March 22, 2018

Coffs Harbour Rockets

North Coast
2018-2019 Interclub Series


Coffs Harbour Triathlon Club


Coffs Harbour Triathlon Club welcomes athletes of all abilities to compete in the local club races that we stage each fortnight during the triathlon season. We pride ourselves on being a friendly and social club that welcomes new members and visiting triathletes. For new Inquiries please visit


How to connect with Coffs Harbour Triathlon Club

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Coffs Harbour Rockets MVP

AthleteTeamAge GroupPerformance Points
Michelle MCBURNEYCoffs Harbour Rockets55-59 Female1.5
Phil BENOITCoffs Harbour Rockets60-64 Male1.5
Isaiah KOOPMANSCoffs Harbour Rockets15-19 Male1.5
Michael YLINENCoffs Harbour Rockets15-19 Male1
Matt MOFFATTCoffs Harbour Rockets35-39 Male1
Michael SINGLETONCoffs Harbour Rockets45-49 Male1
Reuben VAN WYNGAARDTCoffs Harbour Rockets50-54 Male0.5
Chris HODGECoffs Harbour Rockets35-39 Male0.5
Shaun BAYNDRIANCoffs Harbour Rockets35-39 Male0.5
Tracy SINGLETONCoffs Harbour Rockets45-49 Female0.5
Alira BAYNDRIANCoffs Harbour Rockets30-34 Female0.5