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MVP Rankings

Performance Points gained from a top 10 ten Age Group (AG) placing at event on a Regional Interclub Series Calendar will go towards individual athlete awards, as well as towards your clubs point tally.

The individual athlete awards are as follows;


SERIES MVP = The athlete who accumulates the most performance points across a season within their Interclub Series e.g. South Coast MVP


The Nonhebel King Medal (New England)

The Elvery Medal (North Coast)

The Besnard Medal (South Coast)

The McEwan Medal (Sydney Triathlon Premier League)

The Renton Medal (Sydney Triathlon League 1)

The Verry Medal (Sydney Triathlon League 2)

The Central West MVP Title


CLUB MVP = The athlete who accumulates the most performance points across a season within their club  E.g. Coogee Comets MVP

The Club MVP can be viewed by clicking on your clubs profile page via the ‘Club‘ page.




Triathlon NSW Career Interclub MVP

RankAthleteClubPerformance Points
1David MCEWANHills Red Army64.5
2Kim ELVERYClarence Valley Stingrays47
3Daniel X JAMESSydney Giants (STG)46.5
4Bill STAHLHUTJervis Bay Dolphins38
5Deb FULLERByron Breakers37.5
6Jason CULTONClarence Valley Stingrays36.5
7Cherryl FREEMANKiama Coasters34.5
8Rod ROSEJervis Bay Dolphins34
9Graeme BEATTIE (W)Warringah Waves34
10Luke JONESConcord TC32.5
11Aimee CARLINPanthers32
12Rob SPICERShellharbour Mariners31
13Sam DOUGLASSydney Giants (STG)30.5
14Jennifer WILLIAMSCoffs Harbour Rockets30.5
15Gavin BILESSydney Giants (STG)30
16Mary STREETKiama Coasters29.5
17Darren ADAMSClarence Valley Stingrays29
18Mandy MEREDITHJervis Bay Dolphins28
19Nicole WARDWarringah Waves27.5
20Cathy VERRYSydney Giants (STG)27.5
21Phil BENOITCoffs Harbour Rockets27
22David SULLIVANBrighton Polar Bears26
23Luke HECKENBERGShellharbour Mariners25.5
24Ronda GAINSFORDMudgee Red Devils25.5
25Jocie EVISONBalance Bolt25.5
26Sile CROWEJervis Bay Dolphins25
27Giselle DENLEYMudgee Red Devils25
28Chris WOOLDRIDGECronulla Sharks25
29Phill BAIGENTCronulla Sharks25
30George MILLERSydney Giants (STG)24.5
31Tina MCEVOYHat Head Hammerheads24.5
32Anette SAMPSONJervis Bay Dolphins24
33Paivi HANNINENByron Breakers24
34Huw JONESByron Breakers23
35Peter WALKERWarringah Waves22.5
36Nerida CLARKEByron Breakers22
37Jennifer MCDONALDCronulla Sharks22
38Jaime CASCAJARESByron Breakers22
39Sally WALLACEOrange Piranhas22
40Travis SHIELDSBalance Bolt22
41Robyn DARKEByron Breakers22
42Anne GRUNDYCoffs Harbour Rockets21.5
43Anne KIRKWOODHat Head Hammerheads21.5
44Tony LIMJervis Bay Dolphins21
45Veronica BAKERClarence Valley Stingrays20.5
46Jane SPALDINGConcord TC20.5
47Rhys FISCHERClarence Valley Stingrays20
48Angela BESNARDKiama Coasters20
49Elisha BELLJervis Bay Dolphins19.5
50Grace KELLSNS Mighty Mites19.5








Central West Career MVP

RankAthleteClubPerformance Points
1Ronda GAINSFORDMudgee Red Devils25.5
2Giselle DENLEYMudgee Red Devils25
3Sally WALLACEOrange Piranhas22
4Mark WINDSORBathurst Wallabies19.5
5Ben ORFORDDubbo Hippos19.5
6Cas INGHAMOrange Piranhas19.5
7Thomas HANRAHANBathurst Wallabies19
8Matt WEBSTERMudgee Red Devils19
9Adam MORTMudgee Red Devils18
10Melissa MERTENSDubbo Hippos17.5
11Julie MIDDLETONOrange Piranhas17.5
12Sian POTTERMudgee Red Devils15.5
13Tim ROBINSONOrange Piranhas15.5
14Narelle QUINNMudgee Red Devils14.5
15Sophie MARTINOrange Piranhas14
16Hollee SIMONSBathurst Wallabies13.5
17William KELLYBathurst Wallabies13.5
18Amy ROBINSONOrange Piranhas13.5
19Kim DALEOrange Piranhas13
20Estelle DEANOrange Piranhas13
21Matthew LOWMudgee Red Devils12.5
22Molly DEANOrange Piranhas12.5
23Gareth FULLERMudgee Red Devils12
24Carolyn EGANOrange Piranhas12
25Halle POTTERMudgee Red Devils11
26Hamish JACKSONMudgee Red Devils11
27Matt DEANOrange Piranhas10.5
28Rebecca GEORGEMudgee Red Devils10
29Bryce FOLEYDubbo Hippos10
30Abby DEANOrange Piranhas10
31Barb HILLBathurst Wallabies9.5
32Daniel ROBERTSDubbo Hippos9.5
33Greg ATKINSONMudgee Red Devils9.5
34Stewart CAMPBELLMudgee Red Devils9.5
35Tristan HARRISONOrange Piranhas9.5
36Thomas TUDOROrange Piranhas9.5
37Bernie WILKINSONCowra Cobras9
38Anna BLACKIEBathurst Wallabies9
39Darren FENTONBathurst Wallabies9
40Tracy KASTELEINMudgee Red Devils8.5
41Gary LEONARDMudgee Red Devils8.5
42Jessie DEANOrange Piranhas8.5
43Mark DELANEYOrange Piranhas8.5
44Hugh THORNHILLOrange Piranhas8.5
45David HUNTEROrange Piranhas8
46Samuel BAYADAOrange Piranhas8
47Nick NORTHBathurst Wallabies8
48Richard HOBSONBathurst Wallabies8
49Riley TAYLORMudgee Red Devils8
50George HOGGOrange Piranhas8