.5
98Simone QUINNCoffs Harbour Rockets0.5
99Lauren HODGECoffs Harbour Rockets0.5
100Margaret ROBERTSCoffs Harbour Rockets0.5

Forager North Coast Triathlon League (ICL04)

1124.522.5232525 (26)29
211125 (35.5)2025 (28)1427
310625 (26)15.525 (28)21.519
486.525 (36.5)325 (39.5)6.527