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New Icons for ICL04 released

Participation and performance from our clubs has always been there, but the reward and recognition were not. Enter the Interclub; a new era ushered in just in time for the commencement of the 2018/2019 season.

The premise was simple – an annual competition which pitted local Clubs against one another over the course of numerous events, in a bid to recognise and reward participation and performance of clubs and their athletes.

As it currently stands, we have seven Triathlon Leagues across NSW that compete under the Forager Interclub League concept. The seven leagues house 53 clubs and each of the seven leagues crown a champion (MVP) each season, in addition to a club MVP each season.

Our ability to recognise and reward participation and performance has never been greater.

With the interclub came talking points and suspense, the development of rivalries, an unearthing of legends, the rise of new challengers and the fall of great champions. The interclub also brought with it new nicknames, and new club icons

Thanks to our naming rights partner, Forager Funds, we’re delighted to be able to refresh and significantly improve the look and feel of our Interclub icon’s

Our friends at BUG Communication have worked tirelessly on updating these icons and we hope you all agree, they look sensational.

Interclub was also designed to raise awareness of our great Triathlon Clubs. To generate interest in the sport within younger generations and to attract those on the fringes. Clubs are the heartbeat, and we need them to be front and centre for all to see. An annual competition with event previews, event results and league tables has helped us do this.

Raising awareness of our Clubs also led to the decision to adopt nicknames for Interclub which is very much in keeping with the rest of the sporting world and their competitions. A common trend the world over that boosts competition branding and acceptance significantly.

Nicknames are also an attempt to further develop tribalism and a sense of belonging to those within.

For some Clubs this has had no impact due to an already outstanding and longstanding brand, for many others however, it has been the catalyst to generate cut through within their local communities whilst also further developing a brand for members to rally around.

The nicknames also allowed for consistency within the Interclub competition. Consistency being key to Interclub succeeding.

Consistency was also the rationale behind the introduction of the Interclub icons for each Club.

It was pivotal for the Interclub that each club had an icon to represent them that was the same shape, same size, same resolution etc. This was essential for the website and other promotional material. It goes without saying, but the Interclub icons are in no way are meant to replace Club logos. They are merely Interclub identifiers, required for their unity.

However, this has not stopped Clubs from adopting their Interclub brands. The majority of Clubs have not only adopted them, but have integrated them seamlessly into their Clubs fabric and identity. They have made their Interclub persona an important part of their club make up.