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Bondi Brats

Interclub 01 Finishing Position = 4th

Interclub 01 MVP = Paul O’Doherty

Interclub 01 Event Victories = 1 (Hills Garmin Series)


Interclub 02 Preview

A club with a significant and illustrious history, the Bondi Brats showed glimpses of what they are capable of during Interclub 01.

A scoreless Round 7 at the Richie Walker Aquathlon and low returns at Round 1 and Round 2 stopped the Brats from playing a major role in the Sydney South East title race during Interclub 01.

The Bondi Brats shone at times during Interclub 01 and should feature heavily in the Sydney Triathlon League 1 promotion race during Interclub 02, but the title might be a step too far for this season.

The Brats are gaining momentum over recent months and it shouldn’t be long until they are rubbing shoulders with the Premier Clubs of NSW once again.


TNSW Projected Finish = 4th 


Club History 

BRATs has a colourful history and strong ties with Bondi. An informal group of runners used to head out from the Bondi Diggers Club three times a week throughout the early seventies. These runners were among competitors in the first City to Surf in 1971.

By the late seventies, the group had grown considerably to include a number of regular and competitive racers. This group of runners was only officially formed as the Bondi Diggers Road Runners Club in 1985. The Club severed formal ties with the Diggers in 1988, establishing itself as The Bondi Running and Triathlon (B.R.A.T.) Club Inc. after welcoming a band of triathletes into the club.

Since then, BRATs have gone on to produce two Olympians, Ironman champions and world age champions, as well as introducing hundreds of others to the sport.

BRATs train around Bondi, Centennial Park, ES Marks Athletics Field and various other Eastern Suburbs locations. They do their best to bring training sessions that offer something for everyone, from the total novice, to the weekend warrior, to the budding professional.

Bondi Brats finished 5th in the first ever Sydney South East Interclub Series and subsequently will compete in the Sydney Triathlon League 1 in Interclub 02. Paul O’Doherty was the first ever MVP for Bondi Brats.