March 15, 2018

Sydney South West

Season Preview


The Sydney South West Interclub Series is the biggest division with eleven competing teams.

David versus Goliath…on bikes…after a swim. This best sums up the Sydney South West division. But from that tale we know one thing for sure, size doesn’t always prevail.

Hoping it does however, are three gladiators of the sport, the Cronulla Sharks, Hills Red Army and Panthers.  All three have enjoyed their fare share of success through the years but it is the Hills Red Army who will start the season as the main contender, fresh off their second Club Champs Division One title in as many years.

The Concord Cats and Balance Bolt are two clubs very much on the rise, evident in their strong showings at the most recent Club Champs.

A fan favorite, the Western Sydney FilOz Eagles will light up the ten races on the calendar with their love for the sport and million dollar smiles.

Although on the smaller end of the scale, the Engadine Dingoes, Hawkesbury Hawks, Lidcombe LAPD Lightning, Pulse and Team Mac Tri  will be aiming for a strong first season, showcasing the athletic ability and club spirit that they all posses.

Sydney South West Teams





Sydney South West Standings


PosTeamOverall PointsRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Race 9Race 10


Sydney South West MVP


25-29 Male

AthleteTeamPerformance Points
Malcolm RAMSAYHills Red Army8.5
Kye SIMPSONTeam Mac Tri2
Mark WATSONPanthers1.5
Craig BURKEPanthers1.5
David GERYHills Red Army1.5
Alexander JACKSONHills Red Army1
Christopher WILSONConcord TC0.5

25-29 Female

AthleteTeamPerformance Points
Natalie VAN COEVORDENTeam Mac Tri1.5
Mollie WALSHHills Red Army1.5
Jennifer COLWELLBalance Bolt1.5
Elissa HUGHESCronulla Sharks0.5

20-24 Male

AthleteTeamPerformance Points
Nathan BREENCronulla Sharks4
Lucas AUBalance Bolt2
Daniel FORWOODHills Red Army1.5
Jack MATTHEWSPanthers1.5
Xavier JUILLARDConcord TC0.5
Ashley MOLLOYCronulla Sharks0.5

20-24 Female

AthleteTeamPerformance Points
Aimee CARLINPanthers6.5
Rachael MCALLISTERHills Red Army4
Rachel KNELLWOLFHills Red Army3
Heather BRAYPanthers2
Jessica DURANDCronulla Sharks0.5
Sarah WILLETTSCronulla Sharks0.5
Lauren WILSONConcord TC0.5
Jasmin GREYCronulla Sharks0.5

30-34 Female

AthleteTeamPerformance Points
Laura KELLYCronulla Sharks2.5
Emer MERNAGHBalance Bolt2
Gizelle ROSEHills Red Army1
Maddalena ROSSICronulla Sharks0.5
Gemma MIDDLEMASSPanthers0.5

30-34 Male

AthleteTeamPerformance Points
Luke JONESConcord TC4
Tim FORDConcord TC2
Karim BAHRIConcord TC2
Dave SHIELDCronulla Sharks1.5
Daniel HAMPSONCronulla Sharks1
Andrew REIDTeam Mac Tri0.5
Chris JOVCEVSKICronulla Sharks0.5

35-39 Female

AthleteTeamPerformance Points
Rachel EAGLESTeam Mac Tri5.5
Aimy PAPOULIASHills Red Army2
Megan JOHNSONHills Red Army1.5
Kelly PORTELLIHills Red Army1
Michelle KURPPanthers1
Jane SHIELDSBalance Bolt1
Alicia MCCULLOCHCronulla Sharks0.5
Sara PIXLEYHills Red Army0.5
Kristin MATEIKAHills Red Army0.5
Di HURSTCronulla Sharks0.5
Paula LITTLECronulla Sharks0.5
Melissa SIMPSONBalance Bolt0.5
Karen LAKETeam Mac Tri0.5
Alisha ALLENBalance Bolt0

