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Bondi Brats

Interclub Finishing Positions 

ICL01 = 4th (SE Sydney Division)

ICL02 = 6th (Sydney Triathlon League 1)

ICL03 = 2nd (Sydney Triathlon League 1)

ICL04 = 10th (Sydney Triathlon Premier League )


Interclub MVPs

ICL01 = Paul O’Doherty (5.5 PTS)

ICL02 = Oliver Nicolle (2.5 PTS)

ICL03 = John Hill (5 PTS)

ICL04 = Thales Da Silva Souza / Olivia Ghisoni / Elizabeth Koswara-Simms / Dean Piazza (2 PTS)


Club History 

BRATs has a colourful history and strong ties with Bondi. An informal group of runners used to head out from the Bondi Diggers Club three times a week throughout the early seventies. These runners were among competitors in the first City to Surf in 1971.

By the late seventies, the group had grown considerably to include a number of regular and competitive racers. This group of runners was only officially formed as the Bondi Diggers Road Runners Club in 1985. The Club severed formal ties with the Diggers in 1988, establishing itself as The Bondi Running and Triathlon (B.R.A.T.) Club Inc. after welcoming a band of triathletes into the club.

Since then, BRATs have gone on to produce two Olympians, Ironman champions and world age champions, as well as introducing hundreds of others to the sport.

BRATs train around Bondi, Centennial Park, ES Marks Athletics Field and various other Eastern Suburbs locations. They do their best to bring training sessions that offer something for everyone, from the total novice, to the weekend warrior, to the budding professional.

Bondi Brats finished 5th in the first ever Sydney South East Interclub Series and subsequently will compete in the Sydney Triathlon League 1 in Interclub 02. Paul O’Doherty was the first ever MVP for Bondi Brats.



Bondi BRATS MVP 05



Bondi BRATS Career MVP

RankAthleteClubPerformance Points
1John HILLBondi Brats9
2Oliver NICOLLEBondi Brats6
3Paul O’DOHERTYBondi Brats5.5
4Elizabeth KOSWARA-SIMMSBondi Brats5
5Olivia GHISONIBondi Brats5
6Shaun ANDERSONBondi Brats5
7Eline SMITBondi Brats5
8Megan ROBERTSBondi Brats4
9Lucy TERRELLBondi Brats3.5
10Karen MOYBondi Brats3.5
11Nicolas BARBALANBondi Brats3
12Mark ARBIBBondi Brats3
13Daniel BROOKSBondi Brats2.5
14Keith NICOLLEBondi Brats2.5
15Felix OATESBondi Brats2.5
16Jason HAYDENBondi Brats2.5
17John MCDONALDBondi Brats2.5
18Kiera BATTENBondi Brats2
19Bevo BEVANBondi Brats2
20Daniel DIMOCKBondi Brats2
21Kate ROWEBondi Brats2
22Thales DA SILVA SOUZABondi Brats2
23Dean PIAZZABondi Brats2
24Catherine LONGBondi Brats2
25Freya RIDDELBondi Brats1.5
26John-Baptiste VUILLARDBondi Brats1.5
27James STEWARTBondi Brats1.5
28George COUTRABondi Brats1.5
29Alexander THORPEBondi Brats1.5
30Nick TAYLORBondi Brats1.5
31Belinda PRATTENBondi Brats1
32Iris VAN DER STAAKBondi Brats1
33Alexandra FIELDBondi Brats1
34Laure LEGROSBondi Brats1
35Larissa STANLEYBondi Brats1
36Gabriel THIERLBEERBondi Brats1
37Tony GOLDENBondi Brats1
38Peter ZEILICBondi Brats1
39Robbie ZEILICBondi Brats1
40Diogo SANTOSBondi Brats1
41Emma STEWARTBondi Brats1
42Anthea BURTONBondi Brats1
43Julia MITCHELMOREBondi Brats1
44Paul ARGALLBondi Brats1
45Stephen BROWNBondi Brats1
46Allegra MCGIVERNBondi Brats0.5
47Peter HARRISBondi Brats0.5
48Hannah JEFFERSONBondi Brats0.5
49Taso FRANTZISBondi Brats0.5
50Brendan KRONEBondi Brats0.5
51John WHOLLEYBondi Brats0.5
52Christopher WALKERBondi Brats0.5
53Eduardo SKALSKI BILEKBondi Brats0.5
54Justin WELLSBondi Brats0.5
55Tim SIERPBondi Brats0.5
56Candice GIBSONBondi Brats0.5
57Luigi CELIENTOBondi Brats0.5
58Kashi MORGENSENBondi Brats0.5
59Mark HANOVERBondi Brats0.5
60Owen SILVERBondi Brats0.5
61Timothy GEORGEBondi Brats0.5
62David NEVILLEBondi Brats0.5
63Tony MERRITTBondi Brats0.5

Forager Sydney Triathlon League 1 (ICL05)