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Ballina Seahorses

Ballina Triathlon Club was established in 1992 to promote the enjoyment of Triathlon at all levels in the wider Ballina community. They are dedicated to providing its members a social, healthy and well balanced lifestyle through the sport of Triathlon. The physical and emotional safety of our members is paramount in all that they do.  Families are extremely important to Ballina. The club encourages participation of the entire family and the preservation of family values. Whilst they encourage the support of parents, family and friends; abuse of competitors, volunteers and officials will not be tolerated. Adults are expected to provide a good example for children.

They are well connected in the community with members crossing over with Mountain Bike Groups, Cross country and Park Run groups.

Ballina Triathlon Club members gain access to a number of informal free training groups for swimming, cycling and running.  More information can be found here.