35-39 Male

AthleteTeamPerformance Points
Matthew PLOHLHills Red Army4.5
Travis SHIELDSBalance Bolt4
Dane HOLTCronulla Sharks3.5
Timothy MOLESWORTHLidcombe LAPD Lightning1.5
Paul MACFARLANEHills Red Army1.5
Andrew CHAPMANCronulla Sharks1
Robbie GLOVERHills Red Army1
Bryce MORLEYHills Red Army1
Brian BRADYHills Red Army1
Martin HESSEBalance Bolt1
Rob DRADYPanthers1
Tommy MORWOODHills Red Army0.5
Tomslin SAMME-NLARHills Red Army0.5
Domininc MARSHALLConcord TC0.5

40-44 Female

AthleteTeamPerformance Points
Emma BUSSELLCronulla Sharks2.5
Jodie AMORPanthers2
Renee KENNEDYHills Red Army1.5
Jessica EDWARDSHills Red Army1
Kate O’BRIENHills Red Army1
Carien ROSS (HELBERG)Panthers1
Cloe REECEPanthers0.5

40-44 Male

AthleteTeamPerformance Points
Gabriele LOTAConcord TC3
Mark HUBERConcord TC2
Darren BUSHHills Red Army1.5
Marcello ROSSICronulla Sharks1.5
Kirron DUNCANCronulla Sharks1
Chris WARINGPanthers1
David HINETeam Mac Tri0.5
Joe MCNAMARABalance Bolt0.5
Victor CORREAPulse0.5
Craig ALEXANDERCronulla Sharks0.5
Paul HUMPHREYSTeam Mac Tri0.5

45-49 Female

AthleteTeamPerformance Points
Jocie EVISONBalance Bolt6
Ellen GLENNANCronulla Sharks2.5
Julie HOWLEHills Red Army2
Joanne LUMHills Red Army2
Bronwyn WOODCronulla Sharks1.5
Erica GALEACronulla Sharks1.5
Leah SMITHHills Red Army1.5
Michelle PEACECronulla Sharks1.5
Julianne SHARANCronulla Sharks1
Melissa FANNINGPanthers1
Emma THOMPSONPanthers1
Jodie HILLHills Red Army0.5
Natalie GILBERTCronulla Sharks0.5
Julie-Anne ROCHEHills Red Army0.5
Belinda SKYRINGPanthers0.5

45-49 Male

AthleteTeamPerformance Points
Greg BAXTERHills Red Army4.5
John HUGHESPanthers3.5
Shannon LUMHills Red Army3
Dave HOLTSBAUMHills Red Army2.5
Andrew CROSSCronulla Sharks2
Jason STEGBAUERCronulla Sharks2
Stuart FORDCronulla Sharks2
Dugald SPENCELEYHills Red Army1.5
Nelson SANTOSConcord TC1.5
Ben HILLLidcombe LAPD Lightning1.5
Mark STEPHANHills Red Army1
James KNIGHTCronulla Sharks1
Glenn HALLHills Red Army0.5
Bryan PEARSONHills Red Army0.5
John DELUCACronulla Sharks0.5
Mark PACEYCronulla Sharks0.5
Jason HOWIEHills Red Army0.5
Brett O’LEARYHills Red Army0.5

50-54 Female

AthleteTeamPerformance Points
Jennifer MCDONALDCronulla Sharks2
Jenny HENVILLEEngadine Dingoes2
Jacky WATSONPanthers1.5
Maree DOBLECronulla Sharks1.5
Susan PACEHills Red Army1.5
Liz ROBINSONBalance Bolt1.5
Nicole TZIAVARASPanthers1.5
Charlotte COLACOHills Red Army0.5
Ingrid HOBSONHills Red Army0.5
Penny RAFFAELEBalance Bolt0.5

50-54 Male

AthleteTeamPerformance Points
Craig ODEWAHNTeam Mac Tri6
Chris DAVISCronulla Sharks3
Michael SCHWEBELPanthers2
Scott HAYWARDHills Red Army1.5
Magnus LINDERHills Red Army1.5
Steven MACKAYCronulla Sharks1
Alan BENTLEYPanthers1
Terry BOURKEBalance Bolt1
Pierre JUILLARDConcord TC0.5
Tony WILLIAMSPanthers0.5
Vic CAPLIKASHills Red Army0.5
Michael HARDINGTeam Mac Tri0.5
Gerard MCDERMOTTCronulla Sharks0.5

