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What are the TNSW Regional Interclub Competitions?

The TNSW Regional Interclub Competitions are divided into nine regions throughout NSW. Each of the nine regions has its own Interclub Series, consisting of clubs and an event calendar unique to that specific region.

Clubs will accumulate points through their members participation and performance at events listed on their Interclub Series Calendar.  Each Interclub Series Calendars consist of a variety of distances at local’ish destinations.

At the end of each season, nine Interclub Series Champions will be crowned.

Are all Interclub Series administered by TNSW?

No, the Hunter and Central West Regional Interclub Series are administered by a group of fantastic volunteers.

How do the TNSW Interclub Competitions differ from TNSW Club Championships?

The Interclub Competitions are regional and will only pit clubs against other clubs in their region.

The TNSW Club Championships will remain the premier opportunity for Triathlon NSW Clubs to compete against like sized clubs from across NSW and the ACT. However, it will double up as a ‘Double Points’ round for this series.

Do clubs need to register into their TNSW Interclub Series?

No, by Affiliating to Triathlon NSW, you automatically will be included in your Series. This will not create any additional administration for club volunteers.

Which race distance at the nominated races will earn points?

Triathlon NSW will select one distance at each of the events to be the ‘performance points earning race’.

Do members need to let Triathlon NSW know which races they are competing in?

No, Triathlon NSW will work with the race directors to ensure all Triathlon NSW Triathletes’ results are sent to Triathlon NSW for point allocation. This will not create any additional administration for our members.

Do I need to register to be a part of my Interclub Series?

No, to enter the series our members simply need to register through the event’s website and be an active Triathlon Australia member. It is the responsibility of each individual to ensure they are including the correct Triathlon Australia membership number and the first name and surname matches their TA membership, along with the club.

Who can earn points?

To be included in your TNSW Regional Interclub Series, you must be a financial, competing member of Triathlon Australia and Triathlon NSW. Other rules include:

  1. Non-competing Triathlon Australia members are ineligible.
  2. One-day memberships are ineligible.
  3. Participants in the ‘Try Before you Buy’ program who have not converted to annual members are ineligible.

How can large clubs be in competition with smaller clubs?

TNSW has created a points structure which reflects the % of members who compete, which will even out the playing field between large and small clubs. A similar equation has been created with relation to the ‘Performance points’

For a detailed explanation on the point system, click here

How do I register for an event?

The Triathlon NSW Interclub Competition is run by external Event Directors and clubs who have their own registration systems. Members must register through their links and include their correct and current TA Membership number.

If I don’t race the nominated ‘performance points earning race’ distance can I still earn points? 

Yes, you can contribute to your clubs ‘participation points’ by racing and finishing any distance at a Triathlon Event, excluding any distance shorter than an enticer.

You can only score ‘performance points’ by finishing in the top 10 at the nominated ‘performance points earning race’ at a Triathlon Event.

What will each club receive?

Triathlon NSW will present 9 plaques to the nine region champions at a designated event / prize giving opportunity. Badges will also be provided for the winning club to display on their website and club uniforms for the following season.

What if I am a member of two or more clubs?

You can only earn points for one club per race entry. At the point of registration, members will need to choose also include your club, to ensure points are allocated to your club.

What is the purpose of the new club names and icons?

The new Interclub club icons and names are not designed to take away from the club’s current brand and image. They are to standardise the Regional Interclub Competition brand for the website and marketing collateral. 

Is there an individual athlete award?

Yes, there is! Performance Points gained from a  top 10 ten Age Group (AG) placing at events on your Regional Interclub Series Calendar will go towards individual athlete awards. The awards are as follows;

SERIES MVP = The athlete who accumulates the most performance points within their Interclub Series e.g. South Coast MVP

CLUB MVP = The athlete who accumulates the most performance points within their club  E.g. Coogee Comets MVP

** TRIATHLON NSW MVP = The athlete who accumulates the most performance points regardless of region or age group

** The Triathlon NSW MVP is an ongoing ranking and does not have an end of season award.