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South Coast

Christmas report cards – South Coast


Club Name: Kiama Triathlon Club

Series Name: Coasters

Leaderboard position: 1st       


Season Performances


Round 1 – Berry Duathlon = 1st           

Round 2 – Kurnell #1 = 1st          

Round 3 – Callala = 2nd         


Christmas Review

Kiama haven’t put a foot wrong in 2018 and have opened up a 23 point gap at the top of the leaderboard. With just four events to go, it is a sizable lead but all five chasing teams will take full advantage if Kiama slip up.


Key Race = Nowra Triathlon (January 19th)

The first race of 2019. A solid showing here from Kiama should edge them that bit closer to the title.


MVP RACE = Geoff Besnard (5 PTS)


Club Name: Highlands Triathlon Club

Series Name: Shaggy Cows

Leaderboard position: 2nd       


Season Performances


Round 1 – Berry Duathlon = 3rd            

Round 2 – Kurnell #1 = 2nd           

Round 3 – Callala= 5th          


Christmas Review

Highlands lead the chase pack hunting down the Kiama Coasters, but only just. The five teams are separated by just 7  points. For such a new club, the Shaggy Cows have been superb and will have surprised a few of the more established clubs in the region.


Key Race = Club Champs (March 16th)

Double points on the line in Orange, that could make the difference between 6th and 2nd for Highlands.


MVP RACE = Thomas Jennings, Liam Hinchcliffe (3 PTS)


Club Name: Illawarra Triathlon Club

Series Name: Cannons

Leaderboard position: 3rd       


Season Performances


Round 1 – Berry Duathlon = 6th           

Round 2 – Kurnell #1 = 3rd          

Round 3 – Callala= 1st         


Christmas Review

Illawarra got better as the season progressed. A 6th in Berry left the Cannons with a lot to do to get back into the title mix, which they did. A resounding victory and maximum points at Callala meant that the Cannons are now just 4 points behind 2 nd.


Key Race = Big Husky (February 24th)

The only long course event on the calendar. The Cannons are expected to excel in this one.


MVP RACE = Kye Robinson (2.5 PTS)


Club Name: Eurocoast Triathlon Club

Series Name: Nomads

Leaderboard position: 4th        


Season Performances


Round 1 – Berry Duathlon = 2nd            

Round 2 – Kurnell #1 = 4th           

Round 3 – Callala= 6th          


Christmas Review

The Nomads were superb in the opener in Berry and have been consistent since. It has been a great effort so far by the smallest club in the region, but with the talented athletes they have, 2nd will still be the aim. They are just 5 points behind the Shaggy Cows at the New Year break.


Key Race = Nowra (January 19th)

The Nomads can’t afford a slow start to 2019 with the five chasing clubs separated by so few points.


MVP Race = Richard Jeffrey, Daniel Lloyd-Jones (3.5 PTS)


Club Name: Jervis Bay Triathlon Club

Series Name: Dolphins

Leaderboard position: 5th        


Season Performances


Round 1 – Berry Duathlon = 4th            

Round 2 – Kurnell #1 = 3rd          

Round 3 – Callala= 4th          


Christmas Review

Jervis Bay are nicely placed as we head for 2019. Just 6 points behind second with a second half of the season calendar that should be to their liking. Will be in the hunt for 2nd come the end of the season, maybe even the hunt for title glory.


Key Race = Big Husky (February 24th)

The hometown race for the Dolphins. They would love a victory on their home turf. 


MVP Race = Daniel Wells, Tracey Emerton, Anette Sampson, Tony Lim, Brooklyn Henry (2 PTS)


Club Name: Shellharbour Triathlon Club

Series Name: Mariners

Leaderboard position: 6th        


Season Performances


Round 1 – Berry Duathlon = 5th            

Round 2 – Kurnell #1 = 5th           

Round 3 – Callala= 3rd


Christmas Review

Although the Mariners sit last overall, they are just 7 points behind 2nd. They were terrific at Callala to pick up maximum points in the last event of the year and will want this momentum to carry through into 2019.


Key Race = Wollongong (April 13th)

The last event of the year could still have everything to play for. The Mariners won’t have far to travel and could save their best performance until last.


MVP Race = Rob Spicer (3 PTS)