55-59 Female

AthleteTeamPerformance Points
Pam TURPINCronulla Sharks3.5
Helen MCARTHURHills Red Army1.5
Jennifer LEONARDCronulla Sharks1
Jenny MATTHEWSPanthers1
Fiona HORNBalance Bolt0.5
Jean KING-SMITHPanthers0.5

55-59 Male

AthleteTeamPerformance Points
Phill BAIGENTCronulla Sharks6
Don MCARTHURHills Red Army4.5
Chris WOOLDRIDGECronulla Sharks4
Paul FISHERHills Red Army4
Glenn GORICKCronulla Sharks1.5
John FULKERCronulla Sharks1.5
Ed CONWAYHills Red Army1
Glenn WALKERHills Red Army1
Glenn MATTHEWSPanthers1
Greg SMITHHills Red Army1
Guy DREVERCronulla Sharks0.5
Gordon BELLPanthers0.5
Chris BARCLAYHawkesbury Hawks0.5

60-64 Female

AthleteTeamPerformance Points
Tonia WOODBalance Bolt4
Bernadette CARROLLHills Red Army1.5
Pauline MCCANNPanthers1.5
Janice MARSHALLCronulla Sharks1.5

60-64 Male

AthleteTeamPerformance Points
David MCEWANHills Red Army9.5
Mike HISERPanthers4
Neil MATTHEWSHills Red Army1.5
Andy HAYNESPanthers1.5
Garry PRESTONHills Red Army1.5
David BAIGENTCronulla Sharks1
Kevin DIXONCronulla Sharks0.5
Tony PHIPPSPanthers0.5
Geoff LUSCOMBEHawkesbury Hawks0.5

65-69 Female

AthleteTeamPerformance Points
ANNIE SIMMONSLidcombe LAPD Lightning1.5

65-69 Male

AthleteTeamPerformance Points
Alan WHITMOREHills Red Army4.5
John MEACHAMCronulla Sharks2.5
Ivo NOLLHills Red Army1.5
David BARNESHills Red Army1
Chris COOPERPanthers0.5
Michael TAYARBalance Bolt0.5

70-74 Male

AthleteTeamPerformance Points
Dieter REITHMEIERCronulla Sharks2
Eugene IRVINLidcombe LAPD Lightning1.5

75-79 Male

AthleteTeamPerformance Points
David JAFFEHills Red Army1.5

15-19 Male

AthleteTeamPerformance Points
Joel WOOLDRIDGECronulla Sharks4
Cody SALTERTeam Mac Tri3
Josh FERRISPanthers2
Makenzie KAUTZTeam Mac Tri2
Toby CROUDSONPanthers2
William COOPERCronulla Sharks1.5
Cody TURNERTeam Mac Tri1.5
Kye FARRIERHills Red Army1
Blake MCKENNATeam Mac Tri1
Thomas HINETeam Mac Tri1
Jake HUMMERSTONCronulla Sharks1
Toby HUMMERSTONCronulla Sharks0.5
Matthew PEARSONHills Red Army0.5
Daniel MORRISTeam Mac Tri0.5
Torres KWOKCronulla Sharks0.5

15-19 Female

AthleteTeamPerformance Points
Caitlin SENDTHills Red Army4.5
Emily JAMGOTCHIANHills Red Army3.5
Kristie CAPLIKASHills Red Army3.5
Matilda OFFORDHills Red Army3
Kaitlin BELLPanthers2
Madison HAYWARDHills Red Army1
Hannah MOLONEYHills Red Army1
Emily MOLONEYHills Red Army0.5
Olivia FRYHills Red Army0.5
Sarah PLUMPTONPanthers0.5
Lilian BRADLEYPanthers0.5

12-14 Male

AthleteTeamPerformance Points
Adam DICKSONHills Red Army1.5