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Clarence Valley Stingrays

Interclub Finishing Positions 

ICL01 = 4th

ICL02 = 3rd

ICL03 = 1st

ICL04 = 2nd


Interclub MVPs

ICL01 = Kim Elvery (10 PTS)

ICL02 = Kim Elvery (4 PTS)

ICL03 = Kim Elvery/Jason Culton (11 PTS)

ICL04 = Jason Culton (9.5 TS)




Club History 

Clarence Valley Triathlon Club has been an incorporated since 1992, when it was Grafton Triathlon Club. It has since changed name to incorporate the whole of the Clarence Valley, and is now based in Yamba.

During the season Clarence Valley Triathlon Club holds friendly race format sessions for members (and visitors) on a fortnightly basis from the Yamba Community Pool & Sports Complex.  Races are handicapped so everyone gets a look in. The club is all about getting into Tri to improve lifestyle and improving personal goals – whatever your personal goal may be.

The Clarence Valley Stingrays finished fourth in the first ever North Coast Interclub Series.  They were victorious at the Yamba Triathlon. Kim Elvery was the first ever MVP for the Clarence Valley Stingrays and was also the MVP for the North Coast Region.



Clarence Valley Stingrays MVP 05


Clarence Valley Stingrays Career MVP

RankAthleteClubPerformance Points
1Jason CULTONClarence Valley Stingrays33
2Kim ELVERYClarence Valley Stingrays31.5
3Darren ADAMSClarence Valley Stingrays23.5
4David LOVELLClarence Valley Stingrays15
5Rhys FISCHERClarence Valley Stingrays12
6Jay ADAMSClarence Valley Stingrays12
7Veronica BAKERClarence Valley Stingrays11.5
8Dave FLEMINGClarence Valley Stingrays10.5
9Tara LENNONClarence Valley Stingrays10.5
10Lindsey WALLClarence Valley Stingrays9.5
11Nicholas O’BRIENClarence Valley Stingrays9
12Emma MCINNESClarence Valley Stingrays6.5
13David HARRISONClarence Valley Stingrays6
14Bryan CRISPINClarence Valley Stingrays5.5
15Emma MCCINNESClarence Valley Stingrays5
16Robert DANAHERClarence Valley Stingrays4.5
17Colette ADAMSClarence Valley Stingrays4.5
18David WALLClarence Valley Stingrays4.5
19Harriet IRVINGClarence Valley Stingrays4
20Paul BEWSClarence Valley Stingrays4
21Brendan WALLClarence Valley Stingrays4
22Alison BROWNClarence Valley Stingrays4
23Keanu STAADERClarence Valley Stingrays3
24Brian ELVERYClarence Valley Stingrays2
25Zoe SNAPEClarence Valley Stingrays2
26Ray HUNTClarence Valley Stingrays2
27Demi GAVINClarence Valley Stingrays2
28Gemma DANEClarence Valley Stingrays1.5
29Jess WALLClarence Valley Stingrays1.5
30Jack MURPHYClarence Valley Stingrays1.5
31Regan ALLARDClarence Valley Stingrays1.5
32Paul GALLAGHERClarence Valley Stingrays1
33Tammy OWENSClarence Valley Stingrays1
34Kim RYANClarence Valley Stingrays1
35Derek VAN LEESTClarence Valley Stingrays1
36Lauren MIKKELSENClarence Valley Stingrays1
37Cathy FERGUSONClarence Valley Stingrays1
38Adam PENFOLDClarence Valley Stingrays0.5

Forager North Coast Triathlon League (ICL05)

253.523.530 (34)----
3491930 (34)----