March 22, 2018

Ballina Seahorses

North Coast
2018-2019 Interclub Series


Ballina Triathlon Club


About the Club / History

Ballina Triathlon Club was established in 1992 to promote the enjoyment of Triathlon at all levels in the wider Ballina community. They are dedicated to providing its members a social, healthy and well balanced lifestyle through the sport of Triathlon. The physical and emotional safety of our members is paramount in all that they do.  Families are extremely important to Ballina. The club encourages participation of the entire family and the preservation of family values. Whilst they encourage the support of parents, family and friends; abuse of competitors, volunteers and officials will not be tolerated. Adults are expected to provide a good example for children.

They are well connected in the community with members crossing over with Mountain Bike Groups, Cross country and Park Run groups.


Training’s offered

Ballina Triathlon Club members gain access to a number of informal free training groups for swimming, cycling and running.  More information can be found here.

Seahorses Season Preview Q&A

Athlete to Watch and Rookie to Watch? Tao Hommen and Innis Mclaren

Club To Watch? Coffs Harbour Triathlon Club would be contenders as would Clarence Valley Triathlon club

Event you are most looking forward to on the North Coast Calendar? Tweed Coast Enduro is possibly one of our members favourite races along with the Kingscliff Triathlon


How to connect with Ballina Triathlon Club

Ballina Triathlon Club Facebook – Click here

Ballina Seahorses MVP

RankAthleteTeamAge GroupPerformance Points
1Philip COOKBallina Seahorses50-54 Male2
2Shane FLANNERYBallina Seahorses55-59 Male2
3Kim CHURCHILLBallina Seahorses35-39 Female1.5
4Millie COOKEBallina Seahorses60-64 Femmale1.5
5David CROSBYBallina Seahorses30-34 Male1
6Max MCGOVERNBallina Seahorses30-34 Male1
7Georgina DAVISBallina Seahorses35-39 Female1
8Joshua WIGGINSBallina Seahorses40-44 Male0.5
9Steven GASBARRONEBallina Seahorses50-54 Male0.5
10Steve FISHERBallina Seahorses35-39 Male0.5
11Henk SCHOLTZBallina Seahorses50-54 Male0.5
12Nico VAN WYKBallina Seahorses25-29 Male0.5
13Wade DAVEYBallina Seahorses25-29 Male0.5
14John FULLERTONBallina Seahorses45-49 Male0.5
15Bradley HEARDBallina Seahorses30-34 Male0.5
16Alan FOLEYBallina Seahorses50-54 Male0.5
17Annie WHITTONBallina Seahorses40-44 Female0.5
18Lee THOMASBallina Seahorses45-49 Male0.5