March 15, 2018

Sydney South East

Season Preview


The Sydney South East Interclub Series is the most even in terms of team size with no one team over 180 members.

The Bondi BRAT’s are the largest club in the South East. Not as big as days gone by but still one of the Premier clubs of NSW.

Looking to upstage their suburb neighbours will be the T4 Bondi Tritans, the Battle of Bondi will be one to watch.

The Coogee Comets will be confident that they can come out on top and have every right to be, a club that is always well represented at races throughout the state.

The Sydney Tri Giants and Eastern Suburb Swans are two clubs really on the rise. Both armed with well respected coaches, strong individual performances are becoming a regular occurrence for the two teams.

To the South are the Brighton Polar Bears. A very active club that will hope to attract more members through their involvement in the Series.

Last but by no means least are the Australian Chinese Dragons of St George. Established in 2017 but with over 50 members already, they will use the Interclub Series as a stage for announcing their arrival on the NSW triathlon scene.


Sydney South East Teams





Sydney South East Standings


PosTeamOverall PointsRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Race 9Race 10


Sydney South East MVP Standings


25-29 Male

AthleteTeamPerformance Points
Sam DOUGLASSydney Tri Giants3
Andrew GIBIETISCoogee Comets2.5
Edward VININGCoogee Comets1.5
George MILLERSydney Tri Giants1
Tom IRONSCoogee Comets1
James TREVORROWCoogee Comets1
Andrew DEWEZSydney Tri Giants0.5
John WHOLLEYBondi Brats0.5
Jian SHIAustralian Chinese Dragons0.5
Xuan CHENGAustralian Chinese Dragons0.5

25-29 Female

AthleteTeamPerformance Points
Loren LANECoogee Comets4
Eloise WATSONSydney Tri Giants2
Grace MUSGROVECoogee Comets2
Cassie DONOVANSydney Tri Giants1
Laura HARRISCoogee Comets1
Joy ZHENGAustralian Chinese Dragons1
Naomi REYNOLDSCoogee Comets0.5

20-24 Female

AthleteTeamPerformance Points
Eline SMITBondi Brats1

30-34 Female

AthleteTeamPerformance Points
Claire CRENNANEastern Suburbs Swans3.5
Zoe PEDASHENKOT4 North Bondi Tritans2
Sophie GROSSMANCoogee Comets1
Emma JACKSONCoogee Comets0.5

30-34 Male

AthleteTeamPerformance Points
Alex NIXONSydney Tri Giants2.5
Charles LEGGETTCoogee Comets2.5
Matt LARKINCoogee Comets2
Aaron RICHARDSONCoogee Comets1.5
Eduardo SKALSKI BILEKBondi Brats0.5
Nero ZHANGAustralian Chinese Dragons0.5

35-39 Female

AthleteTeamPerformance Points
Katherine LUKEYSydney Tri Giants2.5
Karen GOOCHSydney Tri Giants2
Carmine ESPOSITOCoogee Comets2
Kylie-Anne RICHARDSCoogee Comets1.5
Yanyan JIAAustralian Chinese Dragons0.5

35-39 Male

AthleteTeamPerformance Points
Peter WALDRONCoogee Comets1
Oliver ASHWORTHCoogee Comets0.5
Mark GARCIACoogee Comets0.5
Brad DOLBELCoogee Comets0.5
Luke JAMESSydney Tri Giants0.5

40-44 Female

AthleteTeamPerformance Points
Tsumi SMITHEastern Suburbs Swans2.5
Paula LUKET4 North Bondi Tritans1
Jessica SONIDOAustralian Chinese Dragons0.5

40-44 Male

AthleteTeamPerformance Points
Daniel X JAMESSydney Tri Giants4.5
Paul O’DOHERTYBondi Brats4
Tom BILLSSydney Tri Giants2
Russell NEWMARCHCoogee Comets1.5
Dima POSTNIKOVSydney Tri Giants1
Steve ELLISSydney Tri Giants1
Alex SWEENEYEastern Suburbs Swans0.5
Peter CRAIGT4 North Bondi Tritans0.5

45-49 Female

AthleteTeamPerformance Points
Karen MOYBondi Brats3.5
Nicole COXCoogee Comets1

45-49 Male

AthleteTeamPerformance Points
Mark ARBIBBondi Brats1.5
Steve POWELLCoogee Comets0.5
Jeff TONGAustralian Chinese Dragons0.5

50-54 Female

AthleteTeamPerformance Points
Sally TAGGARTEastern Suburbs Swans2
Francoise COIRIEREastern Suburbs Swans0.5

50-54 Male

AthleteTeamPerformance Points
David SULLIVANBrighton Polar Bears2.5
Shaun ANDERSONBondi Brats2
Keith NICOLLEBondi Brats2
Bevo BEVANBondi Brats1
Tony MERRITTBondi Brats0.5
David CANNELLCoogee Comets0.5
Taso FRANTZISBondi Brats0.5

60-64 Male

AthleteTeamPerformance Points
Tony GOLDENT4 North Bondi Tritans3.5
John HILLBondi Brats2
Michael BARNFIELDSydney Tri Giants1
Richard MORRISBrighton Polar Bears0.5
Stephen BROWNBondi Brats0.5

65-69 Female

AthleteTeamPerformance Points
Cathy VERRYSydney Tri Giants5.5

75-79 Male

AthleteTeamPerformance Points
Otto JAEGER-LUNDBrighton Polar Bears2

15-19 Male

AthleteTeamPerformance Points
Oliver NICOLLEBondi Brats3.5

65-59 Female

AthleteTeamPerformance Points
Kate ROWEBondi Brats2