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Brighton Polar Bears

Interclub 01 Finishing Position = 4th

Interclub 01 MVP = Otto Jaeger-Lund

Interclub 01 Event Victories = Nil


Interclub 02 Preview

The Brighton Polar Bears had a strong inaugural season of Interclub and accumulated enough points to compete in the Sydney Triathlon League 1 during Interclub 02,  despite only registering a score at half the events on the Sydney South East calendar.

A strong run of events during the back half of the season proving pivotal as they finished third at four events in a row, Kurnell #2, Richie Walker Aquathlon, Big Husky and Club Champs.

The start of the season might prove to be their undoing with duathlons in Penrith and Berry, followed by a return to Penrith for the Nepean triathlon.

They need to feature early in the season to avoid a season long relegation battle.


TNSW Projected Finish = 7th 


Club History 

The Brighton Polar Bears finished 4th in the first ever Sydney South East Interclub Series and subsequently will compete in the Sydney Triathlon League 1 in Interclub 02. Otto Jaeger-Lund was the first ever MVP for the Brighton Polar Bears.


Brighton Polar Bears MVP 02

Sydney Triathlon League 1