March 15, 2018

Australian Chinese Dragons

Sydney South East
2018-2019 Interclub Series


Australian Chinese Triathlon


About the club / History

Australian Chinese Triathlon Incorporated (ACT) was newly founded in 2017 by a group of triathlon enthusiasts.

ACT are trying to bring more awareness to Chinese community of triathlon and want to encourage more Australian Chinese to start participating in the sport.

ACT members believe “anything is possible” and are creating history for Chinese community in Australia. Currently ACT has about 50 registered members and this number is growing steadily.

Training Offered

ACT offer training for members throughout the season. For more information, please visit –


How to connect with Australian Chinese Triathlon

AC Triathlon Facebook – Click here

AC Triathlon Twitter – Click here 

AC Triathlon Instagram – Click here


St George AC Dragons MVP

RankAthleteTeamAge GroupPerformance Points
1Yanyan JIAAustralian Chinese Dragons35-39 Female2.5
2Joy ZHENGAustralian Chinese Dragons25-29 Female2
3Jian SHIAustralian Chinese Dragons25-29 Male0.5
4Nero ZHANGAustralian Chinese Dragons30-34 Male0.5
5Xuan CHENGAustralian Chinese Dragons25-29 Male0.5
6Hongwei GUAustralian Chinese Dragons50-54 Male0.5
7Henry LIAustralian Chinese Dragons25-29 Male0.5
8Jessica SONIDOAustralian Chinese Dragons40-44 Female0.5
9Jeff TONGAustralian Chinese Dragons45-49 Male0.5