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Individual honours up for grabs in 2020 – Sydney Triathlon League 1

Sydney Triathlon League 1 will reconvene on the 18th January at K2 with all seven clubs still vying for the division title, promotion to the Sydney Triathlon Premier League and relegation safety. There are however, a host of individual honours up for grabs as well that promise to make the remaining events on the STL1 calendar action packed.

The Gerald Renton Medal is the MVP (Most Valuable Performer) title for the division and is presented to the athlete who has accumulated the most Performance Points over the course of the season.

Graeme Beattie of the Warringah Waves is currently leading as we enter 2020 with 5 points. The experienced Beattie who has represented Australia on the national stage is a very talented athlete and is likely to feature numerous times over the remaining events.

His closest competition comes from fellow Warringah Wave teammate, Miriam Orr who looks set to push Beattie all the way to Club Champs in late May. Orr is just half a point behind on 4.5 points.

Nelson Santos and Luke Jones, both of Concord, round out the podium, with both tied in third on 3.5 points.

Shannon Quartly, again of the Warringah Waves and Oscar Russian of Concord find themselves just off the podium with 3 points.

David Sullivan of Brighton Baths Polar Bears, Yanyan Jia of the Australian Chinese Dragons and Oliver Nicolle of the Bondi Brats are on 2.5 points and occupy 7th, 8th and 9th.

Eline Smit rounds out the top 10 with 2 points.

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The STL1 will also see seven Club MVP’s crowned. These titles will be awarded to the athlete who has accumulated the most Performance Points for their Club during ICS02.

Graeme Beattie leads the way for the Warringah Waves, but Miriam Orr is just half a point behind.

Graeme Beattie now also finds himself as the All-Time MVP for Warringah Waves with 10.5 points, 3 points clear of both Nicole Ward and Peter Walker.

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For Concord, Nelson Santos and Luke Jones share the lead in their MVP race for ICS02. Both have 3.5 points.

Luke Jones is still the All-Time MVP for Concord with 9.5 points.

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Yanyan Jia is well placed to retain her MVP title in ICS02 for the Australian Chinese Dragons. Jia is currently on 2.5 points and has 1.5 point gap to Xuan Cheng in second.

Yanyan Jia still leads the All-Time MVP ranking for the Australian Chinese Dragons.

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Oliver Nicole is out in front in the Bondi Brats MVP race for ICS02. He has half a point lead over Eline Smit.

Oliver Nicole now also leads the All-Time MVP ranking for the Brats thanks to his great start to the season. Paul O’Doherty drops to second overall, 1.5 points behind.

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David Sullivan is in pole position of the Brighton Baths Polar Bears MVP race for ICS02 with 2.5 points.

David Sullivan now also leads the All-Time MVP ranking for the Polar Bears. Otto Jaeger-Lund drops to second overall, half a point behind

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Laurel Rodgers is in front for the Engadine Dingoes ICS02 MVP race.

It is still a three-way tie in the All-Time Engadine Dingoes MVP rank however, as Jenny Henville, Rachel Kennedy and Madeline Morgan all still have 2 points in their ICS careers.

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Andrew Gibietis and Danyella Eberle are neck and neck in the race for the Coogee Comets MVP in ICS02. Both are on 1 point so far this season.

Andrew Gibietis has now drawn level with Nicole Cox in the All-Time Coogee Comets MVP ranking. Both are on 4.5 points.

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